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Early Scan

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gypsyflower Wed 10-Nov-10 14:54:51

I have been to the EPAU today. I had my hormone levels checked (they were 1350) but I have not had that done for any of my other pg's so I have no idea if that is good or not. I ended up having a vaginal scan and it showed a interuterine pg which is good and they said it was about 4.5 weeks (I think 5w 2d but she said that it could be 5 either side as they are not that accurate at this stage). I have to go back on Thursday to have my hormone level checked again.

I have had some spotting everyday since Saturday but it is not for very long each day then it disappears. It is so weird. Just a lot more waiting around now.

Does anyone know anything about hormone levels or had a similar experience to this and had a healthy pg.

schmee Wed 10-Nov-10 15:07:26

I had early scans and HGC level tests due to spotting and cramps. They test the level to see if it is rising at a good rate - i.e. the pregnancy is progressing normally so I don't think you can tell anything from the first number except that there is pregnancy hormone there. If they have found a pregnancy in your uterus that is great news as they will be checking for either ectopic pregnancy or mc.

At mine they couldn't find anything in the uterus until about 8 weeks (when they found two fetuses shock) so you are doing really well.

Fingers crossed for you but sounds like all good news so far.

midori1999 Wed 10-Nov-10 15:34:39

I am in a similar position. I had a scan yesterday, 5+2 by my LMP. The midwife/nurse said thewy don't usually scan anyone before 6 weeks as it can be hard to see anything in the uterus until then and cause unnecessary worry. They found a gestational sack and a yolk sack and dated me at 4+4, but she also said the measurements weren't accurate at this stage. I admit to finding it odd as I got my BFP on cycle day 21.

HHCG levels vary hugely from woman to woman and pregnancy to pregnancy, so how much the reading increases two days apart is the best indication of how the pregnancy is progressing, it should roughly double every two or three days.

I didn't have my HCG measured, but did do another CB digi as when I had my last miscarriage it never changed from 2-3 to 3+. This time I have got my 3+ and feel quite sick, so I am assuming that's a good sign.

Bleeding in pregnancy is really, really common, occurs in something like 1/3 of all pregnancies. Certainly my friend had bleeding, quite heavy in fact, and is now 16 weeks and all is fine.

I hope everything is fine for you, I have to be scanned again in two weeks, how about you?

gypsyflower Wed 10-Nov-10 17:14:02

I have to go back tomorrow morning to get my hormone level checked again and then they will ring me with the results. She did say that I will have another scan assuming that levels haven't dropped, I think.

I had a very normal pg with my DD with no spotting at all and then after her, I had a m/c. At 6 weeks, I started spotting and went for a scan. They saw a sac but no h/b so sent me away for a couple of weeks. The bleeding got slowly worse and after 10 days I went back and the scan showed no change so because I was still not fully bleeding I ended up having a d&c.

After that, I got pg after 3 cycles and at 6 weeks I had spotting again. I thought it was all happening again but when I went for the scan it showed a h/b and soon after the spotting stopped. I had some more at 9 weeks and 10 weeks but scans showed that all was still well and then it all stopped and I now have a beautiful DS.

My problem is that both the m/c and my DS all started this same way so I have no idea which way it is going to go. The only difference is that this time they are testing my hormone levels which they didn't do either of the other times.

I am very nervous. I have mild cramps but as yet the spotting only happens about once a day and is mostly pink (although I have had a streak of red) and is only when I wipe. I don't have any other symptoms though except maybe more sensitive boobs. I don't feel sick but with my DD and DS that only started at about 6/7 weeks.

Hope everything goes well for you too.

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