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Single Umbilical Artery - Anyone else been diagnosed this?

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Redtartanlass Tue 30-Aug-05 12:40:52

Since the start of my preganany I've been aware that I have only 1 artery in the umbilical cord going to the baby. I have been monitored very carefully and am now in my 34th week and am scared to bits as the pregnancy nears the end. Has any one else had this (it occurs in 1%) of pregnancies!!

Mirage Tue 30-Aug-05 12:51:17

2 of my friends have had this diagnosed during pregnancy.1 has a lovely 3 month old daughter,the other is being monitored & is due in the next 10 days.

I'm sorry,but I don't know anything about it,other than the fact that their babies are both fine.

I'll bump this up in case someone with experience sees it.

Best wishes for the birth

Redtartanlass Tue 30-Aug-05 12:59:13

Aw brilliant, I've got to the weepy and worried stage and just need reasurance!!

Mirage Thu 01-Sep-05 19:05:34

Just heard that my friend who is due in the next week is being induced tonight.This isn't because of the single umbilical artery but because of other factors.

I'm glad that you are feeling better-when I next speak to her I'll ask her about it all & see if there is anything else I can find out for you.

Redtartanlass Fri 02-Sep-05 08:41:51

Good luck to you friend, hope everything went well.

Jodiesmum Fri 02-Sep-05 09:33:23

Yes, DD2 had this. I'm surprised you've had to be monitored so much as we were told it was just one of those odd things that didn't mean anything sinister. Have they mentioned any potential problems ?

Mirage Fri 02-Sep-05 20:45:59

Redtartanlass-my friend had a 5lb 10oz dd who is absolutely perfect.Both of them are fine.I'm just packing up my dd2's tiny baby clothes for her.

Hope all goes as well for you & please let us know when the baby arrives.

Redtartanlass Fri 02-Sep-05 21:28:18

Jodiesmum - There can be loads of problems early on, but these would be picked up at the first scan. There can be problems with baby's growth as as she gets larger, she may not get enough nourishmnet from the cord, as there is only one artery. I've had about 6 scans, of which one lasted over an hour!!! The scary part is when you search the internet and find all the other potential probs!!! But I'm sure they would have picked omething up by now. Did your DD2 come early or have a low birth weight?

Mirage - Glad about your friend!

Pruni Fri 02-Sep-05 21:32:49

Message withdrawn

Redtartanlass Fri 02-Sep-05 21:47:33

Pruni - thanks for that, do you know if you friend was specially monitored near the end of pregnancy?

Pruni Fri 02-Sep-05 21:51:21

Message withdrawn

Jodiesmum Mon 05-Sep-05 09:09:58

Hi again, I'm really shocked to find this out RTL. I had my 13 and 17 wk scan at Harris Birthright Trust so assumed they would be completely on the case. They never mentioned any sort of problems associated with the single artery and I've never considered it might have had an effect. But DD2 was born early (31 wks) and now I'm wondering if the single artery was a factor. At the time we assumed it was because I got ill (food poisoning)which did seem very plausible.

Redtartanlass Sun 11-Sep-05 22:38:02

Jodismum - sometimes it's better not to now anything!!! I'm 36 weeks, far so good. I found an American chat room about SUA which was very very reassuring until the last entry from some poor lady whose baby did have complications. I'm going to have to just wait and see.

Jodiesmum Mon 12-Sep-05 13:22:03

I'm just really upset thinking maybe the premature birth could have been prevented, if we'd known it was such a high risk, and that she could have avoided such an awful start in life. I know we were spared a load of worry which you've had to endure, but I can't bear the thought this may have been at DD2s expense. But then again, maybe she needed to come out when she did - guess I'll never know. Really good luck to you anyway.

Redtartanlass Mon 12-Sep-05 22:39:41

Jodiesmum - did your DD2 have any heart or kidney probs. Sorry to keep bringing it, but I'm getting more and more woried! 4 weeks to go!!

Jodiesmum Tue 13-Sep-05 12:42:18

No heart probs and touch wood nothing wrong with her kidneys, though I must admit I've got worried since reading up and am wondering if I should get her checked out ? DD2 does seem to suffer a lot of mysterious discomfort and can't talk well enough to describe what's going on so I'm always worried about potential medical probs. Though I guess any serious kidney probs would have made themselves very clear?
Just to reassure you as much as I can, as far as we know DD2 had a bowel problem and also suffered from a series of infections (common with premature babies) and deteriorating liver function - probably due to being fed intravenously for so long. From what I've read on single umbilical artery, I don't think the bowel thing would have been related ?
Since you've got to 36 wks and nothing nasty has been picked up on your scans, doesn't that mean you're basically home and dry? Or are the specific things that could still come up?

Jodiesmum Tue 20-Sep-05 09:03:54

Hello Redtartanlass are you still out there? Hope all is well with you.

Redtartanlass Tue 20-Sep-05 10:41:21

hi Jodiesmum, yup still here, I'm 36 weeks now so trying to keep calm. Thanks a lot for your concern. The hardest thing is that we've not told anyone, and I'm finding had to buy baby stuff in case...well you know.

I've got it in my head that she will be stillborn, and nothing dp or bf says can change my mind.

oh sorry don't need to hear this, sobbing my heart out now.


Jodiesmum Tue 20-Sep-05 12:02:27

So sorry, that's a horrible fear to live with though thank goodness you only have a little while to go. Having children is the scariest thing I've ever done! Hope you have lots of support to help you through the next few wks

beansprout Tue 20-Sep-05 12:05:51

I didn't but a friend of mine did and her daughter was and is completely fine. Best wishes for the rest of your pregnancy. I think the last few weeks are an anxious time so please take care of yourself! What has your midwife or GP said?

Redtartanlass Tue 20-Sep-05 12:29:24

Hi beansprout, just had to leave your thread on working mothers. Thought my blood pressure was going to go through the roof!!!! How dare some people.....

Anyway, my midwife is Crap with a capital C, don't trust her as far as I can throw her, have an appointment on Thursday and am going to ask/demand another scan to make sure she is growing ok. The fact that I've made it 36 weeks is a brilliant sign, but I just can't hep worrying.

Hey, I suppose that's what us mums do best eh?

Not going to cry, not going to cry........

beansprout Tue 20-Sep-05 12:37:14

That's my mantra at the moment too!! Worrying does seem to be a compulsory part of motherhood. When I am not worrying I then give myself a hard time for not caring enough!! Winner!
Thanks for your support. Sorry to hear your midwife is crap, mine weren't great either. 36 weeks is great you know, if baby were born now s/he would still be ok. Best of luck for Thursday, please let us know how you get on.

Tamequa Tue 02-Jun-09 12:49:24

Hi Redtartanlass - i know this was so long ago and I hope you don't mind me asking but how did it go with your labour and the single umbilical artery? Im 34 weeks with SUA and my care has been pretty awful- really hands off. Everything seems to be fine but im convinved there will problems with oxygen during labour..
i hope everything worked out ok for you?
there's just no info about this!

RedTartanLass Wed 23-Sep-09 14:21:32

Tamequa - So sorry I missed your post and hope everything went ok with your labour and LO.
Everything was ok with me, and my dd is 4 in a couple of weeks.

thatwasmyfavouritedress Sun 27-Sep-09 20:33:48

My dd now 5 and in rude health and never having had any health problems at all had SUA. As long as there are no other problems on the scan with kidneys, heart etc, you should be fine. It was just one of those things with her.

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