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Homeopathy for Inucing Labour??

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phoenix2 Fri 05-Nov-10 18:48:03

hi all
i have a homeopatic remedy called 'caulophyllum' it is supposed to get labour started but apparently only if your body is ready to do it. also it is supposed to be very powerful if your body is ready so could bring on a quick labour - if it worked IYKWIM.
Would love to be brave enough to use it but think i am too chicken but then the other part of me is saying go for it (am due tomorrow)
after a horrendus experience at the hospital yesterday where the doc refused to even check my cervix to see what is happening (if anything) i am feeling very anxious to get things going. I have had a section on my 1st so cant be induced but my 2nd was a in special care for 2 wks so they won't let me go over two far either - rock and hard place!!
any advice???

nightshade Fri 05-Nov-10 18:56:58

apparently semen is the best thing to induce labour. it is basically the same stuff that they use for inductions ( obviously in chemical form)!!!

reflexology worked for me first time round.

with dd2 i did nothing apart from lavender baths and visualisation. was three days early as opposed to a week late! definitely believe in allowing labour to start, get all your jobs done and mentally prepare, its the best option.

japhrimel Sat 06-Nov-10 10:56:25

Homeopathic rememedies don't contain any active ingredients. The placebo effect could help your body relax and get the right hormones where they are needed to help labour start (as stress can inhibit labour) but that's about it.

TrillianAstra Sat 06-Nov-10 10:59:02

It certainly won't do any harm or anything at all.

Good luck.

Panzee Sat 06-Nov-10 10:59:36

If you are VBACing you need to be careful about any kind of induction, even homeopathic. Super powerful contractions might put strain on your scar.

japhrimel Sat 06-Nov-10 17:37:11

Homeopathy really won't do more than placebo.

oh4goodnesssake Mon 08-Nov-10 08:46:36

Haven't tried homeopathy for induction of labour but I did use accupuncture when I was overdue with DD1 though and it worked a treat. Don't know or care how any of these alternative treatments work but often they do in my experience and are much less brutal than the conventional treaments on offer.

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