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Baby first aid course in London

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Kiki84 Thu 07-Oct-10 12:25:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Yarnie Thu 07-Oct-10 12:50:17

I attended one provided by our local authority. It was free and quite helpful. Might be worth giving your local authority a call, or googling for one.

IMoveTheStars Thu 07-Oct-10 12:51:46

I did mine with St. Johns.

Have a look at the website and you should be able to find a course on there. No idea how much it cost, but it's wasn't a large amount at all.

FloraFinching Thu 07-Oct-10 12:54:45

try your local sure start children's centre

lucy101 Thu 07-Oct-10 12:54:58

St John's ambulance and the Red Cross do them... but there are free ones and online tutorials here: 5875#post34685875

Kiki84 Thu 07-Oct-10 13:09:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SophieKilm Tue 14-Jul-15 15:18:49

I did one in london by oxford street called little ones. I think they are a nanny agency but do courses as well. It was good and cheap. heres their link

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