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Doula in Cardiff or South Wales

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f1sh Fri 27-Aug-10 22:45:16

Hello. I am wondering if anyone can recommend a doula in Cardiff. I have looked around and there doesn't seem to be much for Cardiff on Doula UK. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

bellyandbunting Wed 01-Sep-10 09:09:22

I'm a doula and we're moving to Cardiff soon (from the USA) but I have no idea if we'll be there by your due date!

amitymama Wed 08-Sep-10 20:46:46

I highly recommend this lady, Kath. She is based in South Wales and really knows her stuff. http://www.thedoulaeffect.com/

patchworkmama Tue 05-Jun-12 00:45:46

Hiya! I'm coming to this thread about 2 years too late sorry but thought it was worth updating as there are a few doulas in cardiff now (all Doula UK recognised doulas will be listed on the doula uk website) myself included smile (shameless plug) Jessica Starr www.powerbirthing.com

Welshdoula Fri 10-Oct-14 16:52:07

Bringing this thread back from the dead, I am providing birth and Postnatal Doula services across South Wales www.southwalesdoulas.co.uk, yet another shameless plug.

WinterLover Sat 30-Jan-16 16:06:48

Samantha comes highly recommended. www.facebook.com/samanthagadsdendoula as do all the Doula UK Doulas and the doulas in the Welsh Doula Network www.positivebirthmovement.org/welsh-doula-network.html

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