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Constant nausea throughout pregnancy...

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Rocklover Sun 07-Nov-10 11:30:17

....but not throwing up. I have this and I am now 28 weeks along, and I just wondered if this counts as normal ms or HG.

It's totally debilitating feeling like I want to puke most of the time, even though I (by some miracle) haven't so far. I kind of feel like a wimp as some ladies on here are much worse than me and are so sick, but this continuous nausea is sooo miserable.

I hardly go out (school runs and shopping at the mo) and even on short trips I tend to feel very panicky and anxious. I stupidly drove 180 odd miles to see my parents last week and for dd to see her dad and I got stuck there as I felt so ill. Got home eventually but it was a horrific experience.

I suppose I am just wondering if there are many women suffering like me, or am I just being a complete wuss? It doesn't help that I am emetephobic and have a fear of vomiting, my life is literally hell at the moment.

LoubyLoubyLouLa Sun 07-Nov-10 11:37:03

I'm the same and am 39 weeks today. Feel as though I have had no life forvthe past 9 months, as though my life has been on complete hold. I struggle to remember what it is like to feel normal!

My poor dd has had such a crappy mum who can't play properly, she has enjoyed lots of tv recently. I am just hoeing to give biro very soon!

Hope yours gets better!

LoubyLoubyLouLa Sun 07-Nov-10 11:37:36

Can't type either!

GretnaGirl Sun 07-Nov-10 16:03:35

Whether you are physically sick or not, the nausea is horrible and I sympathise. It casts a cloud over everything you do and everywhere you go.
My DS has also watched LOTS of TV recently and each morning asks me who is coming for him (and looks devastated if I say he's stuck with me!)
Hope it eases soon for you Rocklover.
Not long for you hopefully Louby
I'm only 16+5 so long way to go yet!!

Rocklover Sun 07-Nov-10 16:07:57

Well luckily for me DP has been really good and taken DD out this weekend. So far yesterday and today I have just stayed in and done sod all (apart from preparing a meal and doing some laundry). I feel like such a lazy lardarse!

pipoca Sun 07-Nov-10 16:55:51

You're not being a wuss, the nausea is the worst thing, worse than being sick (from a non emetephobe's pov...feels like a temporary relief)
Many sympathies. Have you asked if there are any meds for nausea?

Rocklover Sun 07-Nov-10 18:55:05

I am on cyclizine which I am presuming is why I am not actually throwing up, but it doesn't really do much for the nausea.

I took Cyclizine in my last pregnancy after coming out of hospital for re-hydration (had proper sickness then) and it did stop the nausea, just doesn't seem to be doing the job as well this time round.

Not only that, but my ibs has flared up in the last 2 weeks and I am getting diahorrea as well now. I am supposed to be starting iron tabs too as my count is only 9.2. However, iron is hard on my tummy and I am actually dreading taking them as more tummy upsets lead to worse nausea.

I am so fed up, I seem to be crying alot lately.

niamh29 Sun 07-Nov-10 20:18:40

I had nausea every single day all day with DD2, and it took so much out of me, I was exhausted all the time. It was so horrible, I got sick a lot of mornings and after some meals but not too often, but the nausea was crippling and no one could understand, I ended up being a stone lighter after the pregnancy (DD2 was a healthy 8.5lbs) the only thing is you'll feel great once baby is born.......little consolation at the mo I know!

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