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Feeling of utter dread before a scan - normal?

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emptyshell Fri 20-Aug-10 14:06:38

Have had two episodes of spotting brown/rust coloured that stopped within an hour - so the GP's got me booked for a scan at 7+1 weeks on Tuesday at the EPU (they won't scan before 7 weeks unless unavoidable).

I'm starting to freak out about it - boob prodding to see if they're still sore (even though I know they go through a remission period mid-afternoon before cranking up the boobometer for the evening), and I'm terrified they'll find no one in there... or an alien or god knows what to be honest.

Tell me I'm being completely irrational and it's not some premonition sense of foreboding or whatever... going nuts here!

Mahraih Fri 20-Aug-10 14:37:59

Not at all!

I'm 16 weeks and had three scans so far and every single one accompanied by preceding dreams (one in which my baby kept falling apart like a puzzle!), worry, nagging DP if he thought it would be alright etc.

The first was due to brown/red spotting, the second to follow up and the most recent just routine. Pretty equal amounts of terror.

What if baby has three eyes?
What is baby has gone?
What if doctor takes one look at baby and runs away screaming?!

None of these things happened, it wasn't a premonition, and I doubt yours is either. Just try to keep as busy as possible until then.

sotough Fri 20-Aug-10 14:39:15

you're not being irrational. one in five pregnancies ends in miscarriage, mostly in the first trimester, so it's right to be psychologically prepared for bad news, just in case. all the same, that statistic means the vast majority of pregnancies are fine, and bleeding is very common.
i know that feeling of dread you're going through, and it's absolutely horrible. i have had four miscarriages and have spent many hours boob prodding and analysing symptoms. the not knowing is the absolute worst bit.
your spotting sounds like implantation bleeding, but nobody can tell you if it's going to be okay or not.
At 7+1 weeks they should be able to see a heartbeat, but even that is not a guarantee. most miscarriages happen before eight weeks though. i hope it goes well.

ragdollismyname Fri 20-Aug-10 14:58:05

aww it's perfectly normal to feel like that in your situation. The next few days will probably feel like the longest of your life. Hope all goes well at your scan on tue.
Just to say i had an early scan in my last pregnancy due to bleeding and all was well, it was a little pocket of blood that was weeping or something like that.
Good luck and hope the next few days go quickly for you x

japhrimel Sat 21-Aug-10 05:43:17

Totally normal. I've been nervous before every scan and I'm now 24 weeks!

whomovedmychocolate Sat 21-Aug-10 06:14:52

Oh dear. I had to wait between boxing day and new year to find out whether I was miscarrying DS. Luckily it was fine. A bit of a bleed at 7/8 weeks is normally fine unless it suddenly gets much heavier.

One thing that helped me was that knowing I could do nothing to change the outcome of the scan so I should just be nice to myself while I waited. Please take heart though, millions of women go through this and find out everything is okay. For those small percentage who do miscarry (and I did twice), there is nothing they can do and no difference in symptoms etc. so you cannot assume anything is wrong, so you may as well assume things are right IYSWIM?

Or as my DH says: worry when you know you have something to worry about.

huggyhannah Sat 21-Aug-10 19:07:57

Gosh this is my first ever post.
My AF was due at the start of my holiday in the USA on 26th July. Had tested before going away and got BFN.
AF was late but on 31st July I started bleeding and that continued for 4 days.
Anyway after some odd dreams, losing my appetite and nearly vomiting over lunch I tested on my return to the UK on 14th August and got BFP!
Saw my GP on Monday and on Tuesday morning found myself in the EPU waiting for a scan at 7 weeks.
I was so nervous and ready for the consultant to say there was nothing there....
but there was! It has a heartbeat which was just gobsmacking.
I have to go back on 31st August for a rescan and I wake up every morning wondering if I am still pregnant. How I am going to survive the next 33 months I do not know!

Alibabaandthe40nappies Sat 21-Aug-10 19:14:12

I had a scan yesterday morning at 8+6 and I was absolutely dreading it. So, so, nervous but everything is fine

I remember being the same before my 12 week and 20 week scans with DS, even though I'd had no bleeding in that pregnancy and had no reason to think that anything was wrong or was going to go wrong.

Fingers crossed for Tuesday

LittleSilver Sat 21-Aug-10 20:12:27

Hang in there empty x

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