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How long after your BFP did you start to feel nauseous?

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TotorosOcarina Wed 25-Aug-10 19:07:51

With my previous pregnancies I know It didn't kick in for a few weeks as I always thought 'maybe I won't get morning sickness this time'.

Usually around 7 weeks,

but am veryyy newly pregnant, 4/5 weeks and have been feeling quesy for about 5 days!

PickleSarnie Wed 25-Aug-10 19:13:35

I puked when I found out at 4 weeks. But that was probably more to do with shock - was completely unplanned and totally unexpected.

But proper sickness kicked in about 6/7 weeks and lasted until about 16 weeks.

DonDons Wed 25-Aug-10 19:15:35

1st time - about an hour after (5 weeks - didn't test straight away so as not to 'tempt fate') - stopped at 24 weeks. 2nd time, about a week before (therefore 3 weeks) - stopped at 18 weeks.

ethelina Wed 25-Aug-10 19:17:23

BFP at 4 weeks, started feeling nauseous about 11 weeks. Hasn't stopped yet. (38 weeks)

PaigeTurner Wed 25-Aug-10 19:39:04

7 days after dtd.

Then properly from 6+2 to 18 weeks. Was more or less gone by 20.

JuneBugJr Wed 25-Aug-10 23:24:14

Felt very queasy a few days before period was due, developed into full blown sickness at around 6 weeks, more or less lasted the whole way through, but did get better after 25 weeks.

Cant say Im looking forward to it again!

Bensmum76 Thu 26-Aug-10 07:30:32

My sickness started at around 5 weeks. We were on holiday and I suddenly started feeling nauseous but didn't now I was pregnant yet! Stopped feeling sick around 12 weeks, and feel sick on and off now at 14 weeks

BaggedandTagged Thu 26-Aug-10 11:29:42

Never. Now 37 weeks.

Thought I had it but turned out to be bad reaction to a ferrous sulphate tablet.

beckie90 Thu 26-Aug-10 11:46:21

mine started before bfp, about 2 weeks before and i found out i was preg 4 days before due period too, so you can start really early

llareggub Thu 26-Aug-10 11:49:24

I've never had morning sickness, just that awful tiredness.

ILovePonyo Thu 26-Aug-10 11:58:23

Prob at about 7 wks. I'm now 16 wks and managing to actually start eating without feeling sick (finally!)

Still feeling tired most of the time though.

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