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genital warts, right advice?

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GWBush Fri 05-Nov-10 09:27:11

name changer

Im PG, have less than month to go (am 36+ weeks)

developed genital warts (just one) when 13 weeks PG, went to gum clinic, had freezey therpy, had to go back once a month for a bit and have it re done - all cleared up until a week ago I noticed it was back.

Have just phoned clinic and they said not to worry about it, they wont treat me this PG - and it doesnt matter as its very common during pregnancy.

Is that the right advice?

I havent spoken to my MW about it, and just been dealing with it on my own.

Cant really chat or ask my friends either, so what do i do?

Leave it, pressure clinic to treat it?

LoopyLoops Fri 05-Nov-10 09:28:21

I would talk to your GP to be honest.

sam26oscar Fri 05-Nov-10 11:32:14

i thought that if you had them before you got pg then it was ok but if you got them for the first time during pg then bit more of a prob, i agree with LoopyLoops and see a g.p.

RoxieP Fri 05-Nov-10 11:47:15

Did you contract the virus itself during pregnancy, or did you just have a wart appear from being previously infected? Loads of people have Human Pappiloma virus without actually having visible's incredibly common. Could be that the changes to your immune system made the warts appear?

me23 Fri 05-Nov-10 12:11:58

it is herpes that pose a risk if they first appear in pregnancy not genital warts.

yes it is common in pregnancy for warts to reappear and they can become quite large this is because the immune system is supressed during pregnancy. A lot of the time warts will not be treated in pregnancy they will wait until after the birth.

If you are worried then ask your mw to refer you to an obstetrician to talk about it.
There is a rare possiblity of the virus been passed to the baby. However as this is so rare this and the majority of women will not pass virus to their babies, they tend not to be removed in pregnancy.

saltnvinigarcrips Fri 05-Nov-10 18:16:50

God this is not a happy thought. I contracted gw when I was 17 and it took a year to treat - going weekly and it was not painless! Now 30 and pregnant so heres hoping they don't come back but off to check in a mirror all the same.

BeatrixRotter Fri 05-Nov-10 18:52:24

I believe if you haven't had any reoccurrences for 5 years then you body has overcome the virus.

louisesh Fri 05-Nov-10 19:27:40

I m a sister at a gum clinic.Warts quite often reappear during pg due to hormonal changes.Treatments are limited due to pg but liquid nitrogen is safe during pg Yes, you can be treated, even at this late stage.? maybe what the clinic mean is that they will be unlikely to get rid of the warts at this late stage but there is no reason why they can t treat you.Hope this helps.

valentinemum10 Sat 06-Nov-10 21:14:08

I have noticed the same problem this week and been extremely worried about it(not had time to ring clinic) but its reassuring to know its common in PG. i will still go to the clinic asap. is it recommended that it does get treated asap?

louisesh Sat 06-Nov-10 21:40:12

Won t necessarily causes problems if not treated asap.Can only imagine how huge the warts would have to grow to obstruct a vaginal delivery.At our clinic warts [in and out of pg!!!] aren t classed as an emergency.

OnlyWantsOne Sun 07-Nov-10 10:21:22

I wonder if MWs come accross them often, and what their reaction is?

Do they say any thing? During delivery?

louisesh Sun 07-Nov-10 10:56:08

Would think some mws don t know what they re looking at with warts.We get a LOT of referrals where mws haven t known they were warts or given pts the wrong information.Quite often warts are mistaken for skin tags,blocked glands,mollcusum or a shaving rash or vice versa.

Midwifes are/should be professionals so shouldn t say/comment on warts [ the real world].

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