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31 weeks and brown discharge.... Very worried

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excitedmummy2be Tue 31-Aug-10 17:02:44

I'm 31 weeks pg and been having brown tinged discharge all day. I'm really worried. It's not from having sex as me and DH haven't for about a week. Is this normal? I've called midwife who says keep an eye on it. Has anyone else experienced this so late on in pg and what was the cause? Any advice would be very gratefully received

lurcherlover Tue 31-Aug-10 17:35:53

I had it at 27 weeks - in my case it was "old" blood, like you get right at the tail end of a period. I phoned mw and she said to go to the hosp assessment unit to be checked. They monitored baby for a couple of hours and all was fine, and the doc did an internal and saw that I had a cervical erosion, which is very common in pregnancy and harmless. She said it could well bleed again, in which case I still had to go back to be checked over, but as long as that's all it was there was no problem. I'm 32 weeks now and it hasn't bled since. That may well be your problem - is there an assessment unit you can go to to put your mind at rest?

cardamomginger Tue 31-Aug-10 17:42:44

If you are really worried, then give the labour ward a ring. Have you felt the baby move normally today? XX

saoirse86 Tue 31-Aug-10 18:44:59

I have no experience of this but I hope everything's ok for you. Good luck

excitedmummy2be Tue 31-Aug-10 22:17:00

Thanks for your replies. I went to the hospital and they monitored baby and she was nice and active and did an internal and said all looked normal. No idea what's happened but they said it was old blood and didn't seem overly concerned. I'm rhesus neg so got another jab of anti d and now back home. Drama over... I hope!

jjkm Wed 01-Sep-10 04:11:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Dionnehaining123 Sun 14-Jul-13 08:10:45

I am 31 weeks pregnant I have a brown/black discharge then there was a yellow thick discharge is this normal I am getting cramp in my belly thanks

NeverBeenToMe Sun 14-Jul-13 08:26:45

I think all yours answers are above on this thread. Please phone your midwife!

Skinnydecafflatte Sun 14-Jul-13 09:29:21

I just came on to post an almost identical question!

I am 35+4 and on Friday evening I had some brown blood, it's been off and on since then. I phoned the hospital Friday night and the midwife said to monitor it and check on movement of baby, she said it could be a show which is common from 32 weeks.

After that I did not have any more so did not phone back. I've had more bleeding, never much, only on wiping really. I've got an appointment tomorrow with antenatal consultant so shall mention it then, but baby is quite active so I am not too worried. Should I be?

Skinnydecafflatte Sun 14-Jul-13 09:30:29

Oh just seen OP thread was from aug 2010, guess her problems resolved now...

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