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Antenatal Class Confusion!

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Mahraih Mon 08-Nov-10 14:25:18


I'm being a silly moo I know but am really confused about this. I originally wanted NHS classes but my widwife (who I've met once) hasn't recommended any as I'm 'out of area' and the new hospital won't deal with me til I'm fully transferred to them.

We'll be in East Dulwich - Baby due 2nd Feb. NCT seems full - are there options of private classes, does anyone know? And have I missed the boat on NHS?

Apologies, I've googled and googled but can't seem to get definitive answers on what the next step is ...

Thank you!

hazchem Mon 08-Nov-10 14:28:11

You should be able to find some private ones (although NCT would be private as you pay for them) I haven't attended any so would be hesitant to recomend one.
Why not call the NCT and ask for some help about finding a class. it is what they are there for... help i mean.

lainey1981 Mon 08-Nov-10 15:05:33

hi, wouldn't imagine you have missed the boat on the NHS I am 38 weeks and just attended my ones through Kings Hospital at Dulwich community hospital last week. I only handed my form in at 35 weeks, which meant I missed out on the evening classes (they book out quicker) I still got 3 sessions over 2 weeks.
I was the most pregnant one there though - most people were between 29-34 weeks.
NCT classes in London are expensive - about £300 for a course, which is why I ended up choosing NHS.
many people suggest NCT as can meet instant friends etc however NCT run drop in sessions/coffee mornings in East Dulwich to meet other mums/mums to be. I plan to drop in once my LO arrives as haven't got any 'mummy' friends in London.

If you want to go to ante-natal classes for info - wouldn't imagine there would be much difference between what you learn at private or NHS ones - after all a birth is a birth.

good luck x


Mahraih Mon 08-Nov-10 15:15:44

Hazchem: thanks, I did give them a call, lady wasn't particularly helpful last time but I'll try again.

Lainey: Aha, Kings, evil Kings who won't get back to me until I transfer! grin

I think I will have to self-refer and just nag them - good to know I haven't missed out, thank you!

Also didn't know about the drop in sessions in ED, that's great.

lainey1981 Mon 08-Nov-10 15:27:26

mahraih Kings is V 'popular' hospital, but if you can/do transfer there the care is great. As it's teaching hospital lots of extra checks at scans, and got referred to physio for SPD a few weeks ago, got referral letter within a week and got an appointment the day I called up.

here is link for NCT Drop in - bumps n babes it's called iew/6788

Floopy21 Mon 08-Nov-10 16:12:35

My NHS classes don't start until a month before my due date, so you've got time still.

japhrimel Mon 08-Nov-10 18:33:17

NCT classes are private classes.

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