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Winter maternity tights

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Honor78 Sun 03-Oct-10 08:33:55

Please, does anyone know where I can buy woolly maternity tights? I feel the cold terribly and I have only been able to find 60 per cent denier. I am looking for 100 per cent. I'd hoped my baby would keep me a lot warmer, but that doesn't really seem to be the case. Thank you.

Lotta123 Sun 03-Oct-10 08:36:45

I found buying a bigger size of regular tights and snipping say four times around waist works a treat!

PenguinNZ Sun 03-Oct-10 08:53:18

M&S I think. I got mine there when preg with DS1 two years ago and am wearing them again now with DS2. They pretty much come up to my boobs, so very warm!

whizzymummy Sun 03-Oct-10 09:44:27

Have you tried Mothercare, am pretty sure I remember seeing them there.

bamboobutton Sun 03-Oct-10 09:47:01

i found 100 denier maternity tights in topshop.

sparklyrainbow Sun 03-Oct-10 10:31:13

I've got some from Mothercare- the 70% ish cotton ones. I can't wear 100% synthetic tights, brings on thrush at the best of times blush. They come right over the bump and are pretty comfy.

Honor78 Sun 03-Oct-10 11:02:49

Thanks everyone.

Miffster Sun 03-Oct-10 12:33:12

H&M have cotton 100 denier tights, and footless tights/leggings too

girlafraid Sun 03-Oct-10 13:37:31

Maternity leggings are great - I find they stay up better than tights too

Mads76 Sun 03-Oct-10 18:27:13

I've bought several pairs of maternity tights from H&M and they are really comfy as well as looking trendy. Different colours as well.

Giddyup Sun 03-Oct-10 19:44:55

My H&M maternity tights kept falling down and laddered the first time I wore them. I am wearing Primark in a fatty size instead. They are super cheap and cover bump well. I have taken to wearing a nice big pair of pants on top Superman style, tis very comfy and supportive!

sotough Sun 03-Oct-10 19:58:38

Mothercare definitely do 100 denier ones - only in black in think - but i would order them online as the supply seems very patchy and you may well find they have none in your size in store.

LarryAdler Mon 04-Oct-10 06:34:34

I got opaque M&S (not wool though) maternity tights for 1.49 a pair in Home Bargains this week! They only had small and xxl, but worth a look if you have one near you.

PenguinNZ Mon 04-Oct-10 08:09:20

LOL at Giddyup - I did the superman thing to keep my tights up too. blush

But to the OP, Girlafraid is right, maternity leggings are much better than tights, warmer and stay up properly.

yellowflowers Mon 04-Oct-10 09:46:16

i got some from mothercare online - not 100 denier but in the sale - so £2.50 each

Giddyup Mon 04-Oct-10 11:05:10

I have some sequined ones to go on top of my tights... it's show girl meets superhero. I can't wait to show DP when he gets home from over a week working away this afternoon.

I expect he will find it so alluring I will definitely be on for some "get this baby out by any means necessary sex"... grin

Kittykatzen Tue 05-Oct-10 00:21:58

Mothercare have woolly black ones and nice grey ribbed ones too in 100 denier. Bought them myself yesterday!

Bobby99 Tue 05-Oct-10 12:03:40

Have you thought of hold-ups instead? I found them much more comfortable than tights as I couldn't stand things tight across my bump. Cheaper than maternity tights, too.

yellowflowers Wed 06-Oct-10 11:19:30

I take it back re mothercare - they just emailed me to say they can't fulfill my order. am very annoyed.

flywiththeeagles Mon 18-Oct-10 06:37:14

Emma Jane and Boob Design maternity tights are fabulous. The Emma Jane ones are 60 denier but there are some great colours. I bought some purple ones for the winter to keep me warm and toasty! Try as that's where I got mine...

kellestar Mon 18-Oct-10 16:16:34

If you like the thick type, vertbaudet had some over the bumps. Very comfy.

giddyup I assume that's if he can get you out those spangly pants and your tights! DH is too rough with tights, I've lost many a good pair. grin

Shelbee Mon 18-Oct-10 17:12:04

Topshop do some really thick maternity leggings, that go over your bump. If you wear them with thick socks, they are so much warmer than tights. I've been wearing them with dresses for work and they look pretty much the same as tights.

PipPipPip Mon 18-Oct-10 23:38:03

I'm interested in this thread because, not only am I pregnant, but I'm 5'9" so I find it hard to buy tights at the best of times.

Can anyone recommend thick, good quality maternity tights for the TALL lady?

Diamondback Tue 19-Oct-10 09:42:21

Don't get the bleeding H&M woolly tights! They're £12.99 a pair and they don't stay up, even a little bit! Spent a whole day at work looking like Nora Batty and worried that my gusset was about to appear below my skirt!

RoxieP Tue 19-Oct-10 16:01:33

I have just ordered maternity support tights from Jojo Maman Bebe that look quite thick in the online pic (I like them thick and TRULY opaque too) and are cheap at £5. I will let you know what they're like. x

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