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30 weeks and suddenly exhausted and suffering morning sickness - normal?

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emmyloo2 Wed 01-Sep-10 15:04:08

Hi all,
I am 30 weeks at the moment. Just this week I have felt much more tired than before and I feel like my morning sickness is returning. Is this normal? I knew I would start getting tired towards the end but I was thinking around 36 weeks, not 30 weeks! I am still exercising a lot at the gym and wonder whether I should scale this back.

I still have 7-8 weeks of work left and am wondering how I will cope when I just want to fall asleep at my desk.

Did anyone else experience this? Am I being optimistic in thinking a week's holiday next week will have me feeling good again? I am getting quite depressed at the thought of 10 more weeks of exhaustion....


laurenamium Wed 01-Sep-10 15:06:45

I have no answer to this as Im 27 weeks in my first pregnancy, just marking it as Im interested in others responses!

Giddyup Wed 01-Sep-10 15:51:12

I am 31 weeks and was feeling rough for a week or two. My midwife said my iron levels were getting pretty low, but not bad enough for her to do anything about. I have started taking Spatone iron supplement and I think I feel better already ( but I am highly suggestible, so maybe imagining it!).

Re: the exercise, try taking a few days off or doing less and see how you feel. I am in no way fit and healthy unfortunately but find I have to bablance my activity levels now. If I do too much one day I feel fine while I am doing it; but drained and like I'm really hungover for a day or so afterwards. But if I laze around doing nothing (my default state!) I feel rubbish too. I am doing walking, swimming and a bit of yoga on the Wii fit. But as I said I am not a gym bunny in the first place so I am sure you will be able to do more than me!

emmyloo2 Wed 01-Sep-10 15:55:54

Thanks Giddyup, I will try the iron supplements.

I feel great while I am exercising but it's sometimes afterwards I feel drained, like I have run a really long run (which I haven't!). I was a big gym bunny beforehand and don't exercise like I used to but I guess it's just finding the balance. I have decided to reduce the intensity of my exercise this week and see how I feel. Next week I am on holiday so that should also perk me up a little.

Jenko77 Wed 01-Sep-10 16:21:26

I remember hitting that 30-week-wall and worrying about working for another 7 weeks getting progressively worse, but fortunately hmm I still feel like I did at the 30 week mark (currently 34 weeks) - tired, but not unbearable.

I'm lucky that I haven't had the sickness though.

Just go easy on yourself and have a good holiday!! grin

PickleSarnie Wed 01-Sep-10 17:47:15

Another one here who hit a wall at about 30 weeks. Considered leaving work there and then since I got absolutely no sleep and was almost delirious with exhaustion. Couple of weeks of that eventually gave way to a manageable tiredness. Feel better now at 37 weeks than I did at 30.

saoirse86 Wed 01-Sep-10 17:53:33

When I was about 28 weeks I started having similar symptoms to yours. It turned out I was anaemic and had a virus. I'm 37 weeks now and feeling much better than I did then after having antibiotics and iron tablets. I'm also still at work although a few weeks ago I didn't think I'd be able to still be at work at this stage.
I'd see your MW about your iron levels, and possibly your GP to check for a virus.
I hope you feel better soon.

emmyloo2 Wed 01-Sep-10 18:03:51

Thanks guys. I will look into the iron supplements. I felt like last week I was comning down with something but didn't think anything of it.

I now have hope things might improve!


plasticspoon Wed 01-Sep-10 18:19:06

32 weeks here and hit the same wall at 30 weeks. I felt so exhausted that I went to the hospital and had iron levels re-checked - they were normal. Ended up taking a week off sick as even a short walk with the dog was knackering me. Also braxton hicks started bang on 30 weeks and I didn't understand what they were (mine are uncomfortable and make me feel very breathless).

I feel a lot better today! I think the week off was exactly what I needed. Plus the thought of finishing work soon. I know myself and have known all along that working till 38 weeks would be impossible for me. Am stopping at 35 by using some annual leave before starting official mat leave at 37 weeks. Bring it on!

excitedmummy2be Wed 01-Sep-10 20:04:16

emmylou2 I'm so glad i'm not the only one! Im 31 weeks and feel shocking. I changed the bed sheets yesterday and ended up on my knees, crying with exhaustion just from doing that! Everything Is such a mission. Just doing day to day stuff leaves me shattered and I feel constantly run down... How will I cope when the LO is here??? Arrgghhh!

ro4chat Wed 01-Sep-10 23:51:30

I just wanted to say, be careful with the iron tablets. I felt like you at 28 weeks and got sent a prescription for Pregaday (Iron + Folic Acid). I started taking them and they made me feel absolutely awful! Nauseous, extremely bloated and generally unwell, it was like morning sickness all over again!
I stopped taking them, asked my MW and it turned out I didn't really need them as my iron levels were fine (according to blood test at 28wks).
Now at 31 weeks, I feel ok again.
Just try to slow down a bit, have a short nap whenever you can. Do ask about your iron levels and if you do need some, ask for something other than Pregaday. I read there are other, more natural products that your MW can safely recommend.
Hope you feel better soon.

mum2oneloudbaby Thu 02-Sep-10 12:33:52

it's quite normal. i remember when i was pg with dd being on hols in the caravan and trying to make the bed up and just sitting and crying because i just didn't have the energy. I felt such a fool.

it's been the same this time but i was expecting it this time so not so much of a shock.

Remember, however much weight you have or haven't put on you will naturally be putting additional strain on your body that you're not used to and you are growing a baby, I always take the view that my body can only do so much. It's still a bugger though smile.

Dreemagurl Thu 02-Sep-10 14:11:33

It is totally normal - and it does lift, I promise! Or at least it did with me. At about 29 - 31 weeks I was absolutely exhausted, just wanted to curl into a ball, very emotional, a bit of morning sickness, couldn't get comfortable and hating everything about pregnancy! Now at 34 weeks there's a little bit more energy and emotions seem to have calmed somewhat. Just be reassured that it's normal, and everyone goes through it. Are you taking your normal pregnancy supplements? Also make sure you're eating a balanced diet - but indulge in some chocolate (purely for the seratonin of course!). Good luck and hope you feel better soon. Remember it's all worth it in the end

cheekymonkeyno3 Thu 02-Sep-10 15:43:12

i'm 31 weeks with dc3 at the mo and feel the same. don't remember being this exhausted the last 2 times. we are also moving house in about 4 weeks so everything is completely crazy at the mo. on the plus side dd is at nursery 2 full days from mon and i work for my husband but eve/weekends and when it fits in so i'll get some time to myself for a while.

emmyloo2 Thu 02-Sep-10 16:13:58

I am taking a Boots pregnancy supplement and have a very good diet - lots of veggies, fish and meat. I had my 28 week blood tests which tested glucose and haemoglobin and these were both perfect so I am not sure whether haemoglobin is an iron test?

I must admit I feel brighter today so hopefully it will pass if I take it a little easier. I haven't really scaled back my life at all and I think this is my body telling me to slow down.

On the plus side i am sleeping like a log with my dream geni pillow so I can't blame lack of sleep for my tiredness.....

TBH - I am just counting down the days until the baby is born and my body returns to a semi-state of normalness!

mum2oneloudbaby Thu 02-Sep-10 16:21:40

emmyloo - I'm 31 weeks and counting with you. My body dislikes being pregnant I'm sure of it.

cheekymonkey - it's nice to hear that there is another nutcase out there. We're moving in about 4 weeks too, although we only have one toddler and a bump. I'm hoping the tiredness lifts a bit so I can pack otherwise I'm going but the furniture is staying here. grin

diptiadhav027 Mon 22-Jun-15 07:03:25

Hi I am Dipti i am in 30 th week of my pregnancy. today morning suddenly i am started feeling it normal.
i mean i am feeling lyk little bit thngs arround me are rotating.
not much but nt feeling lyk normal.. any one please let me knw is it normal??

iniquity Mon 22-Jun-15 07:49:32

I'm 29 weeks and was sick this morning. I had no sleep last night.
I think its yo to with poor digestion and acid reflux because I'm eating late due to Ramadan then going straight to bed.
My bp is lower than it was in the first trimester.

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