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Anyone else get this? Warning possible tmi for this early on a monday.

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storminabuttercup Mon 23-Aug-10 08:34:08

So i'm due in 4 days, been having twinges a few weeks and upset tummys quite frequently. Midwife said all normal.
Slip to 2am this morning, having not been to the loo for 2 days woke up with upset tummy feeling so waddled off to the loo. Couldn't go for a while, and was getting shocking cramps, like period pains, finally went and had touch of upset tummy, and what I now know to be my show. Been awake since then with shocking period like pains but also that upset tummy feeling (still feel like I need to go but can't) but none of the pains are at regular intervals.
Spoke to labour ward who said I probably have a bug so not to go in unless i'm in labour as i'm a risk to others.
My back is really painful and got this constant dull ache in my tummy, then these cramps now and again.
Also feel pressure down below.
If this isn't labour, all be it the early stages, and it is like they say a bug, there's no way i'll get thru on g&a alone as planned. :-(
Anyone else felt like this?

japhrimel Mon 23-Aug-10 08:39:53

I haven't yet got to your stage, but I know that whenever I get a migraine or attack of my Fibromyalgia or my period, I get an upset tummy at first. I think - from my reading - that this is also common with early labour. It's your body saying "we have something else to deal with so better get rid of this lot fast", lol - plus the hormones that trigger contractions. Hopefully though you'll be like me when I'm ill and it won't last long (until you're empty basically!).

Can you try a warm bath?

lucy101 Mon 23-Aug-10 08:40:54

I don't think this sounds like a bug! This sounds like early/very early labour to me!

Lots of women have an upset tummy at the start of labour (the body getting rid of it all before it gets down to other business!). The labour ward is just probably putting you off until your contractions are established (which could be a couple of days!). Best of luck!

theteasonme Mon 23-Aug-10 08:52:50

I had an upset tummy about 3 days before my 'show' and about 5/6 days before I gave birth. It's a classic sign that things are gearing up for the end smile I still needed a sweep to get things moving.

Try not to get too excited - it'll probably still be a couple of days yet but I bet it's not a bug. Good luck!

storminabuttercup Mon 23-Aug-10 08:59:31

Aw thanks all. I thought it was very early labour tbh, and really don't want to be in the hospital with an upset tummy anyway, happier at home for now.
I'm just shocked at how much pain i'm actually in. If its going to take a few days i'll have to toughen up a bit.:-)
Cheers. X

Hevster Mon 23-Aug-10 09:04:32

I was the same with DD, it was very early labour and she appeared 5 days later (it was very on and off for me) - good luck storm and hope it's quick

nicm Mon 23-Aug-10 09:58:21

sounds like you're in labour. i was told to take paracetamol and have a bath and if it wasn't the real thing it would die down but if it was it would be the same/sorer when i got out iykwim. good luck!

storminabuttercup Mon 23-Aug-10 11:48:28

Well had paracetamol and another bath. Pains are ten mins apart, hospital saying wait till they are five mins apart or unbearable. I'm kinda getting used to them now, so gonna stick the tens machine on (if I can manage to stick it on my own back) and get on my bouncy ball. Thats for all the well wishes. :-)

Dozeyland Mon 23-Aug-10 12:35:24

How are you getting on STORM??

brettgirl2 Mon 23-Aug-10 12:50:12

I think definitely early labour. All the best

storminabuttercup Wed 25-Aug-10 12:25:36

Well you were all right. Went into hospital at one pm 23rd baby boy arrived at two thirty am on 24th. Ended up being quite a scary delivery but we're both fine now. :-) thanks everyone.x

baybay Wed 25-Aug-10 12:37:42

well done, hope you and your little boy are ok.
What did he weigh and do you have a name yet? x

nicm Fri 27-Aug-10 09:54:57

ah congratulations!! hope you are both well. xo

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