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Anyone else had/got veins in ladybits so painful that you can't walk properly or stand for long???

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bubbakin Fri 17-Sep-10 16:19:18

Just checking I'm not the only with bits that look like they belong on the elephant man! I'm 34wk & the varicose veins are getting so bad in my bits that I can't stand for more than 20mins without being in excrutiating pain. When I stand up the pressure across the front of my bits is immense that I almost fall over & can't stand up straight. My legs are like a raised road atlas & I get pains that shoot down the veins. My midwife has been useless & hasn't even looked at them & when I explained to her this week how painful they were she asked me if I was worried my husband was going to leave me because they looked a mess!!!!!! shock angry
I've now phoned my consultant who I'm due to see in 2 1/2wk to ask for his advice & he's contacting a vascular specialist before our next meeting. My consultant is quite good & last time I saw him he examined me & said that they were too far gone for support tights.
Just wondered if anyone else has experienced this, it's really taking it's toll now & I'm worried I won't be able to stand at all by the end of pg!!
Sorry for the moan

Rocklover Fri 17-Sep-10 16:27:40

I had varicose veins on my vulva in my previous pregnancy and one very bad one which protruded and bled every time I moved. My midwife was rubbish, in fact she didn't even know what they were!

However, I got myself off to the drs after 2/3 weeks of pain and worrying and they too one look and prescribed me piles cream which cured the really bad one. Nearly 6 years later I still have lovely little purple dots all over my bits, so it is a possibility that I will get them back with this pregnancy (oh joy).

I would definitely get yourself a dr's appt and get someone to have a proper look and see what they can advise. It's really horrible (not to mention embarrassing) having to hobble around because of what is usually a fairly simple problem and i'm sure your dr will be able to help.

Good luck.

bubbakin Fri 17-Sep-10 16:39:34

Thank you Rocklover. I often find myself walking around holding my bits up which is fine when you're at home, bit embarrassing when you realise in Tesco you're doing the same!!!
I'm just so shocked by my midwife's approach, particulary as I've seen the same midwife from day 1 & I've had the veins from about 14wks & told her about them then. She said I had a hernia (without even examining the area). But the pain just got worse & I spoke to another midwife who adviced me to go to GP who straight away said it was bad varicose veins. In fairness a few weeks ago when at the midwife, I yet again complained of pain, when she was checking baby's heart beat she lifted up my 1 trouser leg, saw the state of my shin (big raised vein & totally covered in thread veins) she said oh that's nasty, count yourself lucky you've got a pretty face!!!!
Hoping consultant comes up with something or if not will consider inducing early as with a toddler I'm finding it hard going!
To top it off the baby has been breech & for the veins I've read it's best to get your feet up whenever you can, which is the worse position to be in to get a breech baby to turn!!

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