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Poor DH, he can't do anything right. Bless him, he is trying and I am a cow.

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CrazyPlateLady Tue 09-Nov-10 10:28:00

DH often goes to the supermarket in the evenings for milk and comes home with bags of stuff that we didn't really need.

Last night was no exception.

I had a craving for French Fry crisps quite early on in pregnancy. It stopped ages ago and we had a conversation about how I don't really like the salt and vinegar ones but I am making myself eat them occasionally (DH doesn't like them). We have a multi pack of 18 sat on top of the freezer. I am eating frazzles at the moment. DH comes back with more sodding French Fries. He thought (that was his problem wink) I may want them again.

I really want jaffa cakes, He only bought 4 packs, then ate some himself. shock

I prefer to do frozen veg as I have M.E. and find the whole chopping and sorting veg tiring. He has bought a massive bag of fresh sprouts for me (he doens't like them), when I would far prefer to throw some in a pan from the freezer.

We have 8 jars of curry sauce in the cupboard. He has bought loads more when we don't really have the room to store it. We actually needed chilli.

Bless him, he was really trying (which is the problem everytime he goes to the shop on his own and comes back with so much). I really did appreciate my jaffa cakes, they aren't going to last long though!

I am a cow. wink But I am pregnant and hormonal so I am allowed to be. (He does know that I wasn't seriously pissed off btw, but just a bit fed up, now I need to choke down some more sodding salt and vinegar crisps just so I can have the nice cheese and onion ones).

wigglesrock Tue 09-Nov-10 10:33:35

Hi, am 26 weeks pregnant, dh went shopping yesterday, bought 3 jars of chilli sauce(?) swap you some wink He also seemed to buy 3 chickens and about 100 toilet rolls, and 6 pizzas!! One the plus side he bought me some chocolate brownie cheesecake and 2 massive Quality Street tins (for Christmas of course). Why can he not read my mind yet, we've been together for almost 20 years smile

AllBellyandBoobs Tue 09-Nov-10 10:37:33

My DP has the cheek to want to go to a gig this Friday evening a couple of hours drive away with a load of his friends that he doesn't get to see very often at all. However, it is our anomaly scan on Friday evening and I think he should want to spend the evening with me, even though he is coming to the scan with me and has said he obviously won't go if there is any problem. But I want him to stay with me and celebrate with me (probably consisting of a booze-free early night) if there is only good news.

I don't care that he does all the cooking and keeps taking the rubbish out and telling me I look lovely and not at all fat. He is just so selfish

firefrakkers Tue 09-Nov-10 10:40:58

I hear you.

DH cannot be trusted shopping without a list. He always buys crap we don't need. Whereas obviously when I do that it's crap I want. But he tries....

kellestar Tue 09-Nov-10 11:48:15

We were due to g out with PG friends on Sunday, DH backed out after being over socialised in the morning. So I toddled off on my own, came back hours later and he had attempted to tackle the to do list without me. We sat down and made this list, discussing all various furniture positions, what had to go into another room, what changes need to be made. He dragged me upstairs to show me the bedroom... and there is no logic to it at all. The crib is my side, that was the only correct thing he managed. He'd moved things out of the room that I wanted in the room, just in another location, and he'd moved stuff in that was not needed. He's managed to put the chest of drawers with all the baby's clothing in behind the crib, which is also in front of the wardrobe [fitted and can't be moved] so we can't get into the chest or the wardrobe without moving the crib, which is impossible as it's up against my side of the bed. I'd have to lean over the crib to turn off the lamp. I have SPD and really struggle to get out of bed at the moment and have no way to get out apart from wallowing over to his side and flopping out over there.

This was all said in a rather tearful and squeaky rage, and I must admit my little feet were stamping about and I felt so mean while doing it, knowing he'd worked damn hard. But where was his common sense, honestly!

I then sat on his side of the bed while he re-arranged it to my standards, which took a little while, but once done he did agree that I was indeed right and my measurements before hand were correct.

He is perfectly capable of doing the task... normally. I just don't now how he thought it was logical!

CrazyPlateLady Tue 09-Nov-10 18:50:13


These have made me smile. Glad its not just my DH who tries so hard to please and blatantly fails. wink

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