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Anterior Placenta

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Tibby Thu 14-Aug-03 12:10:18

At 21 weeks pregnant, I do not feel the baby moving like other Mums To Be describe. My midwife says this is because my placenta is anterior & is acting as a cushion. Anyone else experience this? And am I in for any complications?

princesspeahead Thu 14-Aug-03 12:19:29

anterior placenta is good I think - I'm on my third! as long as it is high enough up which I'm sure it is. It means that you tend to feel kicks and wriggles low down near your groin, or right up under your ribs, or the odd foot sticking out the side - but not much in the front. And those sorts of kicks are more obvious a bit later on when the baby is bigger.
I quite like it, removes the whole worry about placenta praevia if you can obviously locate where your placenta is. Think you get kicked around a bit less painfully as well.

Rebi Thu 14-Aug-03 12:29:52

My placenta was anterior with my dd. I didn't feel any movement until around 21 weeks and then through the rest of the pregnancy hardly felt much movement at all. Got a couple of slight movements a day and that was it. Nothing to worry about but you may need more reassurance as time goes on.

The good side is you shouldn't be woken up at night!

neen99 Sun 17-Aug-03 16:39:30

Ahhhh, it all becomes clearer now...!
On my little slips of paper that they give you when you have a scan to keep in with your handheld notes, I have noticed that it said 'anterior' for the position of the placenta, but never thought anything of it.
I didn't feel the baby move until about 20/21 weeks, and was a bit worried as I had felt ds move at 15 weeks, and I thought you were supposed to feel movement earlier with your second. Now I think I realise why, from what everyone is saying, 'Anterior' means the placenta is at the 'front' of your womb so it cushions movement..?

bunnyrabbit Mon 18-Aug-03 11:14:28

Explains things for me too. Didn't feel anything till 21/22 weeks. Just looked at my 22 week scan report and what d'ya know... Placenta: Anterior. I th:nk that also explains why I never feel any kicks or movement front left.

Thanks for this, it's never too late to learn new stuff

BR (38+3)

bunnyrabbit Mon 18-Aug-03 11:16:00

oh mind you, I get enough kicks and punches on the right side to make up for it!!

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