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Extra lobe of placenta - anyone had experience?

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Goodluckbear Fri 27-Aug-10 10:50:24


I was just wondering if anyone else had this - at my 20 week scan the sonographer said I have an extra lobe of placenta (like an extra bit but smaller than the main placenta) - so I have a high anterior placenta and then this extra bit posterior.

Anyway, I presume I just have to make sure they see it in my notes that it has to come out too after the baby is born, but then I just saw my midwife and she is arranging for another scan to see what's going on with this extra bit.

Anyone else got this/had this?


Goodluckbear Fri 27-Aug-10 13:32:51

Bump - in case there is anyone else out there who's had this - maybe it is just me!!

CardiCorgi Fri 27-Aug-10 13:56:03

I believe the wife of a colleague had it. From what I understand her placenta was two lobes joined by a narrower piece. As far as I know the pregnancy was normal, but she was advised to have a caesarian (baby was breech in the end which was another reason) which she did and everything was fine.

malteser1981 Fri 27-Aug-10 14:48:46

GLB - it's called a succenturiate lobe and is quite common. As your placenta isn't low lying it is of no clinical significance during the pregnancy or labour, it's documented in your notes so the midwife can check it's complete once your third stage is completed. Before you go off and google it remember that if your placenta was low lying there is a theoretical risk of vasa praevia (blood vessels connecting the lobe covering the cx) but that isn't the case for you as the main placental tissue is high and anterior and lobe is posterior. Can't see why your midwife would arrange another scan, as we see it all the time!

Goodluckbear Fri 27-Aug-10 15:32:35

Hey Malteser - due date buddy!! I didn't think to post that on the other thread, should've thought of that, I forgot you'd know about this!! That's great, I wasn't bothered by it until she booked an extra scan, but I got the scan appointment letter through the post today and started wondering...

Thanks for that, very reassuring. I'll resist the google, both for my own sanity and that of my colleagues, who probably don't want to see photos of placentas appearing on my screen.


Annuumm Wed 25-May-16 14:07:38

I had my 20 weeks scan and it found breech position of fetus with posterior placenta within normal limit and additional lobe at anterior position. I am too much worried and panic, if any one know about this plz help me. As i googled about it and am too scared. I will b very thankful.

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