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How is everybody coping with the weather?

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TerriB Sun 10-Aug-03 10:29:13

I am only 9 weeks pregnant, but suffering dreadfully with morning sickness and dizzy spells. This weather is making things 10 times worse, when I lie down on the bed I end up getting so hot it makes me feel worse. My electric fan is following me around the house!!

pie Sun 10-Aug-03 10:31:32

I'm 31 weeks and in the last 72 hours I have the grand total of 16 hours sleep....arrgghhhhhh.

I am NOT coping with the weather!

motherinferior Sun 10-Aug-03 10:49:05

Er...imagine what it's like with small baby in this weather! No sleep in Casa Inferiore either!

EmmaTMG Sun 10-Aug-03 10:49:44

I'm 34 weeks today and have spend all week in doors as it's just too hot to go out.
I've just had my first cold shower of the day and I'm wearing my nightie as this is the only thing that is cool enough to wear.

I will promise here and now never to complain again about the british summer time being so crap as this is simply ridiculous.

Maybe we could all do a syncronised mumsnet raindance? How about it then.......?

TerriB Sun 10-Aug-03 11:10:53

Ooooh yes, or even a 'blizzard' dance!

mumbojumbo Sun 10-Aug-03 11:57:43

I'm nearly 28 weeks gone and I can't stand this hot/humid weather. I have a 19 month old toddler and its getting more and more difficult to keep up with him! Still, I know that when the heatwave comes to an end, we'll all be wishing that the sun was out!

ANGELMOTHER Sun 10-Aug-03 12:05:22

I'm 34 wks pg and have a dd 3yrs, we haven't gone out all week. I have a paddling pool out back and we have spent the week in swimsuits going between the pool and the house. The telly is on constantly and when we're not in the pool dd watches it and I come here...............I can't move for the heat,
Tell me I'm not a bad Mum

pie Sun 10-Aug-03 12:10:20

No way are you a bad mum ANGELMOTHER!!!!

I can only wish I had a garden to put a paddling pool in...

We have a Zoo trip planned for this Wednesday, my birthday treat would you believe. If the weather doesn't break by then I will cry

janh Sun 10-Aug-03 12:18:11

pie, we have had major thunderstorms up in Lancs this morning, it's cooler already and it is supposed to be sunny again but much nicer after they move on - forecast for Wednesday is lovely! (If you believe the Met Office that is...)

ANGELMOTHER Sun 10-Aug-03 12:18:22

Brave you Pie, I couldn't handle the Zoo. I'm trying to build up to a trip to the cinema (Piglet Movie) at least there's air con there.

Does ANYONE know when this heat is going to end ?????????

ANGELMOTHER Sun 10-Aug-03 12:18:58

JanH now I know why I'm moving to Manchester

WideWebWitch Sun 10-Aug-03 12:22:24

Agree with everyone, it's disgusting weather. I've always hated the heat anyway, much preferring the autumn and winter but this has been unbearable. Oh I'd love one of the Lancs thunderstorms Janh, would go and stand in the rain in fact. I'm only 26 weeks but feel like a beached whale gasping in the heat.

janh Sun 10-Aug-03 12:32:59

I think they have moved on from here (sky is getting brighter in the W) so I hope you all get one soon - they were good ones, downspouts couldn't cope and our backyard concrete looks as if it's been pressure washed!

ks Sun 10-Aug-03 13:11:18

Message withdrawn

ks Sun 10-Aug-03 13:13:32

Message withdrawn

Janstar Sun 10-Aug-03 13:14:01

Persuade DH to take you to an air-conditioned restaurant if he is keen to make you feel better.

Mog Sun 10-Aug-03 14:33:53

I'm not pregnant but my first thought when the heat wave came was 'I'm glad I'm not pregnant' followed by 'imagine labouring in this weather'. So you have my sympathy ladies

Hilary Sun 10-Aug-03 16:06:13

I have been indoors all week too, morning sickness in the heat is just too much to bear. I'm in Lancs too though and we had the most amazing thunder storm this morning including massive hail - and yes I did go into the garden for a while to enjoy it! It is cool here now but family members reliably inform me it is hot and muggy elsewhere so I feel lucky to be in Lancs today! Hope it reaches all of you soon.

trudles Sun 10-Aug-03 16:34:02

I'm 37 weeks hoping that labour would be sooner rather than later but not if its going to be this hot. been indoors all week with dd aged 4.

jac34 Sun 10-Aug-03 17:46:31

I'm not pregnant, but I've been suffering with food poisoning for well over a week now.
I've only just started eating, and have been trying very hard not to get dehydrated, so this weather hasn't helped !!!
I've had no energy, so I've just been in bed the whole time,getting very hot !!!

princesspeahead Sun 10-Aug-03 20:20:05

37+ weeks, my feet swelled up for the first time today - my toes look exactly like mini cocktail sausages - delightful!
Slept wonderfully last night for the first time in a fortnight because we also had thunderstorms and rain through the night - blissfully cool (well, relatively). I'm very lucky to have a swimming pool so have been floating in that for about 2 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the afternoon which is heaven, so I'm not complaining...

codswallop Sun 10-Aug-03 20:23:02

Its a paddling pool really

janh Sun 10-Aug-03 20:36:09

Must be a big one to float in!

princesspeahead Sun 10-Aug-03 20:37:51

I'm very very small...
apart from my sausage toes!

ninja Sun 10-Aug-03 20:52:54

I'm with you there Motherinferior - and she won't feed in the day cos of the heat (doesn't want to be anywhere near me) and ou know what that means - double reasons for no sleep

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