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Bit trivial .. but it's my last day at work!!

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bunnyrabbit Fri 15-Aug-03 15:58:40

Bit trivial next to some of the threads today... but today is my last day at work!!!

Feeling strange a the moment. I've worked here for 14 years and now I've handed over all my responsibilities to various people and feel strangly redundant. I've spent 4 months making sure everything will be covered and it's only just hit me that I'm not needed anymore.

Sounds silly, but I feel quite depressed...

Oh well, I now have two weeks till baby bunny comes (that's supposing I manage to get out of the city tonight without going into labour) and hopefully more time to spend on mumsnet.

Sorry guys, but you'll be hearing more from me!!


Dickers Fri 15-Aug-03 16:06:07

I remember how you are feeling, almost a year ago to the day! I think the thing was I was giving up something I was good at (and in control of!) and entering into the unknown.
Now back at work with DS nearly one, I can tell you to enjoy your time off and if/when you go back to work, it will probably feel like you had never been away after a very short period of time (apart from the fact that you work won't be as important to you)

Good luck, you are just about to enter the most amazing time of your life.

Ailsa Fri 15-Aug-03 23:58:35

I nearly started a thread along these lines, I've only got one more week to go at work, and just over 2 weeks until my EDD.

In one way I'm looking forward to finishing, albeit temporarily, but in another I'm really nervous about it, even though I've done it twice before. Suppose I'd better get my hospital bag packed!

bunnyrabbit Sat 16-Aug-03 09:35:53

Thanks Dickers.
I was just feeling unloved... and then I got ambushed!! Just about everyone in the building started to come to our floor and I didn't twig until the MD came round the corner. Pregnancy brain I suppose.

Lovely presentation big teddy etc etc. Managed to hold it together until my friend assured me everyone had gone then let the tears come.

My biggest worry is that I won't be needed when I go back, but as you say, I've know doubt that once I'm back, it'll all seem like a dream.

Alisa, What's your EDD? Mines 29th. Finally bought some drinks and snacks for my bag yesterday so am nearly there... still haven't tried out my TENS machine though... think it's proably more important to get some carpet for the baby's room!!

twiglett Sat 16-Aug-03 10:11:33

message withdrawn

Ailsa Sat 16-Aug-03 22:16:56

EDD 1st September, keep thinking I should pack my bag, but can't be bothered at the moment. Baby's bag is packed though.

myersthecat Sun 17-Aug-03 18:58:19

Know how you feel. Everyone thinks you are off for a lovely time, but I got home and burst into tears!!

Think it's something to do with lifes transitions! Bit of insecurity creeping in. This site has been brill when I feel a little lonely....guess you know that already though!

Just log on if you feel blue....

Ailsa Mon 18-Aug-03 12:27:49

Well this is it, my last week at work, 4 afternoons only though. 38 weeks today. I'm actually feeling quite nervous now, dd & ds have just disappeared off to nan's for the afternoon, dh is back to work today after 3½ weeks off. Right I'm off now.

bunnyrabbit Mon 18-Aug-03 14:48:45

Chin up Alisa....

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