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A Slow Heartbeat at 6 wks pg any experience or advice?

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Xena Fri 16-Sep-05 13:27:56

I had a missed m/c in May this year so the doctor arranged a scan for me today I thought I was 7+1. The feotus measured 6wks and the H/B was slow they said that it can be normal for it too be slow but they are scanning me again Mon week to check on its growth and h/b.

Xena Fri 16-Sep-05 13:44:02

Anyone? they said it wasn't that uncommon

BROWNY Fri 16-Sep-05 13:45:48

Just wanted you to know that you're not being ignored - I'm sure someone here can help you - wishing you loads of luck - take it easy!

Xena Fri 16-Sep-05 14:50:12

Thanks Browny.

ediemay Fri 16-Sep-05 14:52:41

I don't have any experience of this Xena but I just wanted to say good luck and keep bumping this up

cori Fri 16-Sep-05 15:24:13


Xena Fri 16-Sep-05 16:25:06

It must be uncommen it says on my notes Gestational sac present, Embryo present
Diagnosis based on ultrasound findings: Ongoing intrauterine pregnancy.
Slight bradycardia at this scan
Rescan in 10 days to check FH and growth.

BunnyBoo Fri 16-Sep-05 16:28:43

No experience Xena but i wanted to wish you goodluck i really hope everything is ok for you and baby.

Cadmum Fri 16-Sep-05 16:48:06

Xena: I am sorry that I don’t have any helpful advice... I really wish that you could just put your mind at ease and not worry but I suspect that this will be a stressful week. How certain are you of conception dateÉ (sorry question mark not working this morning)

I do know that it is not uncommon to be off by by a fair bit (lots of people on the ante-natal threads come back from scans with revised due dates).

Did they say how slow baby’s heart rate wasÉ

Xena Fri 16-Sep-05 17:04:32

I think that I could be a week out my cycles are not always 100% regular but its just that the h/b is slow as well. They didn't tell me what speed and I read from my notes 'slighty'.

Cadmum Fri 16-Sep-05 17:09:44

Hmmm. I certainly hope that it is just early days and that the heartrate picks up before your next scan. My heart really goes out to you... Hope you can find creative ways to pass the time until next scan.

Really hope that everything turns out well.

HellKat Fri 16-Sep-05 17:23:38

Xena- Hunny try not to worry. good news is there was a heartbeat! Try to be positive hun and I'm here if you need me! xx

Xena Fri 16-Sep-05 18:41:39

Thanks cadmum and Hellkat.

I was hoping that someone else had been told this at an early scan?

petunia Fri 16-Sep-05 18:53:14

When I had my scan last week, they thought I was 6+3wks when I thought I was 7+2, but then I was going by the 1st day of my last period like the midwives do. I only got a quick look at the baby (like seconds, wish I'd had longer!) I thought that the h/b looked slow. They didn't say anything about a re-scan, I'm just waiting for a dating scan appt to come through. One thing they did say is that once they see a h/b, the pg has a 92-96% chance of having a successful outcome.
Fingers crossed for you, I know next week is going to be hard.

Xena Fri 16-Sep-05 19:35:54

Thanks petunia you've made me feel abit better. they did study it for quite a while so maybe thats why they saw its H/B

Xena Fri 16-Sep-05 19:36:34

I mean thats why they thought it was abit slow.

Cadmum Sat 17-Sep-05 15:03:35

Xena: I hope you are having a good day and trying not to worry overly much. Keep chatting or posting quetions if you find it helpful.

Xena Sat 17-Sep-05 16:12:45

I just googled it and it says 'a sign of impending fetal loss'

morocco Sat 17-Sep-05 16:26:26

hi xena
I don't know, I'm sorry, but I wish you well - the waiting ti the next scan must be difficult
are you based in the UK btw?

Xena Sat 17-Sep-05 16:29:45

Yes I'm in the UK, I can't stand this waiting.

Cadmum Sat 17-Sep-05 21:25:03

Xena, i didn’t want to suggest googling it because I was afraid that you would find worrying results... I also googled it but couldn’t find anything medical (or scientific) that gave a definitive answer. I did find several other people who had similar worries in the past... Would you like me to post links or should I leave you to your own googlingÉ

rodeo1 Sat 17-Sep-05 22:12:13

Oh Xena, so sorry you're having a rough time. I'll keep everything crossed for you for Monday x x x x x x

Xena Sun 18-Sep-05 09:39:54

Other links would be good cadmum thanks
Thanks Rodeo xx

Cadmum Mon 19-Sep-05 14:18:00

Sorry this chart is rather crowded when I hit preview...

All I was thinking when I found this particular one is that the heart rate is much slower in earlier days so if you are off by a few days this could be significant.

I found it here


Embryonic Heart Rate and Age:

5 Weeks 6 Weeks 7 Weeks 8 Weeks
5w0d 97 6w0d 120 7w0d 143 8w0d 167
5w1d 100 6w1d 123 7w1d 147 8w1d 170
5w2d 103 6w2d 127 7w2d 150 8w2d 173
5w3d 107 6w3d 130 7w3d 153 8w3d 177
5w4d 110 6w4d 133 7w4d 157 8w4d 180
5w5d 113 6w5d 137 7w5d 160 8w5d 183
5w6d 117 6w6d 140 7w6d 163 8w6d 187

cori Mon 19-Sep-05 14:22:28

very useful site Cadmum

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