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my bump keeps making funny noises?

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piccalily Tue 09-Nov-10 14:56:57

I'm not mad honestly. It sounds like a pop and a click and happens about 3 times a day when baby is really active.

Any ideas or other experiences like this? My mum thinks I'm bonkers (and rightly so probably).

piccalily Tue 09-Nov-10 14:57:23

am 36 wks btw x

sleepycat Tue 09-Nov-10 14:58:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

theagedparent Tue 09-Nov-10 14:58:26

My dd4 bump used to make funny clicking noises. Have no idea what it was though!

ShowOfHands Tue 09-Nov-10 14:58:35

There have been so many threads on here about people in their 3rd trimester saying 'why does my bump click?' that I clicked on this thread betting that this was what's happening.

I don't know what it is btw but you're not alone.

piccalily Tue 09-Nov-10 15:13:01

I am seeing a consultant on Thursday, but I bet he'll think I'm mad if I ask!

booboobeedoo Tue 09-Nov-10 15:13:45

My bump is clicking too, which is why I clicked on this thread! I'm 34 weeks, it has been for a few weeks.

My own theory is that it is clicking leg or hip bones because it happens when baby is on the move, but I'm open to other explanations!!

We are not alone, I have also seen a few threads on this recently.

Sparklies Tue 09-Nov-10 17:57:34

Both of mine did! I do think it's just clicky bones or maybe it's tiny air bubbles.. who knows? It could be quite loud at times though!!

pinkyp Tue 09-Nov-10 22:19:03

mine does it loads,i put a thread up about it.No real answers,i dont think its a clicky hip or anything coz my bump must have atheritus if it is! wink

lou19 Tue 09-Nov-10 23:23:00

same here, I keep on hearing it click and my mum and husband think I'm making it up :-) I thought maybe it's the sound of the amniotic sac rubbing against the placenta or some other tissue?in which case it would not be as much a clicking as a little squelching...

lou19 Tue 09-Nov-10 23:24:00

Btw I am 40+2 and have had this for a couple of weeks x

Sparklies Wed 10-Nov-10 20:56:07

For what it's worth, after both of mine were born I'd sometimes hear their joints click and it sounded just the same. They grew out of it quickly though! So I do think it's just joints.

MrsGubbins Thu 11-Nov-10 02:52:20

this is probably just your own bowel sounds you're hearing, it gets pushed up into some tight spots by the baby at the end.

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