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Anyone attended NCT classes alone?

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Mcyorkshire Tue 07-Sep-10 19:09:30

Have first NCT class next week however dh is unfortunately out of the country on business so it looks as though I may have to attend the class on my own. We have a further 5 classes that he will attend but I'm a bit unsure on the format of the classes. Will I feel out of place on my own? The classes are unfortunately on a weekday morning so I can't really ask a friend or my mother to attend. Any advice?

ILoveDonaldDraper Tue 07-Sep-10 19:11:38

I think you should go. At our class there is often only one half of a couple there - sometimes the man and sometimes the woman, if one of them has something on etc. Its a shame he can't come to the first class, but if I was you I would still go. Its very sweet at our class when the female half of the partnership can't go - The DH tends to go anyway and take very detailed notes for his wife!

crumpetsolo Tue 07-Sep-10 19:54:44

I'm going to go on my own (although for a refresher course) as DH is looking after DS and I don't want to waste a babysitter on antenatal classes. On my first baby, people often turned up on their own, the only time it would have been difficult would be when they do practice positions where your partner supports you, but you'll find other couples will help you out. You should go! Especially to the first one. Have fun.

Fredfred Tue 07-Sep-10 19:59:58

I went on my own. I did a weekend course because my work were funny about me taking time off (I know they weren't legally allowed to be but still). Unfortunately my husband works weekends so couldn't go to any of the sessions, but everyone was really friendly and nice and it was fine!!

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