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good private dentist who accepts maternity exemption card

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sonamay Fri 27-Aug-10 13:12:02

Can anyone recommend me a good private dentist (London, preferably East London) who accepts NHS maternity exemption certificate, please. My local practice is awful and they only do silver fillings which I won't have. Many thanks.

bamboobutton Fri 27-Aug-10 13:15:16

i doubt any private dentist will accept it as it is NHS exemption, not a general exemption because you are pregnant.

sh77 Fri 27-Aug-10 13:18:10

Yeah I agree with previous poster - private dentists, by definition, charge (unless they are charitable towards pregnant women - unlikely!).

burtoc Fri 27-Aug-10 13:24:41

My dentist is private, however, when I recently went, he offered (without any pushing from me) to transfer me back to NHS until I would have to pay again (baby 1 year I think)

Ask, you never know! (I'm in Northamptonshire so not really going to help you!)

Jenko77 Fri 27-Aug-10 13:31:22

Same as above. My private dentist is happy to treat me as NHS while I have the exemption card. In fact he's even listing all the things that he can do while it won't cost me (wisdom teeth out, root canal - oh the joy!). I'm in SE London/Kent, so a bit out of your way.

Don't know how it would work if you went to register as a new patient though, and I think that was the question you were asking originally.

Best you can do is phone around a few and see if they can take you on.

Sorry, not much help.

japhrimel Fri 27-Aug-10 13:40:45

You'd have to ask if they do NHS treatment as well, and if so, if that makes a difference to what you can get.

My dentist doesn't do any NHS treatment so I can't use my exemption, but I'm happy with the treatment I get there so I'm staying.

I used to have an NHS dentist and they wouldn't do so many things because they didn't get enough money back from the NHS to cover more expensive treatment options. I got fed up of having fillings done as cheaply as possible!

FallingWithStyle Fri 27-Aug-10 13:49:56

Even if, as others have suggested, you found a private dentist who would treat you as an NHS patient during your exemption - the treatment is going to be NHS treatment ie silver fillings, not white.

podmumlet Fri 27-Aug-10 13:55:12

Jenko77 - would you mind passing on the contact details for your dentist either on the forum or via a CAT message to me?

Many thanks

Jenko77 Fri 27-Aug-10 14:07:34

Sure. Here are the details

Like I said though, I've been registered there for years, so not sure what the policy is for taking on new patients. Worth a shot though.

Jenko77 Fri 27-Aug-10 14:09:00

Sorry - link didn't work. try again

splashy Fri 27-Aug-10 14:14:12

jenjo im surprised that your dentist will do wisdom teeth out on the nhs. mine told me that was only done privately, sounds like you've done well there.

agree with fallingwithstyle that op would only get nhs treatments, post sounds like a bit of a contradiction.. getting private treatment on the nhs, would be nice!

FallingWithStyle Fri 27-Aug-10 14:16:47

Wisdom teeth extraction is available on NHS!

soozlewoozle Fri 27-Aug-10 21:15:24

What NHS treatment a private dentist will give you depends entirely on their contract with the Primary Care Trust: some will do children only, some will do more some will do less or none at all - it all depends on their contract. I think your best bet for finding one who will do maternity exemptions (if that's possible) is to phone your local PCT...

youngblowfish Fri 27-Aug-10 22:19:17

I'm in SE London and my local practice is amazing - white fillings, whitening, wisdom tooth extraction etc. I usually have to pay extra for perks not included in ordinary NHS treatments, but since falling pregnant I was offered a lot of services free of charge, including some non-essential but handy professional cleans . I have always been very pleased with my treatment there.

Maybe you can just change the NHS practice? I think mine still accepts new NHS patients, but don't know how fussy they are going to be about your postcode, as I really have no idea how they work. You may not want to travel that far either, but I thought it was worth mentioning anyway.

splashy Sat 28-Aug-10 00:54:48

Fallingwithsttyle my dentist told me otherwise. He recommended it but said it wasn't available on the nhs. I declined because I was concerned about the possible effect of local aneasthetic on the baby, and also don't have the extra money now with baby coming. Surprised there appears to be such a difference betweem practices.

FallingWithStyle Sat 28-Aug-10 01:05:54

"All clinical treatments and dentures are available on the NHS. This means all treatment that is necessary to protect and maintain the health of your mouth, teeth and gums, including dentures, crowns, and bridges."

From the NHS website "Which dental treatments are available throught the NHS?"

So unless you were looking to have your wisdom teeth out unnecessarily then your dentist was being dishonest and possibly couldn't be arsed.

Have heard of a few instances of NHS dentists refusing to carry out some NHS procedures.

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