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30 weeks and feel like I'm going mad - any tips?

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babywantscake Sat 06-Nov-10 07:10:20

Hi there, first-timer here. I'm 30 weeks at the moment and really struggling to cope, does anyone have any advice? I've been off work with flu all week, haven't slept for weeks due to hip pain/constantly moving baby and can barely walk due to constant feeling of low down pressure and pain in hips. My midwife says it's all normal and that 'it will get worse, haha'. I'm trying to stay positive, but I really don't see how I'll get through another 12 weeks of this (potentially). Please tell me it will get better?

niamh29 Sat 06-Nov-10 07:52:39

It always seems worse when you've just been sick, try to rest when you can so you don't get too tired and prop yourself with pillows at night in whatever position is comfy. The next 10 weeks might seem like a lifetime but once you have your baby in your arms you'll forget everything and it'll all be worth it!

CocoPopsAddict Sat 06-Nov-10 15:31:07

I hit a low point around 29-30 weeks - had really awful back pain and could barely move. Couldn't face the thought of another ten-twelve weeks!

After a couple of weeks it eased considerably. Am now 37+2 and feel much, much better than I did at 30 weeks.

Moral of story = pregnancy is different for everyone. People kept telling me I would find this stage more difficult, but for me it really isn't.

WalkTheDog Sat 06-Nov-10 19:00:20

come over to the jan thread of antenatal groups, feel free to have a moan! Quite a few of us going through similar things, won't make you better, but at least you know you aren't the only one.

pleasantlyoutofdepth Sun 07-Nov-10 22:26:02

I felt crappy around then too, loads of pain in my back and hips- could barely walk at one point and felt like you do- How was I going to cope if the rest of the pregnancy felt like this? Thankfully it passed- I went to a marvellous osteopathy centre especially for pregnant women and babies/children in farringdon (telephone number 020 7490 5510). It's a registered charity so you pay what you can as a donation- (I've been four or five times and could never have afforded to go to my own osteopath so regularly at 40 quid a session)and this made me happier to seek treatment. Once that problem was sorted I felt heap-loads better. I'm now 35 weeks and I still feel like a beached whale sometimes- but a happy, chronic-pain-free beached whale.

Hope this helps a bit!

domesticslattern Sun 07-Nov-10 22:37:51

It is hideous isn't it? It won't necessarily get worse though. Sometimes it does yes, but sometimes the opposite.

Are you seeing anyone for your hip pain? You don't just have to put up with it, you know? For example, a physio or an osteo.

And if you have any spare money use it to be nice to yourself. I found a pedicure with lower leg massage particularly lovely. What about a pregnancy massage to look forward to, after your flu has gone? Or hiring a birth pool in the last few weeks, so you can loll around in the warm water reading a novel?

It could be another 12 weeks, yes. But your baby may come early. My first was three weeks early, and I was thrilled!

Finally, and I know this sounds a bit naff, you have to remember why you are doing it and that (sniff) there will be a lovely warm milky baby at the end of it. smile

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