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Overdue and P*ssed Off! [angry]

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YummyMummy1208 Thu 28-Oct-10 12:31:20

Im sure there has been plenty of them but i really need to rant about how peed off i am!
was due on monday, second baby, first was 2 days early and as im being warned this baby may be slightly on the large side and has always been a lot more active than DS1 i had never considered the fact she wouldnt arrive before D Day yet here i am 3 days late with no signs of an arrival coming anytime soon!

My DS1 is 2yrs9months and thanks to mild SPD and baby being low in my pelvis i can barely walk at the moment which is making entertaining my toddler virtually impossible unless i let him run riot round the house having attention seeking tantrums all day.

Im just totally fed up, spend most of my day hoping every tiny twinge or pain i feel is a contraction and the other parts of my day moaning about how painful every single daily task is now! - sleeping, impossible with heartburn,huge belly to turn over every half hour as my sides ache after that long and needing a crane to support me or my pelvis feels as though its about to tear in half.
Having a 'nice bath' isnt exactly nice anymore when i can barely sit up in the tub due to my belly being so big and half of my body isnt actually even in the friggin bath so i have my own little island going on.

i really want to enjoy my maternity leave with my little boy but i just cant do anything with him bar sit and watch him play. Its just frustrating me so much and im so angry with whoever up there that made this part of the plan for me to go on being so damn uncomfortable. its making me frustrated, snappy at my DS and OH and angry with baby for not coming out! I want my body back, everyone who sees me winces in pain at how stretched i look - theyve spent the last 10 weeks convinced i wouldnt go full term cos i was so huge but here i am...

So basically i just wanted a good old rant and thought there are probably lots more overdue ladies who might like to join in the 'feel sorry for me' rant page! blush

i wish i could tell myself to just get a grip and enjoy the last few days of having my beautiful baby inside of me but when im so uncomfortable and big i just cant. i just want out.

The next dreaded thing on my mind is due to be induced next thursday and i really dont like the sound of the idea, yet i so desperately want her out, anyone been induced and have an opinion to share on this one?

Sorry to bore you ladies, just v.fed up!

excitedmummy2be Thu 28-Oct-10 15:08:29

Oh yummy mummy I feel for you, I really do. I'm not overdue yet, I'm 39+3 but utterly fed up too. I also huge and am pretty much house bound. My feet and ankles are so swollen I can't drive or walk very well. I'm also too scared to leave the house, I have so much pressure in my tummy that I feel my waters may go anytime, anywhere. I can't sleep and look like sh*t. I can't even contemplate going over as I'm in constant discomfort. I was going to be induced but they changed their minds on the day and I was devastated.... Felt the end was in sight but had it snatched away. This is DC1 for me so no others to keep entertained so I'm sure that just adds to it all... But I definately understand how you feel. Hope your LO comes very very soon. Good luck

YummyMummy1208 Thu 28-Oct-10 16:28:24

thanks for the sympathy excitedmummy2be i have totally got myself into a rut. DS1 is with his nan today, which i hate as i just want to spend time with him but just cant cope anymore so its frustrating to have to keep sending him away all the time. OH came home early from work today which has perked me up as he's been looking after me bless him.

Had a bit of a blub today, just fed up of being so restricted and uncomfortable you know? Its thursday already, the weeks are just going by and the baby just doesnt seem to want to come out! I think the major issues are:

1)the size issue - im worried to heck how big she is, and the longer shes in there the bigger shes getting!

2) being induced. I really do not want to be induced, and probably wouldnt consider it had i not had this big baby scare issue. i would like to believe my body wouldnt produce a baby too big to fit through my pelvis (without ripping me to shreds in the process!) but you just cant be sure of these things can you.
I wish id have asked more questions when the doc at the hospital said about booking my induction date - like will my OH be able to stay with me the entire time and how long could the process take?i dont want to be in there for hours/days before labour even properly starts - i have my DS to think about and dont want him being left any longer than he has to.

howcome they were going to induce you before your due date? snap on the looking like shit/cant sleep/dont want to leave the house! i think its taken me as such a shock because i had never ever considered i may go over! big regret now as i may have been a bit more prepared for it had i of!

excitedmummy2be Thu 28-Oct-10 17:35:42

yummymummy I was going to be induced as my blood results kept showing very low platelets... I was the same as you and really didn't want to be induced but once they said I was going to be, DH and I got our heads round it and got quite excited... Especially as I'm so big and uncomfortable, I was actually looking forward to it and saw the light at the end of the tunnel... When they changed their minds. I was gutted. Also I'm concerned about the size of baby and so worried that every day she's in there, she's just getting bigger and bigger. Sometimes when she rolls around it actually hurts where my uterus is being stretched to the limit! I keep trying to keep in mind that even if I do go over, it won't be much longer. Try and keep focussed on that... Your DC will be here very very soon and all this discomfort will be forgotten and replaced by sleepless nights!!! X

YummyMummy1208 Thu 28-Oct-10 19:18:05

I know, my OH did say something tht sounded quite nice earlier - this will definately be our last weekend with baby in my belly. and i thought...thats very true! Just scared to death ill end up being induced and the whole 'unknown' part of not knowing what they will do is freaking me out.
i had a drip last time, and they broke my waters so i was almost induced but my contractions started on their own so the pain of all thaqt masked the whole induction thing! Going in, normal me, with no pain to the hospital on the night just seems scary! like walking to my death i keep saying to OH!
Have they said when they will induce you if you do go over? - or are you back to the standard 12 days over until they induce?

cece Thu 28-Oct-10 19:23:58

Mine have all been late.

All I have also had big babies

I have also been induced.

The induction I had when I was late was at 14 days over. My choice I could have had it sooner. It took a while to get going and DH went home over night for a rest when it became clear things were going to take a while. However, they were quick to get him back when I needed him and also when I got into established labour.

My biggest baby was my fastest delivery. Plus marvellous feeder and sleeper right from the start.

Hvae you had a sweep yet?

YummyMummy1208 Thu 28-Oct-10 19:59:12

No, booked in for one on monday when ill be 7 days past d day. ~i really dont want my partner having to leave me until baby is born, and am worried they will just start me off with the gel/pessary option and expect him to go home over night (hospital is nearly an hours drive away).
Quite annoyed that nothing has been discussed with me at all from the hospital, doc just gave me a note which i had to pass to the receptionist to book myself in for an induction at term + 10. No words of advice, no even asking if this was what i wanted just sent me away.
How heavy were yours?

cece Thu 28-Oct-10 22:27:28

You might not want to know!

8 lb
11 lb 4 oz
10 lb

If your DH is an hour away then you should be able to explain and he may be able to walk you around the corridors whilst you are being induced. TBH I didn't mind in the slightest that DH went home. In fact by my third DC I didn't get him to come in till after they had broken my waters and I was in active labour and already on the labour ward.

blondieminx Thu 28-Oct-10 23:08:15

YummyMummy don't forget that anything the hospital does has to be with your consent. Ask to discuss your options with the senior midwife on duty and explain if you don't feel comfortable with being induced just yet.

I really feel for you, my DD arrived at 40+6 and I remember so well that huge and uncomfortable feeling ( i had purigo of pregnancy, which is like stinging nettle rash all over your body so I wanted to rip my skin off sad). FWIW I had 2 sweeps - one the week before my due date and one on my due date. Neither made her budge.

Your baby will arrive, and she will be wonderful I'm sure.

Hang in there and ensure that you have a physio referral before you leave the hospital to ensure you get the righ support for your SPD.

Good luck

BagofHolly Fri 29-Oct-10 08:05:31

My midwife friend told me that labour is often closely preceded by Having The Arse about everything! Hope all goes well for you!

LadyintheRadiator Fri 29-Oct-10 08:13:55

Sorry this is so brief but just want to say - if you are induced don't let your H go home, I was induced two weeks ago because my waters had gone, they kept saying I wasn't in 'real' labour until I said I was in transition and by the time they phoned DP and he had got hold of someone to come and sit with DS... well you can guess the rest. If you kick up a giant fuss they will let him stay. Because the girl in the next bed had HER partner all fricking night. On a ward. (I'm not bitter, I'm not bitter. And it was her THIRD baby so not like she was naive to it all. Not bitter )

YummyMummy1208 Fri 29-Oct-10 09:48:01

lol at ladyintheradiator thats what im worried about, although im keen to not cause an atmosphere and appear to be the stroppy demanding woman on the ward as i dont want them to start acting off with me. Sounds silly but once you start going against what they say they put you in the 'awkward' category and treat you differently. (in my opinion anyway!)

I wont be letting him leave, and he said even if they insist he will sit out in the car and not actually go home but i dont see why he should have to leave my side to be honest. Just hate not knowing exactly how they will start the induction - will they use the gel/pessary thing as its not my first baby and aparently your cervix never completely closes after your first child so does that mean they will put me straight onto a drip? because i dont really want to stay strapped to a bed for my whole labour!

That sounds promising BagofHolly grin I do feel a little less grumpy today but still peed off nothing is happening. I spent the day yesterday sulking and feeling sorry for myself, not that it got me anywhere but it seems to have got rid of a lot of anger as my mood has lifted today!

ladyintheradiator - how did they start off the induction? was it your first baby i take it?

cece Fri 29-Oct-10 09:56:01

My induction with first and third baby was started in the same way - gel pessary thing.

YummyMummy1208 Fri 29-Oct-10 12:34:18

cece - how long did they leave you after putting it in - 6 hours? and did the midwives want/expect your partner to leave you? Im checking in at 9pm and thinking theyl expect me to sleep in the hospital over night and for OH to go home.
I dont want to sleep in a hospital bed firstly and secondly i dont want OH to have to leave me. suppose i should just hope that the pessary works straight away shouldnt i!

cece Fri 29-Oct-10 12:52:18

With my first I was induced at 42 weeks. I had pessary at 9pm ish and DH went home a couple of hours later.

I had frquent but mild pains all night and at about 6 am they did an internal. I was only 1 cm and promplty burst into tears. They called DH straight away and he cam in for the day.

By 8 am my pains disappeared. About 10 am they said they would put in another pessary. About 11 am they said they couldn't as all of the labour rooms were full.

Nothing happened despite lots of walking the corridors. About 6 pm I got very stroppy and told them I was going home. MW convinced me to be examined by Doc before I left. Doc was rather rough and broke my waters with her finger. shock

Contractions restarted. By 9 pm I was ready to go to a labour room. DH then stayed with me all night in the labour room. DD born just before lunch time the next day! Bit epic but I can laugh about it now! smile

cece Fri 29-Oct-10 12:58:01

With my second induction (third DC) I was induced at 5 days over due to unstable lie.

I was induced about lunchtime and DH stayed with me for a while. I then sent him home and spent the night on an antenatal ward (6 beds). Nothing was happening so thought it was important we both got some rest.

Had second pessary about 7 pm and had very mild period type pains on and off all that night.

Next day these continued. About 3 pm they took me up to the labour ward and broke my waters. Started getting more painful and regular contractions so I phoned DH myself and told him to come in.

He apeared about 4 pm and then DC3 was born at 11.14pm that day.

TBH I find I go into myself a bit when in labour plus I am quite independent so I felt happy to be alone (apart from all of the qualified and lvoely staff). However, if you aren't then I am sure you can discuss it with the staff.

YummyMummy1208 Fri 29-Oct-10 19:11:08

I dont know, i just never pictured labour to not include my partner for the whole journey you know?
Well i never pictured having to be induced to be honest and the thought of being in hospital 24+hours before established labour just sounds horrible. If thats whats going to happen i may either request OH has to stay with me or i will refuse induction - unless ofcourse baby is in any distress but as long as shes happy in there i see no rush for her to be forced out really.

Lets pray i go into natural labour before then so i dont have to make that decision eh!

CarGirl Fri 29-Oct-10 19:16:36

With a non-first baby if you're overdue then you are likely to go into established labour before the 24 hours - honest!

I would just ask for a 9am induction slot and hope things get going before that evening.

My first induction was a long one, so was my 3rd as it was my due date rather than being 2 weeks over 2nd and 4th inductions were done and dusted within 12 hours of the first pessary - only 2mins official labour with the 4th!

YummyMummy1208 Fri 29-Oct-10 21:21:45

Well theyve booked me in for a 9pm induction slot so im presuming this is because the first thing they will do is put a gel/pessary thing in to try start me off overnight?

Having never thought i would be in this situation i had never researched so when they told me 9pm i just thought thats a bit strange and left it at that, only after googling and finding out about the procedure have i figured its probably due to what i said above. im thinking if i do get to the day before with no baby i may delay the induction until at least 14 days over, presuming all is ok with baby. Even if she is big, what harm can another few days do? im sure she wont be piling on the pounds in that short time!

Just feel like im a ticking clock now which is stressing me out. if i didnt have to be induced at the end of it i dont think going over would concern me too much but i feel so under pressure to go into labour before my induction date that its panicking me too much!

CarGirl Fri 29-Oct-10 21:49:37

Yes that's what they do but tbh where I live that's what they do for your first, subsequents they get you in at 9am as they expect it to work more quickly IYSWIM.

JennyPiccolo Fri 29-Oct-10 21:58:49

ugh, 5 days overdue today, been into the midwife and she couldn't do a sweep so i've to go back in a WEEK. Can't cope.

YummyMummy1208 Sat 30-Oct-10 17:08:22

me too JennyPiccolo so i feel your pain. Why is this dragging out so much?! A whole week theyre leaving you? i would have thought they would have you back in a few days to try again.

I just want to go into frigging labour! I can hardly walk now - is this the same for everyone this far gone or is it more to do with SPD? even lifting my leg up to get into the car is hard work dammit. Baby please come out. 2am feeds will be gladly swapped for this pain! grin

JennyPiccolo Sat 30-Oct-10 19:30:35

They didn't think there was any danger of me going into labour in the next week, and the baby's okay, so I've just to get a scan on Friday and take it from there.

I've got SPD as well, it's really getting unbearable at this stage. I've gone walking as much as i can so i can knacker myself and hopefully get a sleep. Ended up having a gin and tonic last night, am about going out of my mind with sleep deprivation. It hurts to lie down at all. WAHHH.

Mum2bof3 Wed 10-Nov-10 13:47:29

Hey Ladies
Same situation, was due 8/11/10
Gutted !! I feel like ive lost all enthusiasim,I have two other children who are 3 and 5, Leo my oldest was a day early due to me having a platlet condition so i was induced (a procedure i NEVER want to repeat) Imogen was 5 days late, and i dont think it bothered me as much as it has this time. I guess this time I assumed very stupidly that with being my 3rd in 5 years id have it out with a week or so to spare.wrong wrong wrong and im so mad about it.
All of my friends that were due around me or AFTER me have their babies, one had hers 4weeks early and another had hers yesterday 3 weeks early. I felt so resentful
I just feel so let down byself, ive spent 36 weeks looking forward to the EDD and then it comes and goes and nothing. Still nothing now
I wont be induced again no matter what, i just need this baby out now.
Have any of you ladies had yours now, im assuming the original poster has, andi would love to hear your story

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