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toxoplasmosis and stray cats

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lucy123 Thu 31-Jul-03 11:11:17

does anyone know much about toxoplasmosis?

I know I need to cook meat thoroughly (yada yada), but I need to know more as we have just adopted an ex-stray kitten (originally taken in by a friend). I didn't think at the time, but have just read that stray cats should be avoided in pregnancy. Is it OK if we worm her, or should we send her back? Also what about dd?

Loobie Thu 31-Jul-03 11:38:19

stray cat or otherwise some cats can carry toxoplasmosis,it is in there poo so if you totally avoid the litter tray (good excuse to get someone else to clean it)or if you have to do it youself make sure to wear rubber gloves and be scrupulous about washing you hands before and after.If it is contracted in pregnancy it is transmitted to the child in a third of cases.if this happens early in pregnancy it can cause miscarriage or stillbirth,the infant may have enlargment of the spleen and liver, hydrocephalus,blindness, mental handicap and may die during infancy.infection in later pregnancy usually has no ill effects.i got a rescue kitten when i was 6mths pregnant with dd and cleaned up after it myself with no ill effects to myself or baby, the risk of contracting the bug is quite small providing all precautions are taken so i wouldnt be in too much of a rush to return it.
As for your dd again as long as she isnt in contact with the poo she will be ok.

kayleigh Thu 31-Jul-03 11:41:32

Lucy, I would ring your local vet. I'm sure they'll help.

I know when you are pregnant you shouldn't change litter trays (not with bare hands anyway.) And I also know you should worm cats every 3 months when you are pregnant or have young children in the house, as opposed to every 6 months normally.

We have a cat and all I can remember doing when i was pregnant was dettoxing every surface in the kitchen before I did anything just in case the cat had been up there without my knowing.

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