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Low lying placenta at 28 weeks what chance of moving now?

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Makinglists Sat 02-Oct-10 10:45:15

I'm 41 and DS2 is due on 15/11. In the last two years I have two other pregnancies which we lost. Anyway I have had a number of scans done this pregnancy (mainly because DS1 was small 5lb 9oz at 42 weeks), Each time they have told me that my placenta is low and partially covering the OS - the last scan was at 28 weeks at this was still the situation. I have a scan next week at 34 weeks what is the chance of the placenta moving? The pregnancy has been fine (apart from severe rib pain - but that's another story) but I'm very lucky in that I've otherwise been very very healthy. I'm really panicking now though not so much that I may end up with a c-section but that I may have th baby quite a bit earlier - we're currently in trying to complete an extension to the house - its a tip - I've half located some of the baby stuff but not all of it and to be honest can't get to half the stuff/or its covered in dust!!!. Please could some give me some advice (or a gentle slap and tell me it will be ok!!!). Popping out for a while but will be back online later so thanks to anyone who responds.

Marchpane Sat 02-Oct-10 10:52:00

I don't think you can move it any more than you can move your arm from where it joins your body. Once it's on it's on!

However, scanning is not totally accurate so while the placenta won't move their idea of where it is might change iyswim.

And it will all be fine. Babies don't need loads of stuff; somewhere to sleep, something to eat, something to wear and nappies. They do very little for the first 3 months!

Best of luck smile

HooNose Sat 02-Oct-10 10:55:11

I had a low lying placenta for one of my pregnancies. I was told they often move in the later stages of the pregnancy and sure enough mine had moved by the time I had a scan at (I think) 34 weeks.

It is still possible for you smile

HooNose Sat 02-Oct-10 10:55:53

The placenta doesn't move per se. It is the walls of the uterus that stretch taking the placenta with it, iirc.

xMrsSx Sat 02-Oct-10 12:54:36

There is a lot of growth/stretching of the uterus between 28 and 34 weeks so it is quite possible that the lower edge was over the os but has now been 'pulled up the side'. I dont have a percentage but know the vast majority do 'move'. If you imagine it like it is stuck to the inside of a balloon and as the balloon inflates it also moves it sort of makes more sense??

Makinglists Sat 02-Oct-10 13:32:50

Thanks all - my bump has grown a lot in the last few weeks so that sounds very reassuring that there is still every chance that the placenta will have changed position - thanks all feeling a bit calmer we'll see what the scan next week brings

Haribolicious Sat 02-Oct-10 14:10:04

What HooNose said. I also had a low lying placenta but a later scan at 34wks showed all was ok - you have bags of time for things to change! Try to relax and let nature 'do it's thang'....good luck!

Bobby99 Sat 02-Oct-10 20:35:35

Plenty of time yet - mine was low at 28 weeks but was okay by my 34 week scan, and I had a normal vaginal delivery. Hope it's the same for you.

slimyak Mon 04-Oct-10 16:04:50

My 20 week scan showed a low lying placenta and I have another scan at 34 weeks to see if it has been moved up with the stretching of my uterus. There's no point in scanning for this before then as they want the biggest growth spurt out of the way before coming up with an alternative plan of action. Most do 'move'.

Good luck with it all.

Makinglists Wed 06-Oct-10 16:33:04

Just a quick update - went for scan this pm and placenta still covering the OS so its going to be a c-section at 38 weeks - not bothered about the c-section at all but a bit freaked out after the doctor gave me a talk about if I get bleeding I must come straight in - she also seemed quite surprised that I haven't already had any!!!!!!!!

House still a mess - the bathroom is a disaster area - we've had to send the shower back 3 times now due to faults, otherwise the bathroom would have been finished weeks ago - luckily we have a bath - but I'm struggling to get in and out!!! The rest of the house is a tip and dusty - we were meant to be having it painted last week but our poor painter has had a car accident and broken his ribs - he says he'll come this w/e but I'm not sure the poor fellow should be. I don't want my house perfect (it never was before - a period piece circa 1978) but I just want it tidy'ish and clean - the baby will be in with us so it won't need much but I just can't face living in a tip and clambering over stuff just to get anywhere. Sorry bit of rant but feel better for it!!

4madboys Wed 06-Oct-10 16:37:43

with regards to your placenta moving, i have a friend whose placenta was FULLY covering her cervix at 36?wks i think, anyway she insisted on further scans and miraculously her placenta did move at 38/39wks and she had a normal birth so it can still move later on, i dont think they routinely scan you to check again, but you can request that they do

good luck either way xxx

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