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Cat lying on my pregnant tummy- bad idea?

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brockleyD Wed 22-Sep-10 08:25:11

Strange question but my cat is ver affectionate and gets in bed with us every morning to be stroked! She is so sweet! But anyway occasionly she likes to walk over my tummy or sit on it, is this a bad idea? I am 18 weeks.

LadyintheRadiator Wed 22-Sep-10 08:26:30

It's fine, really enjoy it, I didn't see my (previously cuddly) cats for months once DS was born!

smellywashingmachine Wed 22-Sep-10 08:27:57

Your MW pokes around your tummy a lot more than a cat can. It's fine! smile

lilmamma Wed 22-Sep-10 09:03:55

our cat used to use to lie on my bump,and when the baby kicked, thecat went up and down it was so funny,and he never moved just carried on lying there.

I also use to lie my sil baby across my bump,he was newborn and i was 5 months pregnant,and he was heavier than the cat lol.

Cyclebump Wed 22-Sep-10 11:09:43

Thank goodness someone else posted this! My two cats are all over me at the moment and I too was worried as Sox loves to lie on my stomach.

BongoWinslow Wed 22-Sep-10 11:22:49

Enjoy it. They seem to love pregnant bellies. We have two cats, one is usually mine, the other loves DH best... until I got pregnant. Now I'm the house favourite!

OkieCokie Wed 22-Sep-10 13:49:42

Enjoy it! It is when they start peeing around the house as they can sense something is going on you need to get pissed off... very intuitive are cats..

sedgiebaby Wed 22-Sep-10 14:43:06

I wouldn't worry about the warmth or pressure, I'm a cat lover and our cat is adored, but have you read in your NHS book (green and purple one) about toxoplasmosis and handling cats, also changing litter and using boiling water for 5 mins in the tray every day to clean? Its one to be aware of really, unless you know you are immune, if infected its potentially very serious if pregnant. Routinely in France women are tested when falling pregnant for antibodies. Personally no cats in the bed for me...

missmoopy Wed 22-Sep-10 15:02:20

Your baby is very well protected in there. It's fine.

luckykitty Wed 22-Sep-10 15:19:18

My big cat likes to get onto my bump and balance on it, which is quite out of character as he is quite anti-social, the first time he did it he started stamping on it which was bizarre but lovely!
Small cat has no idea anything is going on bless him.

HeadingHome Wed 22-Sep-10 16:10:14

My cats have been all floozy since T've become pregnant.

My DH gets very worried when the little one walks across my tummy or lays on me. I will show him this thread.

Thank you OP! Great post.

I will stress less smile

Samraves Wed 22-Sep-10 19:28:29

Lol, my cat likes to curl up next to my belly and start purring which is quite sweet and comforting. He is a big beast so I am glad he is next to my belly and not on it as he is sooo heavy

I am not sure whether the baby likes it, but at least she will be used to the purring vibrations when she comes out... although poor cat has been shut down at night in preparation for her arrival as we don;t want him to associate her with not being allowed on our bed at night!

Lisaloo87 Wed 19-Oct-16 13:05:36

18 weeks first baby my cat sits on tummy now she didn't before sit on me

Thefitfatty Wed 19-Oct-16 13:08:28

My cat starting to sleep on my tummy was how I knew I was pregnant both times. She normally couldn't stand to sleep near me and all of a sudden she wanted to be right on my tummy. I got a positive test a few days later in both cases.

She also acted crazy right before I started getting contractions every time.

MrsJackAubrey Wed 19-Oct-16 13:21:05

I wonder if pregnant bellies are particularly warm?

(not trying to detract from your cats all loving your bump just because it's a new life etc, but they are self-seeking little buggers and there will be something in it for them, I'm sure)

Thefitfatty Wed 19-Oct-16 13:23:10

they are self-seeking little buggers and there will be something in it for them, I'm sure

My kitty was a very jealous animal. I have no doubt she was trying to smother my DC's in the womb....

KitKat1985 Wed 19-Oct-16 13:27:28

I really wouldn't worry. My 2 year old DD seems to spends her life jumping on my heavily pregnant stomach and baby is fine, and a cat weighs a lot less than that. Lol!

I am sure cats sense pregnancy. When I was pregnant with ds1, our cats used to follow me to the bathroom every time I went to the loo. They had clearly decided I was Not To Be Trusted on the loo on my own - they'd follow me upstairs and sit opposite me on the edge of the bath, until I finished.

On the odd occasion where I managed to get upstairs on my own, unobserved, they'd rush upstairs in a panic, as soon as they realised - doubtless arguing about whose fault it was that I had been able to get away unnoticed, and who had taken their eye off the ball so badly that I was able to pee on my own! grin

OP - the baby is, as others have said, very well protected in there, and the cat won't do the baby any harm.

I used to rest my coffee mug on my bump, as it grew - it was very useful - and none of the boys were born with a red ring on their bums!

Nottalotta Wed 19-Oct-16 15:18:10

My big cat keeps trying to lay on my tummy but he's a lump, I'm 25 weeks and it's not comfy. Little cat tucks in behind my legs in bed.
I'm more concerned about my giant over active 15 months old son!

SaltedCaramelEverything Fri 21-Oct-16 06:16:13

Love these cat stories grin

As we speak my cat is in his usual spot - at the other end of the sofa with his back to me. Wandering if he'll soon sense my pregnancy and have a personality change!

sashh Fri 21-Oct-16 06:43:58

I wonder if pregnant bellies are particularly warm?


I was once in the space centre in Leicester. They have a sort of heat camera, it looks like a mirror and you stand in front of it and the hottest areas are red - there was a pregnant woman and her belly showed 'hot'.

hopeful31yrs Fri 21-Oct-16 07:41:36

Both my cats in the last few weeks have been really clingy (36 weeks). To the point that they are trying to climb on my bump. One is 14 and usually hides herself away but has been following me around wherever I go

BettyPowell93 Fri 21-Oct-16 08:02:46

My cat Barry-Boy has been able to sense my first pregnancy before I even knew. He had always been really clingy with me (to the point of standing in the bottom of the shower as I washed my hair!) Since I got pregnant he got worse he used to jump in my car to go to tescos with me like I was not trusted to go alone grin
Sadly following a relationship breakdown Barry-cat now lives with my dad until I can get a new house sorted

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