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Husband's big head/shoulders. Worried about baby's size. similar experiences?

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axxi Mon 08-Nov-10 20:06:09

I am only a few weeks pregnant and am wondering if anyone has a similar experience with this.

I am petite and am married to a large man with a much bigger than average head and very broad shoulders. Did any of you have this same scenario and how did it work out in relation to your baby's size and labour/birth outcomes?

LisMcA Mon 08-Nov-10 20:50:52

Sorry can't add much as this is my first, but my DH is of the larger head broader shoulder variety too, so I'm interested in what others have to say!!

In fact we used to joke about the size of his head in his baby photos! Not joking now! [worried]

MakemineaGandT Mon 08-Nov-10 20:53:47

Well, apparently the size the baby will be depends on the size of the mother, even if the father is very big (and the baby will make up for it later once it's on the outside!). My husband does have a large head and broad shoulders, and both my boys are the same - I ended up with stitches after both births, but it wasn't too bad....try not to worry!

Mumcah Mon 08-Nov-10 21:19:13

What weights/sizes were you at birth?

I have had two big babies,my last being 10lb 6oz.However,he was skinny and very very long.DP was 10lb at birth,I was 7lb ish.

My friend is married to a huge bloke,6ft 6 and broad with a big head(average size at birth),their son was 6lb ish at birth.

Also,even if you do have a big baby they are not necessarily harder to give birth to.

I had 2 c sections tho so can't verify that!

pud1 Mon 08-Nov-10 21:25:18

my oh has a massive head. it is a long running joke with friends adn family including a story of him getting a motorcycle helmet stuck half way on his head. i would like to think that i have a reasonably normal size head ( although i have no idea what normal is). i have 2 dd's and they were both 6lb 11 at birth. they have an average head measurements.

stegasaurus Mon 08-Nov-10 22:40:43

This is reassuring! I am 5ft but married a giant (in comparision)! DH is 6ft6. His head and shoulders are in proportion to the rest of his body but, therefore, larger than average. I worry that the baby will take after him and be huge too. I asked MiL and he weighed an average amount at birth (can't remember exactly but he wasn't huge) and from photos I have seen he wasn't especially big as a baby or child. I weighed 3lb 6oz at birth but was premature so I don't want a baby that is the same size as I was. I suppose there's not much point in worrying because the baby will come out one way or another whatever size it turns out to be.

theretheyare Mon 08-Nov-10 23:06:05

You may not like my answer... MIL always used to bang on about how DH had a big head when he was born... thought nothing of it until my DD finally appeared - her head measurement was in the 98th centile! Ouch! That said there were other complications (not least of all she was back-to-back) and I wouldn't class myself as petite either sadly.

Good luck!

axxi Tue 09-Nov-10 06:43:57

Thanks for the replies. I was 8 lb but I can't ask his mum as he's estranged. I've decided to try my best not to plan/think about it at all and deal with the birth scenario as it happens.

theretheyare Tue 09-Nov-10 09:00:37

That's all you can do anyway so good plan to not plan. All the best!

CalaLilly Tue 09-Nov-10 09:45:51

I could have written your exact message! I am a wee petite ballet dancer type and OH is a big 6ft3 lump of a rugby player who often jokes about his giant forehead and huge shoulders which are a familial trait. We expressed our concerns to my midwife at my booking in my standing back to back and she understood our concerns and said that baby could be big but that they will monitor that closely towards the end by assessing the fundal height and sending me for extra scans if needed. She asked what size OH was at birth and he was 8lb (2 weeks early) but was more of a long baby than a chunky baby- if that makes sense. I was 6lb 5oz 2 weeks late smile

So anything could happen but I’m happy for now as there is still many weeks to go and I know my midwife will listen to my concerns and not just palm me off with “babies usually grow in proportion to their mothers” as I know from my own job that that is simply not true. That said, in most cases the mother can cope with whatever size of baby she is blessed with.

smaych Tue 09-Nov-10 16:35:30

I also worry about this - I am 5ft tall and really quite small, whereas my husband is well over 6 feet! Plus big babies run in his family, he was 11lb when he was born And his three brothers and nephew (yes, all boys in this family!) were all also big, with big heads.

It's a running joke in the family, which is feeling less and less funny all the time!

Ineedsomesleep Tue 09-Nov-10 20:52:25

axxi I could have written your message too about 7 years ago when I was having DC1. In fact I can remember staring at this massive head and shoulders and thinking "OMG, WHAT have I done!".

Please don't worry, DC1 was 6lb 8oz. I went to the hospital at 11 am ish and he was born naturally at 5.40 pm. DC2, was 8lb 3oz and I had my first contraction at 11pm, she was born at 3.45 am.

I'm sure you'll be fine smile

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