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Normal third trimester stuff or signs that baby might come early?

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ceebs05 Mon 16-Aug-10 19:12:23

I don't know if I am worrying over stuff that it perfectly normal at this stage so would appreciate the wisdom of others with experience! I am 35 weeks and in the last week feel like I have hit a wall in the sense that up till now I have been really lucky to have had a relatively straightforward and comfortable pregnancy. Now I suddenly feel like my body is saying 'nope, had enough now'!

I've had braxton hicks on and off since 20 weeks but these appear to be happening more often and seem more intense, although not painful at all. Also having crampy feelings in my abdomen and general feeling of increased pressure and increased discomfort in my pelvis. Does this sound normal for this stage in the game or should I be prepared that my body may be getting itself ready for labour a bit early?

herjazz Mon 16-Aug-10 19:17:26

Pretty normal I reckon. I get a crampy stitch like pain which I presume is from baby moving. And tis natural yr pelvis is going to start really feeling the strain now.

However, if abdominal pain is severe and constant I would call triage and go get checked out. Especially if there was a change in movements

getstuffed Mon 16-Aug-10 19:59:45

35 weeks too and have had a pretty good time of it (may that continue for both of us!) have to say I'm not getting the ''ready to go'' feeling just yet. Felt the baby drop a week or so ago but still feel pretty ok and sleeping relatively ok as well (apart from the bloody wee's and heartburn).

Was a week overdue with dd and remember feeling (as d-day approached) that I was soooo ready to go. Anything from 36 weeks is classed as normal so you'll be fine I'm sure. I do remember feeling every lump and bump first time round but with a very busy five year old to entertain I may not have had time to put quite as much thought in! x

DomesticG0ddess Mon 16-Aug-10 22:04:57

I think it sounds quite normal. I am 31 weeks and starting to feel it now - constant BH, stitch when I walk for long time, pressure in pelvis etc. Can't complain too much as feel fine really, but not looking forward to weeks 35 and beyond! Really hope this one comes earlier than the last one.

ohnororo Mon 16-Aug-10 22:48:35

Sounds normal, I'm 34 + 3 and starting to feel it too. Walking is suddenly harder, I get cramps and stitches. And rolling over in bed is now impossible!

OnEdge Mon 16-Aug-10 23:04:28

Yes, I am 36 weeks now and starting to feel different. Its like the bump is a strain on the muscles now and pulls and aches if i lie on my side without suppoert.

Also, I can almost feel the hormones flying around my body, getting waves of strong emotion, not happy, not sad, can't describe it just emotional, had first cry this morning.

Boobs got bigger.


Just feel ready now.

Must pack bag !!

guernseygirl Tue 17-Aug-10 10:09:03

You're all making me feel ashamed! I'm only just 30 weeks and feel as though my body is reaching breaking point, so I'm super impressed at how stoichal you all are.

For the last week, I've been hiding my aching hip joints, sore back and granny type limp in the office as I don't want people to think I'm struggling so early on on the third trimester. I work mostly with men, who seem to believe that women are the weakest link, if you know what I mean.

Good luck to you all in the final few weeks!

YummyMummy1208 Tue 17-Aug-10 14:01:10

guernseygirl Snap! grin im just over 30 wks and last night felt like i could hardly walk without doing a huge groan!
I do tend to let the moans out when im at home with OH but try and act as if im just fine at work like you say!
We have another 10 weeks left yet (yikes!) scary thought to be honest as its only going to get more and more uncomfortable!

guernseygirl Wed 18-Aug-10 09:44:03

Ceebs, how are you feeling now? Any change in the cramps and discomfort or do you think that's just going to be the norm from now on?

Yummymummy, I started another thread yesterday about the "30 week wall" as I felt guilty moaning on Ceebs's thread when she was asking for advice. Come and join in and get some sympathy!

I read a lovely thread yesterday as well that said that handling a newborn was undoubtedly easier than the third trimester. Makes you feel hardcore!

JazzieJeff Wed 18-Aug-10 10:10:05

I swear my baby's just got heavier overnight. I've developed a lovely kind of gait to deal with it. I'm 32+3

I am so hungry all the time, all I want to eat are Cornish pasties and pink iced buns. I want a pink iced bun right now, actually.

OP, hope you are feeling better. I think there is a bit of a change when you hit around 30 weeks; your body just seems to be like 'enough now'! Sleep when you need to sleep, eat when you need to eat <mmm pink iced buns>... and cry if you want to. Seriously though, if you're feeling a bit funny in any way, mention it to your midwife... is your next appointment far away?

mamasunshine Wed 18-Aug-10 12:22:05

I had all of that start happening about 35wks too. I was sure the baby would be born early! Baby came at 40+4 hmm

getstuffed Wed 18-Aug-10 17:07:48

Feel like sh*te today (35 +4) hahahahahaha x

ceebs05 Wed 18-Aug-10 17:20:28

Thanks for the replies - it's quite reassuring to hear that others are feeling the same sorts of things. Think I was just stressing that maybe the baby was thinking about making a move and we are so not ready! But thinking about it I guess it's only natural to start feeling the strain more now as the final few weeks approach.

Think I will feel much better when I finish up at work next week!

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