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Opinions on baby hammocks?

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JBrd Mon 08-Nov-10 13:41:50

I`ve started browsing around aimlessly for baby stuff and have come across baby hammocks, which really intrigue me. I like the idea of them, as they look really comfy and snug, and also seem to take up much less space than the usual cots/beds, which look massive and bulky and scary (this is my frist pg, can you tell ). They also look ideal for travelling and moving about because they don`t need a lot of room and can be taken apart - and will definitively be travelling with DC, as my parents live abroad.
They look safe, you can strap in and secure baby. They really appeal to me, has anyone tried them and what are your thoughts?

FindingMyMojo Mon 08-Nov-10 13:56:07

Yes I used one & agree with everything you say above really. Except we never strapped in/secured baby in there - no need for that and no provision in our hamnmock. Plus no flat head for baby either - DD's head is lovely & rounded as futon cradles head - it's not a flat surface.

I hung ours right next to me in bed which ment I didn't have to get up at night, & could reach out & bounce DD gently if she needed it. They travel well & fold up pretty small really. In summer you can hang under tree etc in garden too (for day time naps) - I just wrapped a muslin over the top.

Looking forward to using it again next year. Pity claims of 'baby sleeps all night' weren't the case for us, but that's just DD I guess.

FluffyDonkey Mon 08-Nov-10 14:00:37

I've been looking into them too so this is interesting for me.

When I looked at the mesurements though they seem to be quite large? (the base)

Mojo - did you get natures nest or a different brand?

Gumbo Mon 08-Nov-10 14:01:23

We spent a small fortune on one.... and DS absolutely LOATHED it! We tried him in it at various times/ages, but no luck - he'd just scream and scream until we took him out! We sold it on Ebay - it was practically unused, so someone got a bargain.

However, presumably all babies are different and like different things, so perhaps mine was just unusual?

FindingMyMojo Mon 08-Nov-10 14:06:05

I got one of these - I brought in on holiday in NZ. I hung it from a hook in ceiling (didn't use the stand)

FindingMyMojo Mon 08-Nov-10 14:07:49

I've seen lots of them used in Thailand too. I think they are v popular in Asia.

misdee Mon 08-Nov-10 14:10:44

i used a koala hammock with dd4, and have one agin for this new little one due next month. really looking forward to it.


it does take up a bit of space, but lasts longer than a crib or moses basket

missp2010 Mon 08-Nov-10 14:12:58

We used a nature nest hammock for DS as he had reflux. I really liked it and am looking forward to getting it out again for the next baby. You can't strap baby in, but they can't fall out of it. I'm not sure of the measurements but I don't think it takes up much less floor space than a normal cot (but is smaller than a cot bed). We took ours with us when visiting family, the frame comes apart so it could fit nicely in the car, I think we used to put it on the parcel shelf. It's definitely easier than a travel cot.

There was a post a few weeks ago similar to this if you wanted to look it up.

sarahbuff Mon 08-Nov-10 14:21:12

We have an Amby baby hammock (nature's nest) and I LOVE it. I bought it for DC2 who was fussy and didn't sleep well. He definitely slept better in it than anywhere else, but it has lots of other benefits I found great like no flat head, mattress snuggles up baby no matter how big or small they are, you can bounce and/or swing it gently to get them back to sleep if they aren't hungry but have gotten woken up in the night, it doesn't have nasty chemicals in the mattress which might have some link to SIDs (cot death), although the frame has a large area on the floor, it doesn't take up nearly as much space as a cot, and when baby isn't in it I can shove the frame under the bed and lay the hammock on top of the bed, and it effectively takes up zero space. Plus the natural hang of the hammock means baby's head is always a little elevated above the tummy, which helps if baby has reflux/is a bit sicky, baby can't sleep on their tummy in it which is best for avoiding cot death, etc etc. I could go on, but all this to say I think it is totally awesome, used it for DC2 and DC3 and it is set up ready for DC4 who is due tomorrow. DCs 2 and 3 slept in it until they were about 1 and went straight to a bed with no trouble whatsoever (some people worry a baby used to sleeping in a bouncy soft thing won't like a flat bed, but that was not true for either of mine). HTH!

FluffyDonkey Mon 08-Nov-10 14:36:54

This has helped me grin

Like the idea of being able to push the frame under the bed. We have a very small flat and are worried about how we will fit all the bits and bobs that come along with a baby (TTC soon)

porcupine11 Mon 08-Nov-10 14:40:48

We took ours (Amby) on a flight over the weekend and was great as a travel cot, all safely contained in its bag. Means DS2 has exactly the same bed as at home, so he napped and slept well in the hotel. Biggest benefits are bouncing to sleep, no flat head syndrome, no kicking off/wiggling under covers, and ability to drape a duvet cover around it to make it dark inside the hammock even in the daytime.

slimyak Mon 08-Nov-10 14:47:33

We had an Amby Hammock for DD and it was great. Easily rocked/bounced in the night and she looked so cozy in it. Getting it out for DC2 in Jan and think it will be snuggly for a winter baby - I would highly recommend.

Also like other have said, no flat head problems. DD has always had a lovely round head and didn't really suffer from reflux.

We bought the bouncer too which is a great attachment they can use for standing bounces from about 6 months.

DD never had a problem moving to a flat bed matress.

hettiew Mon 08-Nov-10 16:02:23

Haven't used ours yet as baby is due in a couple of weeks but having done lots of research we finally got one of these

We have a v small flat too so I worried that the base would take up too much space but having put it all together it looks like it'll work perfectly - the base fits in our bedroom (just) and it's very easily moved about so you can push it up against a wall during the day and up against the bed for night sleeps. It's also got a portable hanger so you can hook it into any door frame during the day (at home or visiting friends etc).

My only worry has been about the mattress. As it's soft (not firm and flat) I worried the baby might turn its head into the curled side of it and end up finding it hard to breathe. But I found a mattress stiffener elsewhere (natures sway) and this seems to have sorted it (if it was ever worth worrying about!)

Phew! Long post! Sorry...

Smather Fri 28-Dec-12 20:17:56

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

Trishstar Sat 29-Dec-12 08:48:16

These look really interesting! Going to show OH later xxx

balloard1976 Mon 23-Oct-17 10:41:10

I came across the poco baby hammock on a parenting blog site who was raving about it. My first little one was a nightmare for sleeping so I went for the Poco hammock second time around, best choice I made I have to say, very very happy with it

ChocolatePancake Mon 23-Oct-17 10:44:26

I bought one last time for my youngest, it was beautiful! It was supposed to be the downstairs nap place... but wow he hated it. No idea why, but not a single time did he go into it without acting like I was trying to murder him, even when he was already asleep!

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