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Changing Hospitals - Advice about how to get the right care.

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Julezboo Wed 22-Sep-10 11:57:08

Hi all,

I am currently under Bridgend Princess of Wales hospital. Not happy with my care there so have asked my GP to refer me to Royal Glamorgan. Which she has done.

I am high risk for a number of reasons.

- DS1 was born at 31 weeks due to IUGR and Pre-Eclampsia, The day he was born I slipped into a coma and had cerebal odaema which caused stroke symtpoms.

- 7 early miscarraiges

- DS2, waters leaked from 30 weeks. Was born by elective at 38 weeks.

- Stomach Scarring, as well as two sections, I also have the vertical scar from belly buttom to pubic bone from an ovarian cyst removal during pregnant with DS1

- Septate Uterus. (could could prem labour)

- I also have Factor V Leiden, for which I am on 75mg Aspirin, and 20 mg Clexane daily.

From seeing other people experience with FVL, I should be seeing a heamatologist regularly for blood tests. FVL could also cause tiny clots in placenta causing IUGR so should be having growth scans later on.

I have met with my consultant once in currnt hospital and she doesnt want to see me again until 36 weeks, which concerns me! Given that DS1 was born weeks before this.

GP has sent the referral and I am due to have my 20 weeks scan in current hospital.

I was thinking of contancting the supervisor of midwives to arrange a meeting before being booked in to see consultant.

I am petrified if Im honest that I dont seem to have no where to go at the moment should anything happen.

For eg, On sunday we had a minor panic and thought I was leaking waters. I rung my community MW who told me to call maternity ward, they told me to call out of hours docs, who was annoyed when I turned up there and said its a waste of resources and maternity ward should have seen me. He sent me round to A&E where I sat and waited for 2 hours for the gynae doc to come down and send me to maternity ward! It was just like a ridiculous big circle. They didnt even swab me to see if it was fluid, so I am still none the wiser and will spend a week worrying now until my proper anomily scan a week today.

I dont even know what I should expect tbh. I am getting more scared as the days go by!

sh77 Wed 22-Sep-10 12:02:11

Gosh I am shocked that the consultant doesn't think he/she needs to see you until 36 weeks. I am a high risk pregnancy and am being seen by consultants every month. With previous IUGR, you should be having regular growth scans.

Ask to speak to the Supervisor of Midwives at the other hospital and explain the situation. At booking, they assign mums to consultants.

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