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How pregnant am I?

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andi1 Mon 28-Jul-03 13:29:46

This maybe sounds very silly but could someone please let me know when you start counting from to tell how far into the pregnancy you are. Is it from the first day of your LMP?

codswallop Mon 28-Jul-03 13:30:38


andi1 Mon 28-Jul-03 13:35:05

Thankyou very much so am 10 weeks, thought I was 8 weeks.

quackers Mon 28-Jul-03 13:39:43

Hiya, my Doc says the easiest way is to add nine months and then add 7 days, this is 40 weeks then. For example. My LMP was 20th June, I add 9 months and 7 days and get an EDD of 27th March. You can go onto this website for another informative look at what's going on in your pg!
Go to pregnancy calendar.

andi1 Mon 28-Jul-03 15:43:07

Quackers- thanx I will have a look at this site.

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