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Did anyone Concive using Clearblue Fertility Monitor?

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EllieBear Sat 04-Sep-10 13:18:01

Hi all,

I have just purchased a Clearble fertility Montior and was just wondering if anyone who is now Pregnant had any luck with theirs?

I had the Coil taken out nearly 5 weeks ago and during the 3 years my coil was in i didnt have a period so i have no idea How long/Short my cycles are so its hard to Pinpoint Ovulation.

I Bought the Montior to help me have a idea what my cycles are like and when is best to Babydance.

I had 2 days of Af so have started a new cycle soo here it goes.....

Before AF came DH and i Babydanced nearly everyday as i didnt know when i'd ovulate and to be honest we both found it very tiring doing it all the time so at least now with the Monitor we can Babydance on High and Peak days..

I'd be very greatful for any replies.
Thanks all and Good luck with your Pregnancys

I hope i get my BFP Soon!

Ellie xx

tartyhighheels Sat 04-Sep-10 13:23:49

Yes worked for me very quickly twice now and I am an old bird with a dodgy cycle.....

Nursing baby clearblue two (dc4) as I type.. knowing the right days to give it a go really help, the very best of luck to you.

excitedmummy2be Sat 04-Sep-10 13:40:45

I'd be really cautious about their use. All the doctors and MWs I've seen don't support their use either. Me and DH bought one after a couple of months of TTC. We found the pressure of having to do it that day immense. I became utterly ruled by the machine and demanding of sex. If DH was late home from work or wanted to stay behind for a drink with colleagues I would become upset. When it did come to sex, DH found it very hard to "perform" often resulting in failed attempts that left me and him upset. He had never ever had performance issues before or since. We ended up PG by having regular sex a few months after I bobbed the fertility monitor! I'm sure lots of people will like them but for us, it was disastrous!

excitedmummy2be Sat 04-Sep-10 13:43:12

That should have read " binned" the monitor!!

clareanna Sat 04-Sep-10 14:00:36

Hi I concieved after using it after my cycles have got back to normal after an MMC. It took 2 cycles to concieve. If you have a long cycle you may get 14 or so days of high readings before you get a peak - which can be a bit tiring! so bear in mind it has to get to know your body for a couple of cycles first. Also, if you were on the hormonal coil it can take a while to start ovulating again I think.

pinkgrasshopper Sat 04-Sep-10 19:46:45

Hi. I bought one after an ectopic pregnancy sent my previously very regular cycles into disarray. I got pregnant first cycle so swear by them. I would agree with excitedmummy though. Even that one month meant romance was straight out of the window and my DH did say he felt pressurised in the mornings when I went to test. I can imagine that had we not Bern fortunate enough to conceive in the first cycle it may have caused further problems even though we were both very committed to getting pregnant!

Relax, enjoy(!) and GOOD LUCK!

pinkgrasshopper Sat 04-Sep-10 19:47:49

Bern = been. Bloomin iPhone!!

Shaz10 Sat 04-Sep-10 19:48:12

(really wants to say "no I conceived after having sex" but know you're all trying really hard so won't)

Good luck and hope it sticks

taytotayto Sat 04-Sep-10 20:28:11

we used it twice and on the first time dd was the result and im now 6 weeks pregnant with our second. would never have gotton pregnant without it cos my cycles are so irregular. but you do get a bit obsessed with it all.

Hevster Sat 04-Sep-10 20:46:06

worked both times for us!

CupcakesHay Sat 04-Sep-10 20:48:13

Had 2 good friends who used it for their two kids a piece.... i tried but had dodgy travelling problems, that made it all a bit haywire - and then it happened natuarally just as i was about to start again. but i have every confidence in it!

bessie26 Sat 04-Sep-10 20:56:38

I've got pg twice using mine, but I also chart, which I think helped more.

I would suggest you don't rely on it entirely & wait for the peak. Just see the "high" indicator to tell you that you should be SWI every couple of days - and it probably wouldn't hurt to carry on for a couple of days after your peak (just in case!)

Oh, and don't tell your DH what's going on - as others have said, they often can't take the pressure and I'm sure you are more than capable of using your feminine charms to get what you want! wink

Good luck!

cardamomginger Sat 04-Sep-10 21:17:56

We used it and got pregnant. The monitor indicated that I was ovulating a couple of days later than I thought I would be, based on the length of my cycle, so it was useful for us. We ended up having some fertility investigations (although managed to conceive naturally) and the ovulation dates indicated my the monitor were backed up by the hospital test results.

nomoretablets Sat 04-Sep-10 21:22:41

It was the very long syringe of donor sperm that worked for me... wink

Jaffacake76 Wed 08-Sep-10 11:01:41

The first month of using my cbfm I fell pregnant. It could take the romance out of it having to do it on peak/high days but I just didn't tell my husband so he didn't feel he had to perform!

In my opinion, I would 100% recommend using one.

loftyjen Wed 08-Sep-10 11:35:39

I conceived on the first cycle I used mine - am sure it helped that my ovulation fell over the christmas holiday too though!!

Am now 38wks pregnant with DC1!!

lilly13 Wed 08-Sep-10 15:42:05

did not work for me at all... the monitor did not detect any ovulation, although my ultrasound scans clearly showed that i was ovulating... i tried many different brands, and none worked for me... i conceived naturally

NoseyNooNoo Wed 08-Sep-10 15:51:51

I conceived twice using the monitor. I have an irregular cycle so was very helpful. The first pregnancy was after 7 months of trying without the monitor and then 4 months with monitor. The second child was 2 months after trying with the monitor.
I felt it helped me mentally to know what was going on and when my AF was due.

loftyjen Wed 08-Sep-10 16:03:57

Just to add, I'd tried the clearblue ovulation sticks before buying the monitor. Found that the sticks didn't pick up my ovulating (?because I was bit later than my cycle suggests) and this ended up causing me more worry.

With the monitor I found that because I was testing over an extended period and the monitor is more sensitive/gives high and peak days which both reassured me and worked!

Rxndr Wed 08-Sep-10 16:23:04

We tried to conceive for 9 months and nothing happened. My cycles are between 30-33 days, so not that regular. The second month I used the cbfm I got pregnant. Unfortunately I had a miscarriage at 7 weeks, but after 2 months of using the cbfm I got pregnant again. I am now 10 weeks. I can recommend it 100%. If there aren't any underlying problems, it works. It also tells you whether you are ovulating or not. It showed that I was ovulating, but later than I thought. It also took the stress out of having to have sex every 2-3 days. However, expect the machine to take a couple of months to learn about your cycles. Also, have sex in both high and peak periods. One month we only had sex on the peak and didn't get pregnant. Second month we only had sex on a high fertility day due to work commitments, but I did get pregnant. I think that if you leave it for the second peak day, it may be too late as you may have already ovulated. Good luck.

Louisebolton94 Tue 04-Apr-17 09:57:02

Hello ladies, I need some advice I had a baby back in August 2016 unfortunately he passed away a day later, me and my partner decided to buy this cbfm as heard good views on this is my first month of using it and i got a high on day 6 so just after my period has just finished, im on day day 16 and still on high? Im a bit concerned as i am not sure if the monitor is working properly? Advice on this would muchly be appreciated. Has anyone actually fallen pregnant on days that youre just high? smile

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