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Do you just feel rough once baby has engaged?

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dappymoo Thu 09-Sep-10 10:41:59

Ever since baby dropped into pelvis a few days ago (I'm just under 37wks) I have felt a bit crap.
Much more uncomfortable and feel like I'm having a period (I'd forgotten how horrid my periods are!) which for me is sort of swollen and everything in that area starts to hurt e.g. going to the loo (sorry TMI) and whenever I even halfway need the loo it hurts my belly... just generally have belly ache all the time...
Also feel sick a lot and have a bit of reflux etc, and more dizziness, and random pains in back and what I guess is cervix area. No Braxtons or anything though.

I am guessing that this is all just normal as the baby moves down and pushes on other bits right? Feel like a total wuss but if this is normal that's fine, I'll just hang out on the sofa and feel sorry for myself! Although another month of this is a scary thought!!
Any thoughts welcome.

benandoli Thu 09-Sep-10 10:56:09

TOTALLY NORMAL. Don't handg around on the sofa though you need to walk as much as possible otherwise you could be in for a long labour. Gravity is the best aid to positioning the baby right and eventually helping it out. I know its the last thing you feel like doing but honestly its worth it!

sedgiebaby Thu 09-Sep-10 10:59:06

My baby is 3/5ths and definately 'burrowing' down further by the feel of things... have to say I read the title and thought nah I feel fine, but actually much of what you say sounds familiar.

I'm trying not to let anything spoil the experience though because I may not have another baby (started kinda late) and want to enjoy it as much as possible.

BTW I'm 39+ wks

Saying that more recently...I'm soooooo tired, I am going to the loo loads, belly does sometimes feel extraordinary heavy, I do waddle, have had some period type cramps and Gaviscon is my friend (yeah I'm loving it!)

dappymoo Thu 09-Sep-10 11:02:27

Thanks benandoli, that's reassuring that it's normal!
OK yes must get out, suppose it doesn't help that I'm stuck inside waiting for two deliveries today, but I've got all the windows and doors open and trying to keep myself busy!

dappymoo Thu 09-Sep-10 11:06:18

sedgiebaby yeah I feel bad whinging, it's just a bit of a shock to the system as up until now I have been sooooo well and healthy and active, and suddenly just feel rubbish! Must stop moaning though. I'm 3/5 too, although she seems to keep popping out (?!) at night and floating back up to my ribs then dropping all the way back down again?? Maybe that's why it feels so weird!! I might just prop myself up tonight and see if that keeps her down, so to speak!! Oh it's all very peculiar!

tablefor3 Thu 09-Sep-10 11:09:25

Yep - welcome to the last month!

Good news is that hte baby is in a good position and getting ready to emerge. Bad news, well, you already know, pain, multiple loo trips etc.

Try and keep your hips above your needs (which means not slumped on the sofa sadly) in order to keep the baby in the best position.

When DD descended, even further a few days before she was born, that felt like having electric shocks when I walked! shock Although that was only for a very few days and perversely it was comforting knowing things were on the verge of kicking off.

Good luck!

sedgiebaby Thu 09-Sep-10 11:26:56

dappymoo being honest, I felt very under parr from 37 weeks and all of a sudden, I was tired allthetime and just wanted to lie down. I had been feeling really good to and was going to work until 40 wks but just had to stop and fast, (I finished last week at 38 wks exactly) and not a moment too soon.

I'm sleeping on my left side or sleeping propped right up and she is staying put, I'm sitting on my birth ball now actually lol! Your baby could come any time so having baby in a good position is important methinks (first baby and I'm actually quite clueless but 2 wks ahead of you so giving my advice lol!)

dappymoo Thu 09-Sep-10 11:30:02

Yeah I must admit this is the first time giving birth has seemed attractive to me! Rolling on my ball with my hips above my knees is ok then?! Man isn't it wonderful when you find a position which feels AWESOME!! Even though it may only last 5 minutes it's heaven!

Oh another thing, I feel hungry all the time but when I eat I feel sick! It's almost like a period crossed with a hangover!
God is just laughing at us really, surely!!

dappymoo Thu 09-Sep-10 11:34:40

Thank you guys, seriously grateful for the sympathy/ empathy/advice!

oh hang on I forgot two more symptoms which have appeared overnight!
1)extreme irritability
2) I want to cry!!
I really should count myself lucky that I may only have weeks of those instead of months though!

Dreemagurl Thu 09-Sep-10 12:24:56

I'm 34+4 so a bit earlier than you guys, but definitely feeling the roughness. To be fair, my LO is, although not yet engaged (according to midwife who IMO is not all that), very low down and we're convinced I'm a) further along than they say and b) going to have an early labour. ALl the symptoms above, especially with the crying dappymoo - my poor DP has a lot of irrational crying to deal with and is convinced it's all his fault (it really isn't, apart from maybe getting me into this position in the first place grin) - and the irritability. Sometimes just the way he wants to cuddle me all the time is irrationally annoying - poor man, he just wants to look after me. My LO is also CONSTANTLY on the move - if it's not hiccups, it's kicks or squirms or wriggles or just anything to let me know she's there - as if I could forget. And soooooo tired. Last day at work tomorrow thank goodness - I never would have made it to 37 weeks! Thanks MN for letting me have a good ole complain PS - Is there ANY position that's comfortable while sleeping? Haven't found it yet.....

Bonners Sat 11-Sep-10 12:16:27

OMG Yes! I have been feeling quite down about feeling so crap. I got a cold at the start of mat leave (same time I dropped), I have started feeling nauseous again, When bubba moves it feels like my heartbeat goes all irregular and I get dizzy (checked BP, it is fine), electric shocks in my fanny and lots of pressure in lower abdomen, my right ear is plugged and my nose is stuffed, I'm emotional and restless but lethargic at the same time....
Please lord, say this is the beginning of the end!
My thoughts go out to all of us who are in the same boat. ALMOST THERE!!!!

KernowMother Sat 11-Sep-10 12:27:47


Yes, 34+6 with DC3 and she is low down, was 1/5 engaged at 32 weeks and I feel crap.

A mixture of frantically wanting to do stuff, and wanting to just lie down. Can't decide, but cleaning house is helping.

Luckily DS1&2 have gone to Grandparents for night so have some peace and quiet and space to be very irrational and grumpy.

Feels like back-ache, period pains and as if the baby could fall out any minute.

Unfortunately, not due to go on mat leave until en dof Sep so confused as to whether I want to have the baby early or want to her to be bang on time (so I can hand over the business properly).

Gah! And I had been feeling soooooo good as well.

dappymoo Sat 11-Sep-10 16:52:51

Oh god I am glad (not in a sick way) that other people are like this! I'm sorry you are too though because it sucks!

My latest is once I've eaten, I'm well uncomfortable until, ahem, it comes out!! seriously, really horrible colicky type feeling, really painful wind and then suddenly feel like I'm going to poo myself!! NICE! It is so risky going out like this!!
I wonder if this is natures way of making me aware and sympathetic of newborn tummy probs!!


Trying to eat little and often.

I am quite worried about what could happen in labour, gross...

MadameG Sat 11-Sep-10 18:28:22

I'm 38 weeks and feeling the same as all you guys- heart feels like it's pounding sometimes, feeling yuck in my body, hot flushes sometimes, pressure on my nether regions is awful (and when I get up to go to the loo in the night, weeing hurts and takes a while- dr says its cos ds settles on my urethra!), occassional nausea, bump has dropped heavily so I'm waddling about like a giant hippo, feeling lost and emotional and cried like a baby at Mad Men the other night, backache, stuffy nose, hideously uncomfortable.... GOOD GOD WHEN WILL IT END?!!!

I feel like all I do is moan at the moment, which in turn makes me feel guilty because I am so lucky to be almost a mum, but at the same time I feel like complete cack.

I've almost kind of got used to feeling rubbish and have forgotten what a normal body once felt like.

Oh, and lastly, I get awful pains in my hands, legs, and pelvis. Meh.

I am hoping for all of us that we don't go overdue and will all pop very very shortly!!!

Hermya321 Sat 11-Sep-10 18:36:48

Gosh, I feel the exact same way. It's horrid isn't it.

I feel like I've got my period and literally everything hurts. It doesn't help that LO likes to use my bladder as some sort of cushion for his huge head.

NonnoMum Sat 11-Sep-10 18:44:24

Sounds v normal. Is everyone bouncing about on a birthing ball? Might be more comfortable than sitting on the sofa for those last few calm nights --eating choccies-- playing the waiting game...

saoirse86 Sat 11-Sep-10 20:15:15

I'm 38+1 and found out baby was 2/5 at my last MW appt at 36+6. I couldn't really feel much difference at that stage but all of those symptoms have come since (making me wonder if she's dropped further). I'm having a lot of pain down there and really feel like my cervix is dilating a tiny bit (don't know if it's even possible to feel that but that's what I think it is). I keep having these weird funny turns where I feel hot, sweaty and faint. Keep getting diarrhoea and sickness too. Then lots of strange lower back and lower tummy pains.
I think the fact I was at work until this week (37+5) has helped her engage as I'm constantly upright and doing plenty of walking about. I've just got to keep up the activity now to keep her down there and hopefully I'll be meeting her very soon. Can't wait!

MorrisZapp Sat 11-Sep-10 20:27:00

Yes yes yes

All of the above. In addition, my ankles and feet have swelled up sp much I can hardly walk.

I just feel utterly and thoroughly crap in every possible department.

Makes it worse that it's pregnancy of course as they don't let you have any medication so any pain or discomfort you have is just tough tits.

I wonder it it's nature's way of making you feel so totally shit that you stop fearing labour and instead see it as a release.

I've begun fantasising about my bloods showing up something untoward and being offered an ELCS. I know that's awful but I am really hating every day of this now!

cardamomginger Sat 11-Sep-10 22:30:21

Yes sad!

MadameG Sun 12-Sep-10 09:22:59

Saoirse- I'm glad someone else has reported the hot, sweaty/ faint turns because I keep having them too and they're really grim. Feels kind of like I have flu!

Zoe475 Wed 27-Apr-16 21:40:56

I'm 34 weeks im 3 5ths engaged feel realy sick since heads been in not eating much.indigestion realy bad and pressure down below.My tummy's's realy active at times wriggling and pushing down when she does it hurts.due 7 June don't think I gunna make it.xx

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