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Baby 'moving' but negative HPT!...

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GrumpyMoo Fri 08-Oct-10 22:37:14

...This is driving me nuts! Keep feeling those little fluttery feelings that you get at around 3/4 months (on my 3rd child) pregnant, I've done 2 tests now and both say negative!

Am I just going quietly mad here???

Anyone out there going nuts at the same time as me????? Be nice to have someone else to talk to on the way don't you think? wink

Thinking that maybe Superdrug sold me a dodgy batch of tests (good old 2 pack) and maybe I should be less stingy and head out 2moro to buy some fancy shiny 'spensive ones in Boots (or harrods maybe??? ;)

Be really weird if I am PG. grin feel more U rated at the moment!

katster37 Sat 09-Oct-10 08:34:59

I heard that after 12 weeks the levels of HCG which the home pregnancy tests measure actually decreases and so you could well end up with a negative test. Could you be that far along?

lal123 Sat 09-Oct-10 08:44:52

Apart from the fluttering are you having other pregnancy symptoms?

llareggub Sat 09-Oct-10 08:52:48

Have you considered that it might be wind? I often get that fluttery feeling when I'm not pregnant.

Lulumaam Sat 09-Oct-10 08:53:26

i get fluttery feelings and am deffo not pregnant ! if you have missed 2 - 3 periods and you're feeling flutters then i'd be concerned..

have you been trying?

if you were feeling fluters and it's your 3rd pregnancy, in all likelihood your'd be showing too or at least able to feel the top of the uyterus abovet the pelvic bone

DetectivePotato Sat 09-Oct-10 11:01:59

After I had DS, I constantly felt 'fluttery' feelings. It was wind. It feels exactly like a baby moving which made it really hard fro me to tell when my baby was moving in this pregnancy.

banana87 Sat 09-Oct-10 11:51:51

It's probably wind.

sh77 Sat 09-Oct-10 12:37:34

After 3/4 months, how can you not know whether you are/ are not pregnant? HCG does fall after 12 weeks as the placenta takes over. However, surely you would know...

thisisyesterday Sat 09-Oct-10 12:48:23

apparently superdrgu tests are good they pick up lower levels of HCG thn many others

i have felt "flutters" when not pregnant. It's just normal tummy murmerings. it's just that it isn't until you've had a baby tht you notice how similar it feels

is it liklely that you're pregnant? ie, have you been having unprotected sex? if not i would say it's just tummy rumblings

palmtreeparadise Sat 09-Oct-10 12:52:38

I would say it was wind too...

When was your last period?

nagoo Sat 09-Oct-10 13:03:57

you are not going to get flutters until about 12 weeks anyway. Have you missed periods and other obvious stuff?

Sidge Sat 09-Oct-10 13:27:22

HCG levels do peak at around 12-14 weeks, then tail off but are still up in the thousands.

Pregnancy tests generally show positive at the 25 unit mark, so will show positive at any stage of pregnancy.

If you haven't missed a period and have had 2 negative tests then you're unlikely to be pregnant - the flutterings could be wind.

beckie90 Sat 09-Oct-10 14:38:36

i never got these flutters before having my 1st but after having him, i started getting them and at somepoints they would be like someone was actually flicking me in the belly, but just turned out to be wind, pregnancy tests still do show up i think, as im 13 weeks and did one the other week and was posative

GrumpyMoo Wed 13-Oct-10 09:43:05

Argh, wretched laptop decided to develop PMT so haven't been back.

Thank you so much everyone! I haven't missed a period but they've been completely not normal. I spotted quite a lot with my first PG.

I'm kinda 'on' right now but again not as normal. Started Monday. Quite heavy yestreday but nothing today, though still feel 'on' iykwim.

I went out on saturday and bought some shiny (wince) expensive First Response ones from boots and they say negative too.

So I'm going with the wind idea i think, though it really is weird!!!


yellowflowers Wed 13-Oct-10 10:53:47

I would go to doctor anyway - they will be able to tell by looking at cervix won;t they - and you don't want to be one of those 'never knew I was pregnant and then went to the loo with tummy pains and baby came out' cases.

GrumpyMoo Fri 15-Oct-10 22:20:58

Oooh I really don;t! Bit disconcerting for bub to be faced with a rim block at such an early age!

OK. Monday, will phone GP. blush

Hawest1 Tue 28-Jul-15 19:19:43

I have been feeling this! I first felt it about 2 months ago & it just disappeared, but for the past 4/5 days it's been constant! No matter how many tests I take all of them say negative! I have dodgy periods since I had my DS over a year ago. & even while pregnant with both my DSs I had periods etc, so that isn't really a tell tale sign of wether I am or not pregnant! I googled it (as u do!) & got anything from wind to 'cryptic pregnancy' ��, it is definately not wind! will definitely be phoning the doctors tomorrow!!! Freaking out to the max!

Hawest1 Tue 28-Jul-15 19:23:40

P.s,.... Wind doesn't make ur belly move either does it? I can't literally see mine move aswell as feel it, and yet still negative tests

BollockyBollocks Tue 28-Jul-15 19:28:45

This is a zombie thread btw.

Yes, wind can make your stomach move as well as flutter. Totally normal.

EhricLovesTheBhrothers Tue 28-Jul-15 19:29:01

Yep that's all wind


Hawest1 Tue 28-Jul-15 22:13:09

Zombie thread?
Sorry just googled & it was the first link to come up, didn't even realise the date lol

TeenageMutantNinjaTurtle Tue 28-Jul-15 22:16:05

Anyone else now wonderingg if the original OP from 2010 was pregnant though??

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