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Nursery Help

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lgmum2b Sat 09-Oct-10 22:57:46

Well I had my 20 week scan this week and we wanted to find out what we were having...Hubby has always wanted it to be a girl I had been hoping all along that it was a boy. It' a girl! I am still trying to get my head around it's actually a girl as in my head I had a vision of blue blue blue.
Lovely oak cot, pale blue bumpers etc.

I've been into JL, Next, Trotters, Mothercare and could spend a fortune on all the lovely cute boys things but am struggling to find pretty shades of pink. Most of them are horrible. Mamas and Papas, M&S quite good but very little outside of pink, white or blue.

I'm not liking any of the pink and white nursery options I have seen.
I thought of lavendar but have been surprised and the lack of colour choice available.

Can anyone recommmend any good websites/catalogues/shops that provide nursery decoration and inspiration that isn't just blue or pink?

sarahscot Sat 09-Oct-10 23:06:24

Have you tried Vertbaudet? Their stuf is less pink'n'frilly that some others.

1Catherine1 Sat 09-Oct-10 23:09:42

You could opt for neutral colours. Due to me living in rented accommodation I don't have the option to colour coordinate a room anyway and boy or girl I'm looking for a wood coloured cot and either blue if it's a boy or a pale shade of pink if it's a girl. The other option is Cream which is rather pretty and less intense than the pink option

Congrats on the girl btw

onadietcokebreak Sat 09-Oct-10 23:15:40

I would go for something unisex in case you have another one. Have a look at JoJomaman Bebe

Plus do you really need a cot set? The bumpers can be a hazard and the duvet is unusable until they are about 1year old. I would spend the money on some nce grobags.

AnaYorks Sun 10-Oct-10 09:00:55

I hate pink! I'm having a girl, but since the rest of my house is mixture of duck egg blue, creams, silvers and browns I don't see why I should have to paint my nursery pink. I've therefore decided to go for a scheme with duck egg walls, the pearlised cream and silver Hawthorne wallpaper from Laura Ashley, white furniture, and then making it a bit more feminine with accents of red - including cute red and duck egg gingham. Blue works just as well for girls!

FloraFinching Sun 10-Oct-10 09:08:45

we're having another girl.
when we moved into our house, the second bedroom was already painted bright pink, so DD1 bagged it and refuses to have it redecorated hmm.

I am not having another pink room. We've gone for a mushroomy sort of colour below the picture rail, white above, neutral carpet. Our accessories are broadly patterned and do have some pinks (pastel bunting, pattern on the blind) to soften the look a bit.

saucetastic Sun 10-Oct-10 09:18:45

Why don't you buy the blue things anyway.

Watching QI one night and they said blue used to be the colour for girls, as general consensus was that pink and reds were 'too strong' for girls.

But really, why should you gender stereotype at all?

Go for the colours you like. You can always accessorise with other colours anyway.

japhrimel Sun 10-Oct-10 09:55:09

JoJo have a good selection.

We're doing our nursery in pale yellow with white woodwork and white furniture and then lots of white with bits of blue and green. I'd decided on that before we found out we're having a girl. No way would we do everything pink!

oggybags Sun 10-Oct-10 18:21:43

how about looking at patterned curtains etc and then plain bedding - maybe orla kiely or cath kidtson - they do a nice red stars range?

trixie123 Sun 10-Oct-10 19:37:13

I really like the sort of patchwork / gingham kind of look that absolutly doesn't have to be pink. I have a DS and am pg again - am also dreading an avalanche of pink if its a girl and will be making my views known to anyone who might be thinking og buying us anything. Its that horrible, pastel pink I can't stand. Also, bear in mind it doesn't have to be specifically baby furniture (apart from the cot of course). we got a giant chest of drawers from Ikea for about £130 that holds all of DS clothes easily - their stuff is too small to need hanging yet. Ikea generally is pretty good if you can bear the actual experience!

mrspickles Sun 10-Oct-10 19:39:21

Don't do pink! Its too sickly. I have two girls sharing a room (5 months and 3 yr old), and have pale green curtains and an owl theme. Have owl bedding from Dunelm Mill - the owl stuff for the 3 year old has pink in it, but the baby owl stuff is light green.

missp2010 Sun 10-Oct-10 20:05:02

How funny I was just looking at this five mins ago ooms-for-boys-and-girls-alike-roundup-129127?image _id=1855744

if you look at the top under nursery tours there are loads of ideas on there.


dairymoo Sun 10-Oct-10 20:30:11

I have girl DTs and their room is decked out as brightly as possible - lots of lime green, red, blue, yellow - and a little pink, just to keep them happy (they are 3yo and starting to voice an opinion). Just decorate in colours you do like, you're the one that's going to spend the most time in there. smile

TooImmature2BMum Sun 10-Oct-10 21:42:36

Congratulations on having a girl! My 20 week scan is a week on Tuesday and will definitely be finding out too. My nursery isn't started yet, because I wanted to wait until I knew what it is, but I plan to go for jewel colours as far as possible in a quirky mishmash sort of way. The walls are cream and the carpet is beige, so it won't be too bright overall, I don't think. Just nice splashes of ruby, emerald, sapphire, topaz...not sure how well this will work for a boy, and also haven't done much actual browsing, so it might turn out to be harder than I think. My MIL is making me a patchwork quilt in colours of my choice, though, so will definitely be able to have one thing in the right colours.

xMrsSx Sun 10-Oct-10 21:56:07

I have just decorated our nursery (we don't know if its a boy or girl yet - due in 2 weeks). Have done yellowy green walls with a brightly coloured jungle mural on one wall. White furniture which was what we already had and I have repainted/added new handles. Green blind and red chair.

I too hate all the pastely colours out there for the unisex rooms so decided to go a bit brighter plus ours will be used until they are at least 4ish so I figured it would be less babyish.

CardiCorgi Mon 11-Oct-10 08:56:22

Go for blue if you like it.
We decided on blue before we knew what we were having (and we're not telling anyone anyway). It's a pretty shade and we've got some sailing boat decorations, after all girls can sail too and some of them are rather good at it!

I think the whole blue/pink thing is stupid anyway. DH has olive skin and looks fantastic in pink, if I wear it I look like a piglet.

tanmu82 Mon 11-Oct-10 10:06:51

I am a huuge fan of Ohdeedoh website for nursery inspiration.....also, how about looking for handmade stuff on etsy? You find a lot more quirky things on there. Mothercare do some nice things from 'Dwell' too. I have gone for eclectic in the room that DD2 will be sharing with DD1. I have bought fabrics (to make furnishings) and quirky/vintage wrapping papers (for customising boring furniture) in a variety of colours, pale blues, pale greens, fuschia's, yellows etc.... I think the whole blue for boys, pink for girls thing boring and uninspiring

tanmu82 Mon 11-Oct-10 10:08:55

oh, we rent so the walls will remain a neutral magnolia..... hence the colour explosion in the furnishings!

anonymousbird Mon 11-Oct-10 10:16:46

Keep everything unisex, I advise, well, as much as you can.
Blue/neutrals can suit boy or girl. If you have a boy later, and everything this time is pink, you will need to rebuy!!!

We did blue-ish/neutrals first time around, not knowing we were having a boy, on the basis that it didn't matter. We did have DS first, but then had DD and I was buggered if I was redoing all of it!!!!

Blue/pink is such a stereotype. Best avoided.

lgmum2b Fri 15-Oct-10 20:53:26

tooimature2bmum - how did your scan go? did you find out what you were having?

Any suggestions of where to get classic and simple cot bedding and not stuff covered in teddy bears or the limited mamas and papas collection much appreciated.

Still haven't found anything I liked.
I really want to do the nursery pale lavender and white but can't find a bloody thing to bring it to life.

Help please!!!

edemame Sun 17-Oct-10 04:31:35

If you like blue, go with blue Colors arent really gender specific when you get away from sayings like 'Mummy's little Prince' and such slapped on.

Blue is my favorite color, we're having a boy so hubby said ok to a blue pram and mum in law says 'What if baby 2 is a girl' my responce? 'So what? We'll use it again, I'm not going to dress a little girl all in pink 24/7 any more than my boy will be in only blue from head to toe', it's not like a color is going to define the gender of your child If you're thinking blue but want it more feminine, remember adding a touch of pink and purple to blue is actually a lovely look if you use the right shades Just think how nice a pale blue can be with pink flowers, white clouds, purple butterflys, you can do anything your heart desires with your baby's room, it's your house! Just enjoy yourself. Baby's not going to notice or care about it for a few years anyway

Samraves Sun 17-Oct-10 13:54:50

I have a blue nursery and we are expecting a little girl. We had just painted the walls of the small back bedroom before I got pregnant. The only thing I am struggling with is finding some nice curtains, preferably white, with little shapes in blue, pink and maybe other colours, just so it is a bit feminine. I found some lovely curtains in Next, but they don't have them in a long enough size

friley Fri 19-Aug-11 13:57:09

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

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