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I need shoes or boots suitable for work that I can get into when I am too big to bend over comfortably - any ideas?

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BellaBearisWideAwake Sun 07-Nov-10 21:59:58

I remember being over 30 weeks pg with DS and finding it hard to get shoes on, so I bought some black Vans as they were wide and slip on, but then they still needed pulling on and to be honest weren't that comfortable.

So I am looking forward to this happening again (am 19 weeks at the mo).

I needed to be smart-ish, I'm a secondary teacher, so can't wear trainers or that sort of thing, but can be more relaxed than office shoes.

I was thinking black ugg types? But I don't have thin legs, so that might look crap. I don't know. I just want to be comfortable!

Can anyone help? Thank you

Miffster Sun 07-Nov-10 22:42:58

I got some grey slouchy over the knee boots from Next which kind of flop down a bit but are easy to pull on and off.

japhrimel Sun 07-Nov-10 22:53:44

I've got some black & grey shoes from Clarks - they're flat and have elastic inserts so I can get them on without bending but they look quite funky and a lot smarter than trainers.

I need some boots though for days when it's really wet.

shoneshine Mon 08-Nov-10 07:08:19

Im getting some mammoth crocs for ease of getting them on! Not sure if they`re smart enough though....Xx

lucy101 Mon 08-Nov-10 08:38:31

I got some black patent birkenstocks (winter ones with a closed front) - and they really great for standing as they support your feet so well. Otherwise I do wear Uggs... but Ugg Ultimate which have a proper sole rather than that thin one which wouldn't give any support.

slimyak Mon 08-Nov-10 10:36:52

I bought some Merrel boots - low to mid calf. They're a bit casual but I would say no more than ugg boots, but I think thay have more support than ugg boots, and a proper insulated non slip sole, important for waddling in winter.

They were a bit tight at first as far as pulling on and off, but now they're great and I can get them off without bending at all. I'm 29 weeks preg, bought them 3 weeks ago and haven't worn anything else since.

FindingGuysMojo Mon 08-Nov-10 11:22:05

The only shoes I could wear in the last month with DD were my winter Birkenstocks - closed in style & suprisingly warm esp with socks.

BellaBearisWideAwake Mon 08-Nov-10 18:00:24

thank you!!!

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