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Anyone else had a flare up of crohn's disease during pregnancy?

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Swaliswan Fri 05-Nov-10 13:47:43

I've not been exactly well for the last three months with on-off symptoms of crohn's but didn't think that I was that bad. Over the past week or two I have become much worse and repeat blood tests by my GP confirm a flare up of suspected crohn's disease. I'm being well looked after by my midwife who is referring me to an obstetrician with an interest in GI disorders. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by how ill I feel and I'm worried because I know that a bad flare can affect the baby (I'm 31 weeks BTW).

I was just wondering if anyone else had experience of this and how you were treated whilst pregnant. Did your consultant/midwife seem to be taking a very active interest in you?

NatalieDi Mon 08-Nov-10 21:11:38

Hi Swaliswan,

Sorry for not being able to give any specifics...

Just wanted to say - hang on in there, you are not alone!

My Crohn's seems to be still in remission (at 14 weeks) but my GI says that if i ever get any symptoms the first thing to do was to to take mesalazine (and arranged for me to have a back up supply at home). So i guess i can tell you that mesalazine seems to be ok during pregnancy.....

Also, if you have not had much experience with Crohn's - my understanding is that it tends to flare up a few weeks after delivery, so it would be good to have doctor's contact names and stuff, so that you do not have to panic. (mine got diagnosed straight after first pregnancy)

Hopefully it won't for you :-)

Good luck!!!!!

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