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Pregnancy tests

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brunotheboxer Tue 28-Sep-10 11:53:02

hi just wondering if anybody can help me pls, i have 2 children (6&3) and ive had 8 miscarriages, latest in jan this year.
i took 2 tests yesterday and they came back postive so went to the docs this morning and she did 2 tests and they both were negative, so i went and bought i clear blue and it said "not pregnant".

i dont understand as the first 2 were postive!!!

pls help

excitedmummy2be Tue 28-Sep-10 12:05:14

Maybe a chemical pregnancy? I'm not an expert but I believe an egg can be fertilised and then you a positive... But it never embeds. Hence the next neg test. Prob best to look it up as I'm not sure that's exactly how it works. I think sometimes these tests that show a result so early are a really bad thing. I'm sorry to hear this and for all your previous MCs.

brunotheboxer Tue 28-Sep-10 12:10:50

Thanks- is that an early miscarriage??

emmyloo2 Tue 28-Sep-10 12:30:11

Bruno - I had the same thing. I used First Response and got a positive. Got all excited. Then tried again the next day with First Response and got a negative. Had blood tests and came back negative. Few days later tried the Clear blue and got a positive. Then back off to the doctors and did a urine test there which came back negative. Then did another Clearblue and it came back positive. Am now 34 weeks.

Basically - I was testing too early and so the tests were all over the shop. Could you wait a few days and test again? I found First Response were the most sensitive. It even showed a positive when the blood tests came back negative.

brunotheboxer Tue 28-Sep-10 12:36:48

Thanks emmyloo, im going to wait a couple of days and test again cause i feel pregnant, ie sore boobs, feeling sick and tired all the time.

i first tested with tescos own brand and both them came postive but then docs and clear blue were negative.

i just dont know what to think and im worried about miscarring again

japhrimel Tue 28-Sep-10 15:16:23

CB Digitals pick up HCG at higher levels than First Response, etc so are less sensitive. Doctors tests are not always that sensitive either, especially if you use a sensitive test with FMU and then test at the doctors with later urine.

I'd do a First Response test tomorrow or the day after with FMU.

A "chemical pregnancy" is when you have a miscarriage at less than 5 weeks, when a pregnancy can only be detected by chemical means (e.g. can't it on a scan).

2boysandbean Tue 28-Sep-10 15:21:08

I found the Tesco ones had an evaporation line on them so I waited a couple of days and git positive with first response now 26weeks pregnant

brunotheboxer Tue 28-Sep-10 16:03:14

Thanks for the replys.

2boysandbean - sorry but im really thick, what do you mean evaporation line? when i did both the tests they both came up with a dark purple line and a lighter purple line

excitedmummy2be Tue 28-Sep-10 17:01:16

brunotheboxer my reply seems so negative now I've read the others. I'm sorry. I think I misread your original post and assumed you knew you were no longer PG. As such didn't occur to me that it may be testing too early or the sensitivity of differant tests. I hope it's not what I suggested and it's just a case of early testing. Good luck... Let us know how you get on.

brunotheboxer Tue 28-Sep-10 17:53:25

excitedmummy2be - its ok, i hope its just too early, im going to wait abit longer and test again, thanks anyway and wil let you know.

sheena76 Fri 04-Apr-14 07:27:14

Hi I have done four tests and I have faint lines on them all ,could I be pregnant ?I am testing early xxx

Armadale Fri 04-Apr-14 07:40:04

Hi Sheena, yes that looks positive to me- you can get a false negative if you test early, but not a false positive because the test needs the pregnancy hormones to be present to show a positive- all mine have been faint for a few days.

PS because this is an old thread no-one had written on for a while, it comes up as a zombie thread. You can always start your own threads to ask questions, no-one will mind and then the zombie alert won't be there on the bottom!

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