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Worry worry worry

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excitedmummy2be Mon 16-Aug-10 08:39:26

I'm 29 weeks pregnant and worried about everything. I had a MMC last year. It then took us a year to conceive after that. From the second I got pregnant, I've been worried!! I bled every week until 12 weeks and had loads of scans and thankfully the bleeding was not anything to worry about. When that stopped, I worried about not feeling the baby move... Now the baby is moving, I'm worried if she has a quiet day as I think she may be in trouble and on the days she is busy, I worry she is having a fit in there!! Does anyone else worry this much? Is it normal for bubby to have quiet days and busy days and at 29 weeks is it ok that I've not noticed a sleeping and waking pattern yet? Also, I've been told to not sleep on your back as it reduces the blood supply to the baby... This is the only way I've been able to sleep and since I've found this out, I'm now worried I've caused some damage!! Arrgghh!!!

DGmum Mon 16-Aug-10 08:50:27

I think it's normal to worry! I only noticed sleeping and awake patterns at about 33 weeks (now 37+6). My best buy for sleeping is a £10 wedge pillow from Mothercare which I wedge under my bump to sleep on left side, or in the small of my back to lie almost on my back occasionally for relief when my hips hurt. I used to sleep on stomach or back. A large pillow between knees also helps.

Hevster Mon 16-Aug-10 09:06:34

It's really normal to worry, especially about all the things you are concerned about. Every baby is different and as long as you are getting 10 movements a day then all should be well!
If you look at other threads on here loads of people have slept on their backs and if it was ultra dangerous then there would be mass publicity about it.

lucy101 Mon 16-Aug-10 09:09:06

I think it is normal to be worried.... but if you have an anxious nature and then have a MMC etc. and take a while to conceive then I think you are definitely going to worry even more.

I didn't have sleeping and waking patterns last time at 29 weeks and also had quiet and busy days. As to sleeping on your back, I think the risk is more to the mother not the baby (and lots of women still sleep on their back and of course did for years!). Maybe you aren't just that big and uncomfortable yet. I made myself sleep on my side by wedge pillows in front and behind so I couldn't roll over and got used to that.

redbird79 Mon 16-Aug-10 09:42:04

Hiya, sorry to butt in on the sleeping on back thing, but I alternate between both sides and back throughout the night. I am now 28w and in the earlier stages I found that sleeping on my back (or sometimes on one particular side) made me feel a bit sick and light-headed, so presumed that was probably a sign to move! I understand from books etc that it's good if you can sleep on your side- especially your left, but if you and baby are comfy on your back then I reckon you are probably ok. Is it worth asking your MW?

excitedmummy2be Mon 16-Aug-10 10:54:40

Thanks ladies. I find MN so reassuring as I'm such a worrier. Really appreciate all your comments... Have definately made me feel better... Until the next thing comes along that worries me!!

missdt Mon 16-Aug-10 12:07:06

Congratulations on your pregnancy! I am almost 28 weeks and my baby definitely has quiet days and busy days. He'll have 3 days of non-stop action (it feels like) and then I'm sure he sleeps the rest of the week to make up for it. I still feel him, enough to know he's still there, but he'll be really low-key. Then just as I'm starting to get used to that the kick boxing starts again.

It's so hard not to worry isn't it? I get up some days and think 'he's not growing' or even 'he's getting smaller!' and then some days like today I feel massive and reassured again.

What will we be like when they're born!?

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