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water retention - shoes are all too tight at 25 weeks already

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angels1 Tue 09-Nov-10 10:51:23

Am I the only one? I knew to expect water retention but this is ridiculous - I've been living in the same 2/3 pairs of comfy shoes since getting pg but they have gradually become tighter and tigher to the point where they are now bordering on very painful. The one pair that do just about fit are a lovely expensive pair of summer slip on shoes that can not get wet or they will be ruined (so pretty much ruled out to wear in this weather!).

I'm wondering if I need to go out and buy a new pair of shoes but I have no idea how much further growth my feet will do - and I'm not buying copious amount of shoes just for a few motnhs (normally nothing would stop me, but just seems a waste since they won't be this big after pg).

Have mentioned this to mw and she's not concerned over this being anything serious.

lilly13 Tue 09-Nov-10 14:29:47

Hi angels1, I do not have water retention yet, but have been reading a lot of preganancy books / doing research, and here is what i found:

1. Decrease your Salt Intake
2. Go Easy on Foods that Commonly cause Water Retention
3. Increase your Daily Calcium and Potassium Intake
Alfalfa and lobelia contain natural forms of calcium. Horseradish, kelp, watercress, rosemary, sage and wild cabbage all contain potassium. Horsetail contains both calcium and potassium.
4. Drink Natural Diuretics Regularly
Drink dandelion tea. High in calcium, a system tonic, dandelion tea removes the acid in the blood and helps purify the system.
5. Eat plenty of fruits & veggies rich in Vitamins B and C
6. Eat One Clove of Garlic a Day
7. Stay away from junk foods and sugary / startchy foods
8. Exercise for a Half Hour a Day
This will increase your circulation and help your body run more smoothly. Your body is able to flush food and water out better when it is active. Try yoga or a brisk walk to help keep your water weight down.

good luck!

angels1 Tue 09-Nov-10 14:34:03

Thanks Lily,

I've been having quite a difficult pg for various reasons and so alot of the dietary things I should be eating that you mention I just can't manage as I'm so funny with foods still. I have, however, done some pg yoga this morning so will keep that up, and I'm trying to drink alot too as I read that can help.

lilly13 Tue 09-Nov-10 15:39:22

Oh I am sorry to hear you are having a tough time. Hopefully, it will pass soon. If you are doing yoga, then gentle inversions are very helpful (I am doing yoga every day and it's been tremendously helpful). If you feel a bit wobbly / uncomfortable with inversions, then lie on your back flat with legs up the wall for 5 minutes a couple of times per day (it is okay to lie on your back this until 28 weeks). Also, lift each leg up straight and do circular movements. Downward dog is also quite helpful if you feel ok. Hope you feel better.

Andie20521 Tue 09-Nov-10 16:15:04

I am the same! I ended up buying a couple of cheapish pairs of shoes around 25 weeks, I have gone up from a size 3 to a 5shock

Its not just the water retension though its also the relaxin hormone which makes your pelvis soften, it can have the same effect on other parts too.

What worries me is that they might stay big after the birth! They haven't much bigger since around 30 weeks and I am due next week. I am so jealous of the all the pretty shoes people are wearing!

angels1 Tue 09-Nov-10 16:20:06

there must still be pretty shoes in a size 5 though andie - I was a size 7 pre preg so if I carry on like you I might end out in mens shoes blush. I tried on some cheap primark shoes the other day to see if they'd do me but all looked ridiculous or didn't fit properly. Maybe I shall have to go to tk maxx and try and find a bargainous comfy pair of hush puppies (or something similarly sensible)

Andie20521 Tue 09-Nov-10 16:27:48

Oh I know there are lovely shoes in this size...just too mean to pay for them at this oint as hoping to get back into my others soon!

namechangedfor3months Tue 09-Nov-10 22:25:33

angels1 I had terribly swollen feet from about the same time but I was fortunate as it was Aug/Sept so could get away with Birkies. Just wanted to say feet returned to normal overnight after birth and no swelling.

blondieminx Tue 09-Nov-10 23:16:45

As long as the midwife is happy with your blood pressue then enjoy the shoe shopping!

My feet went up a size and got really wide too and sadly didn't go down till 8 months after the birth (tey are now at last back to normal!). Oh the glamour of pregnancy eh!!!

pleasantlyoutofdepth Thu 09-Dec-10 00:33:25

I live in my uggs. Am properly sick to death of them now, but they're the only things that fit and are comfy. You can get dirt cheap not-really-uggs which will do just as well. I'm also paranoid i'll have kipper-feet forever...

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