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An extra special birthday present??

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Icanonlytry Wed 08-Sep-10 10:04:09

Dp and I have been trying for our 2nd baby for a few months.

According to my dates I am due to test tomorrow, but I just had a feeling this morning and tested with a first response. there was a very faint line (which I would think was to be expected for the day before I am supposed to test but could possibly be an evaporation line?). Normally I would wait a few days and test again but it is dp's birthday tomorrow and I think it would be really nice to be able to tell him as an extra little present. I haven't told him I have tested or even that I was going to because I think it would be a nice birthday surprise, although this feels strange because I have always told him in the past.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone knew if fist response tests are more sensitive than other tests this early? If I tested using a clearblue digital test tomorrow morning is it likely that I would get a positive this early? The sensible side of me is telling me to wait but I have never been very good at waiting grin

Thank you.

lucybrad Wed 08-Sep-10 10:13:22

i think the FR is more senstitive than the CB digi. Test again FMU and if there is a line withing te time limit then your pg! Congrats

PosieParker Wed 08-Sep-10 10:16:16

I've always only tested positive, ev en with a faint line, when actually pg!

Icanonlytry Wed 08-Sep-10 10:36:03

I am so excited, I really hope it is positive, The second line came up very quickly, do you only get evaporation lines if you leave the test too long? never seen one before only read about them on here. Might go and buy a CB and hope it works.
Thanks for your replies smile

cluelessnchaos Wed 08-Sep-10 10:38:34

I think evaporation lines only come up later, if it was within the time limit you are pregnant, I did at least 5 tests and ultimately did a cb digi test before I would believe it. Congratulations.

Icanonlytry Wed 08-Sep-10 12:25:04

Ok, I have been and bought 2 CB digital tests, sitting on my hands to stop me doing one now.

Thanks for the congratulations, I hope this is real, been feeling tired and sick for a few days and just blubbed my way through the first part of corrie where Molly goes into labour. So the signs are there. smile

looblee Wed 08-Sep-10 14:39:53

I did a clear blue digi tests a day early and got a positive, the other tests with lines were useless i felt like I was in limbo waiting to find out if I had imagined the line. Let us know what happens...exciting...

Icanonlytry Wed 08-Sep-10 17:44:55

Looblee, thats how I felt this morning, didn't know if I was just imagining the line. with DD there was a definite bright pink line but she was a surprise and I was already 7 weeks.

I am desperate to do the test now but want to be able to show it to dp tomorrow. how long did the result last for on the cb digital?

Felt really queasy all day, hope it isn't my mind just playing tricks.

cluelessnchaos Wed 08-Sep-10 20:26:14

Result lasted for a few days at least,

Jenko77 Thu 09-Sep-10 08:47:00

Icanonlytry I was watching this thread yesterday..... have you done the test yet??

Icanonlytry Thu 09-Sep-10 12:13:41


Yes I did a CB digital this morning and I am pregnant grin 1-2 weeks so very early days but fingers crossed.

Thanks for asking x

Jenko77 Thu 09-Sep-10 12:20:25

Horray!! I'm so pleased for you - Congratulations!!

and I hope your DP is thrilled with his extra special birthday present!! grin

Icanonlytry Thu 09-Sep-10 12:28:51

Oh thanks, feel like a Cheshire cat, I cant stop smiling,
Haven't told him yet, he had to leave early for work this morning so didn't manage to get time with him before DD woke up and we gave him his other presents. Didn't want to tell him when she was there because it is very early days yet.
Feels so strange knowing and keeping it to myself, will have to try and get DD in bed early tonight or I think I might burst.
I've felt really nauseous all day, trying to eat little bits at a time. Dont remember feeling like this at all with DD. Glad I have got a few days off work.

cluelessnchaos Thu 09-Sep-10 14:04:06

Yay congratulations

Icanonlytry Sun 16-Jan-11 18:05:53

Aww just found this thread, seems like so long ago. Dp did indeed get a very special birthday present, I am now 23 weeks pregnant and have finally got rid of my constant, all day sickness.. The hormones haven't got any better though and i am still crying at everything, much to Dp's amusement, think DD is finally getting used to me crying all the time and no longer feels the need to shout for her daddy everytime i cry because she thinks something is really wrong.

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