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Anyone bought a glider chair?

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PixieCake Wed 18-Aug-10 12:07:19

I'm looking at the Kub Haywood and Tutti Bambini glider chairs and stool.

Anyone got either of these and are you happy with it?

Read a review saying that the Tutti was noisy and hard to clean.

I want to spend under £200.
Thanks in advance

Goodluckbear Wed 18-Aug-10 14:01:55

Just bumping for you as I'm interested too!!

pinkdelight Wed 18-Aug-10 14:05:15

I got a BabyLo glider chair and stool brand new off e-Bay that cost about £80. It's exactly the same as the pricey ones I tried in Mothercare as far as I can tell. No need to pay full whack at all.

PomPotty Wed 18-Aug-10 14:09:32

I know this isn't so helpful - but please make sure you test one before you buy. I really really wanted one for after DC2 was born as we didn't have money/space with DC1 but when I tried one out in John Lewis it instantly made me feel sea/travel sick.. I was gutted.

emmab5 Wed 18-Aug-10 18:16:46

Hi,I bought the Tutti Bambini glider chair and foot stool over 10 years ago when I was pg with DC1. I still absolutley love it, used it with DC2 and will be using when DC3 arrives. I have always found it really comfy and is a god senD for night time feeds. I have never found it at all noisy but can be a bit difficult to clean which is probably why, in this house, it doesn't get cleaned very often
Hope this helps.

randomimposter Wed 18-Aug-10 19:46:33

agree with trying it out... aesthetically (god I was so shallow in those days!) I wasn't wild on the glider chairs, and tried a few "cooler" rocking chairs but once I had sat in a glider I was hooked. I got the Polly from JLP with footstool (natch) and it was the one thing that kept me going through long early nights with DS. We still use it for bedtime stories now.... It is a bit more than £200 IIRC.

lilmamma Sat 21-Aug-10 23:24:14

I got one off ebay,from little Devils,cost about £120,i think plus delivery and only took 3 days..

Fredfred Sun 22-Aug-10 09:47:36

I also bought a glider chair new off ebay for around £80. It has been absolutely fab and I have used it non-stop! I thought I would use it as soon as my DD was born, but I found that for the first few months feeding was easier in bed, however since then I have used it all the time. I would highly recommend imho.

sAJJI Fri 28-Jan-11 17:00:29

I bought the Kub Haywood glider and it is brilliant! It's so comfortable and relaing - my husband even enjoys rocking in it with the baby. It is great for feeding and just relaxing with the little one. Highly recommended!

trixie123 Fri 28-Jan-11 18:30:39

I got a Poang rocker for Ikea that you can get a footstool for too and its been great, you'll spend a LOT less!

Leilababyno1 Fri 28-Jan-11 18:33:42

I second the Poang nursing chair from Ikea! Much more stylish and a fraction of the price- look on Ebay, there are always lots on there.

Bunnyjo Sat 29-Jan-11 08:21:48

I had a Tutti Bambini glider chair and, TBH, it was the biggest waste of money. I know many people love them (in fact I gave my chair to a friend who said it was a Godsend), but I found it incredibly difficult to get into a comfortable bf position in the chair. DD's limbs were long and I am quite short at 5'3", so it just felt really awkward and difficult to feed on the glider. I tried loads when pregnant and found them heaven to sit on, but the practicalities of feeding on there only become apparent after baby is born.

I second the people who say get a Poang rocker, I swapped to that and found it much more comfortable, the wider chair and lower arms meant that I was able to feed DD far more comfortably - her limbs ddn't feel squished and I felt far more comfortable.

YankNCock Sat 29-Jan-11 08:52:01

Got a glider chair and footstool used on ebay for £50 (not the brands you specified though), and it is still in DS's room being used (17 months now). Really comfortable, even 6' DH loves to sit in it and read to DS before bed. Was lovely for middle of the night feeding.

Officerswife Sat 29-Jan-11 17:33:07

I bought a babyweavers one with footstool for about £110 ish I think from Kiddicare. Its SO comfy!

PickleSarnie Sat 29-Jan-11 21:59:14

I am currently sat on a tutti bambini chair and I absolutely hate it. It's unbelievably noisy. It creaks and squeaks if you so much as breath on it which sucks when attempting a dream feed. Its also horribly uncomfu. Avoid like the plague.

duckmum Sun 30-Jan-11 09:30:11

Have heard varying things about Tutti Bambini. Have got one of their chairs, I love mine and not a squeak to be heard and is very comfy! I have trouble getting entire family out of it when they come down to visit!
There does seem to be a massive variability in the quality. We got ours from Tesco and put vouchers towards it before Christmas.

PickleSarnie Sun 30-Jan-11 10:15:31

We got ours with telco vouchers too duckmum. It's the only reason we kept it. If we had paid real money for it I would be properly fuming. The wood on ours is all green as well. I hate it! (so maybe I am actually properly fuming after all!)

duckmum Sun 30-Jan-11 11:04:27

I would have still sent it back even if with vouchers if it was as bad as that!! Vouchers could go towards something else or they could send replacement. My chair is white and works fine. Jury out on Tutti Bambini!!

lilmamma Sun 30-Jan-11 20:06:06

bought one for my dd,baby is 4 weeks and she has never been in it,said it makes her feel sick,you can use it either rock or not rock,and we have the matching footstool,so one happy nanny has a nice glider chair lol

Rrl29 Sat 24-May-14 07:34:50

I have a baby weaver chair. It squeaks loudly and I can't breastfeed in it which was the whole point of buying it. Baby's legs are squished. I'm 5 foot two but my baby is only seven pounds at mo. Poorly designed. Waste of money. Much more comfy to breastfeed on bed.

mandbaby Sat 24-May-14 07:41:39

I bought a brand new one off eBay five years ago when I was expecting ds1 and it is still used today (while expecting dc3). So comfy and relaxing, one of the best baby buys ever. Paid about £130 for mine, I think. I've even spent one or two night sleeping on it, next to my sons bedbeds when they've been poorly.

SixImpossible Sat 24-May-14 07:48:25

I bought a glider chair while pg with dc1. I don't remember the make.

Absolutely loved it in each pregnancy.
Was really uncomfortable for breastfeeding.
Was brilliant for bedtime stories and comfort-cuddling older dc.
The dc (and everyone else, including me post-bfing) love it, so we still have it and use it 14 years later.

The most comfy rocking chair I have ever used for bfing was the classic Ikea chair made of bent wood that flexes - Poang?

CorporeSarnie Sat 24-May-14 08:00:02

Another poang vote here. Our nursery has a glider in the baby room, agree with other posters that for bf I didn't find it comfortable, felt scrunched up, and I'm only 5'6" (lucky enough to work v near so bf'd at lunch when DD was little).

StretchyCat Sat 24-May-14 08:03:12

Poang rocker! It's great, you can get a big rock going which helps my ds fall asleep in the day

RebeccaCloud9 Sat 24-May-14 11:37:57

I hadn't been considering a separate chair for feeds but these responses are making me change my mind!

Would you particularly recommend getting a chair rather than just sitting in bed/on the sofa?

Sorry, I'm a newbie!

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