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over active thyroid and pregnant

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taytotayto Mon 30-Aug-10 19:49:06

i just found out im 5 plus weeks pregnant and i have an over active thyroid, my gp warned me not to get pregnant but here i am pregnant and really scared. has anyone had a successful pregnancy and had an over active pregnancy. i know im on the wrong medication and im seeing a specialist on wednesday so im sure he will change me to something better. can anyone offer some advice

MrsGangly Mon 30-Aug-10 20:11:41

I'm an endocrinologist, so the sort of specialist you are going to see on Wednesday.

Ideally it is best to wait until the thyroid is controlled before getting pregnant, but I have seen plenty of successful pregnancies in people with overactive thyroids.

Your tablet (guessing you are on carbimazole) is not the "wrong" medication, but you will probably be changed to something better (propylthiouracil) as there are theoretical risks with carbimazole.

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Do try to enjoy it. smile

kellestar Tue 31-Aug-10 13:18:07

I also have an over-active thyroid. I had a blood test in January that picked up slightly high T4's, was referred to a specialist. We had been trying for 15 months with no success and had gone to the docs for a check up. We had an appointment to see specialist on 15th April. Who advised us to stop trying until problem under control. 3 days later had a positive pregnancy test the first specialiset recommended an abortion when we told him, as there is no chance a pregnancy would be successful! Got a second opinion and they were so much better and less scary and intimidating. Was put on PTU immediately, one a day until my levels were down. I'm now 25 weeks and my levels have been in the normal range since I was 16 weeks, I am still taking PTU [polythoura-whatsit], they aren't sure if it's the pregnancy or medication so I will be watched before and after labour to see for changes in me and LO. Was advised LO maybe small, but measurements are average at the moment. I see the specialist's regularly [every 4/6 weeks], have blood tests to check levels, and they've kept me informed and have made sure that I understand what's going on. I've certainly been much happier asking for a second opinion, and feel that I'm now chilled out and enjoying it now.

taytotayto Fri 03-Sep-10 20:03:00

thanks for your replies i feel better

Lizzy1975 Mon 12-Sep-11 21:55:33

This is my first post, although these threads were a lifeline for me when i miscarried in february - thank you ladies. I am now 5 weeks pregnant and have an over-active thyroid. I have not yet received an appointment with an endocrinologist, but was put on PTU and told to avoid getting pregnant whilst taking it. Although we were not being particularly careful, I wasn't expecting to get pregnant so quickly following the miscarriage. I am now trying to relax but am very anxious about the possibility of another miscarriage, and the possibility of PTU increasing my chances of m/c.

kellestar Wed 12-Oct-11 13:18:20

Lizzy, just wanted to say that I had the same worries through my pregnancy with DD they were forever changing the dose of the PTU and was worried what affect this would have on my unborn child. I went to the big hospital for joint antenatal/endocrinology care, appt every 6 weeks, Bloods taken and symptoms checked. Also was classed as high risk delivery, so plans of having a water birth or MLU was out the window. Scans picked up small baby at 32 weeks so regular scans after that, predicted 6lbs, DD arrived 5lb 13oz. My thyroid seems to be settling down, though BT every 3 months to check levels.

It was only picked up my levels were a little high when I went to GP as was 12 months ttc, was PG by the time my endocrinology appt came through.

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