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Advice on Private Obstetrician in London please

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Catno Wed 06-Oct-10 11:11:07


Following a rather traumatising first birth experience (my son is soon to be two now), I am looking for a empathetic and kind consultant for my second (9 weeks pg). I have one in mind but she will be on vacation for three weeks around my due date - not ideal!

Any suggestion as to whom to turn to for supportive care would be hugely appreciated.

I don't really care about the consultants "trophies", I'd much rather have someone low key with great bedside manners

Has anyone heard of or been under the care of a lady called Ursula Lloyd?

Many thanks!!

Catno Wed 06-Oct-10 11:28:24

PS. preferably female.

sh77 Wed 06-Oct-10 11:52:21

Mark Johnson (at the Chelsea & Westminster) is absolutely wonderful. I am seeing him on the NHS (and requested him specifically due to his excellent reviews and because he is part of the high risk obstetrics team). I had a v traumatic experience and he was really lovely when I explained what happened. I was in tears and he held my hand, which I thought was lovely, and jumped to get me tissues. Lovely manners but also very senior and experienced in his field

Highly recommended.

Catno Wed 06-Oct-10 12:15:41

Thank you sh77. I briefly met him once and had a great impression and he has been highly recommended to me. So when I found out that I was pg (as soon as one possibly can), I tried to get an appointment but he was already full for May - I was soooo disappointed I tried to negotiate a bit but his assistant is a tough cookie!

Good luck this time around - hope you have a better experience

bunnymother Wed 06-Oct-10 12:23:11

Have you tried Mr Kumar at Queen Charlotte's? I see Mr Wimalasundera, also at QC, but he is a bit more "all business", whereas during my 1 session w Mr Kumar, I found him lovely (girlfriend used him for her baby - raves about his care. He is def v senior). They are used to high risk/stressful situations at the Centre for Fetal Care, so prob v used to reassuring expectant parents.

thehuntress Wed 06-Oct-10 12:23:26

I would recommend Clive Spence-Jones at the Portland. He's fantastic and very approachable. I had a hard first birth and cried in his office several times during my second pregnancy. He is very understanding and reassuring. And my second birth was great.

sh77 Wed 06-Oct-10 12:30:05

Do you have to go private and are you considered as high risk? Not sure which hospital you are at, but I read good things about most of the high risk consultant obstetricians at the C&W (who most likely practice privately at other hospitals).

I considered the private option also, however, the NHS care I am receiving is absolutely amazing, and so private care would not add anything.

Catno Wed 06-Oct-10 13:03:28

Thank you all for your replies! I really appreciate it.

bunnymother - have heard of Dr Kumar but haven't seen him. Will look into him. Thanks.

thehuntress - I have also heard good things about CSJ. The crying in the office sounds very familiar!

sh77 - I am not considered high risk and can go private thanks to insurance.
My first birth experience was mainly a chain of unfortunate events rather than a life threatening situation. Had horrible midwives, an OB who as rather inconsiderate, very bad tearing, bad stitching, infection and baby admitted in pediatric ward when he was 10 days old. Unfortunately, he had severe reflux for nearly a year and all this lead to PND which also lasted for months. I guess I just felt completely on my own throughout this whole experience and just couldn't handle it - to make a long story short ;)

Catno Wed 06-Oct-10 13:08:22

and my right leg was paralysed for probably 24 hrs due to a tricky epidural!

And yet, I'm here, pg with n2. I guess selective memory works just fine!

Catno Wed 06-Oct-10 18:09:30


BeverlyHills Thu 02-Jun-11 08:38:43

Guy Thorpe Beeston is definitely the very best recommended by Alan Farthing the Queens gynaecologist who he shares consulting rooms with at 148 Harley Street (specialist scanning and diagnostics opened by Duchess of Wessex. Deliveries at Portland and Kensington ward. But he gets booked up 8 months in advance!... so you may not get him. Check out Amazon he's written books on fetal medicine and scanning and lectures as well. If you can't get him ask his office for a recommendation. Tariq Mistry is his stand in at the same offices who is probably almost as good.

Beesok Thu 02-Jun-11 10:09:50

I know you asked for a femal dr but I would highly recommend Tariq Miskry - he consults at the Lindo Wing (St Mary's) and at the Portland, also has a consulting room on Harley Street.

I haven't given birth with him (really wanted too but he was booked up for my due date) but he helped me through my MMC last year and did my ERPC and then had follow up check ups with him and my first scan for this pregnancy. He is very professional but also warm and friendly and, which is important to me, keeps you well informed of everything going on. I can't comment on how he delivers babies but based on the way he handled my upsetting experience with the MMC I wouldn't hesitate to have him deliver my babies;)

Beesok Thu 02-Jun-11 10:10:27

female smile

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