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Pregnant at 45!

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tabitha333 Mon 04-Oct-10 16:03:51


Is there anyone else out there in a similar position to me?
I discovered 2 weeks ago that I am pregnant. Not planned, not assisted therefore.Frankly, I had just moved in with my partner into our new home and so much was going on that I wasnt taking precautions.The risk of falling naturally at 45 is supposed to be almost nil!

I had a scan on weds and there was a heart beat. There is obviously a high risk of miscarriage at my age and so I am trying to carry on as normal. Only my partner knows and he is rather shocked!

I have 3 children from a previous marriage and my youngest is 10 so there would be a big age gap. Frankly, I think I would be a bit embarrased to tell people I am pregnant!

I have very mixed feelings.

Anyone else pregnant naturally in their mid forties? i would love to have some support.

Arranoxford Sun 13-Jan-13 21:43:33

Hi Beetle 84.
My sister has 3 micarriages and went on to have 2 lovely kids in a row without any trouble.

Hang in there and best of luck. xx

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