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How did you labour start?

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pinkyp Sun 07-Nov-10 13:18:34

I woke up loads of times last night for a wee - alot more than normal - i didnt even have a drink so god knows where it all was coming from!
Anyway this morning i had back ache like period pains but then it went and came back a few hours later with some pelvis pain, feel a bit queasy off and ontoo. I know it could be ages yet but you know what its like when your in your last couple of weeks and you thinking "is this it" at every twinge! I was induced with my 1st so i have nothing to compare too except when they gave me the gel i got back ache (similiar to how it is now but stronger) So would love to hear other peoples storeys of how they realised they were (or wernt) in labour

ShowOfHandsInEpistolaryForm Sun 07-Nov-10 13:25:00

If you're weeing a lot, despite not drinking and feeling achy, get checked for UTIs.

My waters broke btw. No sign beforehand, just went during dinner.

katherine2008 Sun 07-Nov-10 14:35:35

I couldn't sleep, just felt odd, woke up at about 3am, watched rubbish TV, felt a bit sick, waters broke at about 5.45am.... sounds like you could be nearly there! good luck!

pinkyp Sun 07-Nov-10 16:36:32

Thank you - been cleaning all afternoon and i'm knackered now so at least if it is the start the house will be clean! grin

charl2503 Sun 07-Nov-10 16:46:19

i had period like pains for a day or so. Then woke up at 3am with proper cramping for about a minute every 6mins. Phoned midwife and she came and checked me and i was 3 cm. That went on till 10am and then everything stopped! Ate 2 pineapples, took the dog for a walk and the pains started again at 5pm. My little trouble maker was born at 11.15am the next morning. x

ladylobster Sun 07-Nov-10 17:29:00

I had been for a sweep that afternoon as was 41wk and 2 days, midwife gave me some lovely reflexology on the old feet which I swear sparked me of, got home from appointment at 6pm and had my dinner as per normal, 9pm I suddenly went from fine to intense pain, like period pain but all in my back with strange early pushing urges. DH called the hospital due to me having group b steep and needing iv antibiotics in labour, they asked him how often the contractions were coming, and bless he had been noting them down on a jotter, but they were so erratic, every ten then every two minutes, midwife told him to run me a bath and not to worry, would be hours off needing to come in

Well... By time bath was run I was out the door on the way, when I got to the hospital I was 9cm dilated s no time for any pain relief much to m6 annoyance and DD was born 3 hours later!

TooImmature2BMum Sun 07-Nov-10 17:46:09

Was your cleaning nesting, perhaps? Were you cleaning like a maniac in a pre-menstrual way, or were you just doing it because it needed to be done? I haven't experienced nesting myself but I do get weird cleaning urges just before my period some months where I will do excessive cleaning like scrubbing all the cabinet doors in the kitchen, as opposed to my normal laissez-faire attitude to cleaning. It could be a sign that you're in labour, anyway! Good luck.

pozzled Sun 07-Nov-10 17:50:13

I had a show, then a day later I started having semi-regular contractions. Thought it was just braxton hicks at first but they got quite strong/painful. They then went on for hours and hours and hours (started on the saturday night and DD was born Tuesday morning) before they got close and regular enough for the mw to come out.

pinkyp Sun 07-Nov-10 20:01:40

Well my bump is hard and painful, no bh though just period type/aching pains. I'm thinking maybe its just the start of it but i could still be here for a couple of weeks yet (37+3 atm).

I dont know if the cleaning was nesting or just me, but i felt HAD to do it, dont know what came over a energy burst but also at the back of my mind hoping it'd set things off too.

Told dh about the reflexology, he's fab at it on the feet..he says "more people would recommend sex".... hmm

clarebear1 Mon 08-Nov-10 10:36:31

I had slight cramps from 3am on the day i was due a sweep so midwife still came round and done one which i think made them worse and started things off properly. 21 hours later she was born :-)

slimyak Mon 08-Nov-10 10:43:47

I had period like pain from first thing on the Friday morning. Not bad but I did feel like something was up. Went for a lovely beach walk with DH and had lunch out ( it was June). Things calmed down but I occassionally got the period pain back thoughout the day and that evening.

Went to bed and woke up with the popping of my waters breaking at 3am on Saturday morning, went to hospital to get checked and they said I was 3cm. DD born at 11am that morning.

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