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So whats the nicest Alcohol free Beer/Wine you have tried?

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Totallyfloaty35 Thu 07-Oct-10 17:23:29

Or most realistic taste wise? Am open to suggestion, Thanks in advance.

Becks . All the wine I tried made me feel really rough. Oh kop whatever al. Free pear cider. Sooo nice , I still drink it and not even pg. Anymore (typing on phone)

AnitaBush Thu 07-Oct-10 17:50:04

What's the point? I'd rather have an orange juice or something.

Lakota Thu 07-Oct-10 17:54:53

Becks Blue, definitely. I still drink it now I'm not pregnant so that I can keep my alcohol units down and not feel deprived after a day with crazed toddler! Alcohol free wine is universally horrible.

SauvignonBlanche Thu 07-Oct-10 17:56:15

Becks Blue, it actually tastes of beer!

pinkgrasshopper Thu 07-Oct-10 17:59:35

Yep. Becks Blue. And the point is some people drink because they actually like the taste!!

mamasunshine Thu 07-Oct-10 18:00:07

Becks blue label smile yummy!

Poshpaws Thu 07-Oct-10 18:02:02

Becks Blue and also Cobra Zero is good.

MrToad Thu 07-Oct-10 18:02:18

Another vote for Becks here, the only non alcoholic beer/ wine that actually tastes like the real thing!

JeelyPiece Thu 07-Oct-10 18:31:54

M&S do an alcohol free blackcurrant beer that tastes lovely and hoppy.

pinkgrasshopper Thu 07-Oct-10 19:09:35

That sounds good Jeely-thanks!

Clueless79 Thu 07-Oct-10 19:14:20

Alcohol free beer still has a tiny amount of alcohol though doesn't it? Is it ok to have?

jinglesticks Thu 07-Oct-10 19:17:15

Nice: Becks Blue, Bitburger Drive, Erdinger alcohol free wheet beer.

Nasty: Cobra Zero (too sweet) kaliber (smells of cats wee - it really does!) any alcohol free wine.

I also don't like the pear cider, but I don't like the boozey one either

Summerbird73 Thu 07-Oct-10 19:20:20

i was just coming on to say Becks Blue too! I also drink it after having DS.

And yes = a little bit of alcohol is fine to have as long as you dont get bladdered exercise common sense

Summerbird73 Thu 07-Oct-10 19:21:07

oops i meant to preview that not post it! there was supposed to be a wink after that!! confused

pinkgrasshopper Thu 07-Oct-10 19:27:42

grin Summerbird

domeafavour Thu 07-Oct-10 19:27:48

San Miguel 0.0%
but only ever found it in Spain sad
there was another one that was unexpectedly palatable, will have to search for it

Clueless79 Thu 07-Oct-10 19:29:32

Haha thanks, DESPERATE for a beer but was trying to hold off till 12 wks, am only on 9 and a half but wondering whether I can get away with alcohol 'free'?

Summerbird73 Thu 07-Oct-10 19:30:48

i obv need some 'proper' becks grin

gallicgirl Thu 07-Oct-10 19:38:27

Sainsbury's do a lovely alcohol free sparkling white wine. Their rose is ok too but don't touch the red.

lowra Thu 07-Oct-10 19:40:03

alcohol free kopperburg (cider) is yum.

Threelittleducks Thu 07-Oct-10 19:44:16

I absolutely loved Schloer Bucks Fizz. They had it in my Tesco all the way through my first pg 2 years ago, and haven't seen it this time around

It was close to the real thing, came in a big corked bottle with a pop cork and was made with blood oranges. Yum yum!

It was a total treat, really refreshing and just felt more special than a lot of others I've tried.

Otherwise....this pg I have been guzzling Becks blue.
Nom nom nom!!!

It's funny, cuz I can guzzle at any time of day without a modicum of guilt

Crumplet Thu 07-Oct-10 20:21:19

Drinking Becks Blue right now. I dream of it and yearn for it all day in a way that I never (well, ok very rarely) did for real booze .. oh god, I've become a Non-Alcoholic..!

howdidthishappenthen Thu 07-Oct-10 20:25:35

Becks is good. All wines shit. I did extensive research when pregnant with DD1. However, a tonic water with ice and lemon can feel a (tiny) bit like a 'proper drink.

eastendmummy Thu 07-Oct-10 20:27:00

Jupiler is lovely too and I bought some quite nice wine from

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